Denmark warns over online sports supplements

Posted 30 June 2017

The Danish Food Administration has issued a warning on a range of sports and nutritional supplements sold on Swedish­ and Gibraltar ­registered website, as it says they contain substances that may affect the central nervous system. The Danish regulator has identified the presence of Tribulus terrestris L, Huperzin A, or the combination of caffeine and synefrin in some, which it says may affect the central nervous system, as well as cause other ill­ effects. Tribulus terrestris L, for instance, can also affect the liver, while Huperzin A can cause acute muscle tremors and incontinence, even in small doses.

USN marketed a ‘testosterone booster’ products containing Tribulus terrestris, with claims that it could not support resulting in an adverse ASA ruling 1. and ASA ruling 2. USN is suing Dr Harris Steinman for defamation, following the latter’s contention that Albe Geldenhuys/USN are selling products with … Read the rest

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