Detox Foot Pads – Con!

You article detox footpads

In the recent magazine, You, dated 26 February 2009, an article by Hannelie Booyens examines the claims being made for Detox foot pads. With the kind permission of the author and the editor of You, we reprint the article.


JUST minutes after Hannes Potgieter put his feet in the detox foot spa a sales agent had brought round to demonstrate he was speechless – the clear salty water turned dark, then reddish brown and eventually almost black.

“The salesman told me it was the result of toxins escaping through my skin in the 20 minutes I held my feet in the water,” Hannes says. “I got the fright of my life. Like many people I don’t exactly lead a healthy lifestyle and you realise all those cigarettes and drinks and unhealthy food are beginning to take their toll.”

The nearly R8 000 he spent on … Read the rest

6 comments to Detox Foot Pads – Con!

  • lanrry s.

    this is a clarion call to all especially consumer of the above talked about product. i am was planning to order for a large quantity of foot pad for distribution in my country, i saw the advert on DSTV commercial programme and was impressed, but with some reservation at the back of my mind.but now i have to have a rethink and a further deeper one for that matter. if all this assertions are to be correct then  there is problem with the polity. i welcome feedback from the authour and other readers too

  • Harris

    Hi Lanrry,

    Thanks for your posting. You are absolutely correct to be concerned about this product. I have done extensive reading and research, and this product is simply contrary to physiology and common sense. If our regulatory division in the country was not inactive, this product would have been removed from our shelves a long time ago.

  • Caryl

    Hi I have just purchased a box of 10 detox foot pads.Stupidly before doing any research. So have decided to actually use them and judge for myself even though logically and scientifically it does not make any sense whatsoever!! I will post my findings (try daily)


    The Internet is invaluable to all users.
    Thank you so much, almost waste my money!

  • Nguyet Vora

    I am one of those people you would call skeptical until I see it working. I don’t usually trust companies from the internet until I meet the owner. So will you guys kindly help me out.. All I can find is positive feedback with this company Can you check out if they are the realiable please?

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