Complications attributed to intravenous colloidal silver

Posted 11 December 2019

A report has been published about three people whose condition worsened after receiving multiple intravenous infusiions at a “wellness center” for alleged Lyme disease. Each was eventually seen by a hematologist and found to have copper-deficiency-induced anemia with abnormal blood cell counts. One patient was then treated successfully with supplemental copper apheresis and an antidepressant. The other two patients refused apheresis and follow-up with the hematologist. After the authors of this case series complained to the Texas Medical Board, the initial treating physician agreed to voluntarily surrender his medical license.

Reference: Natelson EA and others. Anemia and leukopenia following intravenous colloidal silver infusions—clinical and hematological features, unique peripheral blood film appearance and effective therapy with supplemental oral copper and apheresis. Clinical Case Reports 7:157-1762, 2019

The authors concluded:

As this report illustrates, the use of infused colloidal silver as a primary or adjunctive therapy to treat alleged Lyme disease or other systemic infections must be condemned as both ineffective and with predictable long‐term toxicity. Silver administered by the intravenous route is more toxic than that associated with oral preparations because of both higher dose and the apparent inability of the body to excrete this material, resulting in continuous prolonged and profound intravascular colloidal silver exposure.

Quackwatch has additional information about colloidal silver’s risks and lack of therapeutic value.

Source: Consumer Health Digest #19-48 December 8 2019

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