Complaint to SAPC and HPCSA against Solal directors

Posted 07 January 2014

A formal complaint was laid on 25 June 2012 against the Solal pharmacists, Brent Murphy and David Arthur, and the Solal medical practitioner, Dr Craige Golding. To date (06 January 2014) no result has been received.

Below follows my complaint. Readers can decide whether the complaint has merit or not.

25 June 2012

1. The Registrar: HPCSA

P.O. Box 205
Pretoria 0001
[email protected]

553 Vermeulen Street (cnr Hamilton street)

2. The Registrar: SAPC

c/o Thabo Boase: Manager
Private Bag 40040
[email protected]

591 Belvedere Street

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Complaint against Dr Craige Golding HPCSA Registration number: MP 0412104; Mr Brent Murphy SAPC Registration number 0013294; and Mr David Arthur SAPC Registration number 0010140 

I, Dr Harris Steinman, wish to complain against a healthcare practitioner, Dr Craige Golding and two pharmacists, Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur. I have submitted this complaint jointly to the two different statutory Councils concerned with regulation of their professions as the individuals work together for a company known as Solal Technologies (Pty) Ltd and the complaints I am making arise from their activities as employees of Solal Technologies. I therefore request that the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) and the SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council) investigate my complaints against these individuals.

As this complaint is being laid individually against a medical practitioner and two pharmacists and collectively in their capacities as directors of Solal Technologies; and as the complaints are interrelated, I am submitting the same document to both the HPCSA and SAPC. The rationale will be self-evident on perusal of the complaint. I apologise for not using the email complaint form which is made available on the SAPC website, and I hope this letter will be sufficient. Should I have left out any pertinent or required information, I will gladly provide it.

The individuals I am laying complaints against are:

  • HPCSA complaint.

The medical practitioner: Dr Craige Golding MP 0412104, a director of Solal, practises at the Integrative Medical Centre 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191. Tel: 011 463 0036 Fax: 011 463 9832.

  • SAPC complaint 1.

The pharmacist, Mr David Arthur, P00359 (Reg No 0010140) a director of Solal and  associated with the Integrative Medical Centre 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191. Tel: 011 463 0036 Fax: 011 463 9832.

  • SAPC complaint 2.

The pharmacist, Mr Brent Murphy, P08970 (Reg No 0013294) a director of Solal, 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191. Telephone +27 11 783-3939

This complaint is unusual and requires an explanation as to its origins.

A formal complaint was laid against me with the HPCSA (Reference MP 0223662/2332228(MED-2)), arguing in essence that I had acted contrary to the HPCSA code of ethics: “A practitioner shall not cast reflections on the probity, professional reputation or skill of another person registered under the Act or any other health act.”


In constructing my defence, it became clear that the above named individuals had themselves individually and collectively acted contrary to their respective professions’ regulatory codes.   In submitting my complaint against these three individuals to both the HPCSA and SAPC, I trust that both regulatory authorities will agree with the approach I have taken in consolidating the complaints. Should either Council wish me to lodge separate and/or individual complaints, I will gladly do so.

  1. Status of Solal Technologies/Defendants

Apart from their various professional qualifications and registrations with the HPCSA and SAPC respectively, Dr Craige Golding, Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur are directors of Solal Technologies:

Solal operates or is associated with, among other, these entities:

  1. “SOLAL TECHNOLOGIES FINE PHARMACEUTICALS” with a licence number of GP00035W and the account number is Y52793. The recorded owner of the pharmacy is Solal Africa Technologies Distributors (Pty) Ltd, and the registration number of this company under the Companies Act is 2001/013489/07.
    (Legal Enquiry_0232_H Steinman_Services of wholesale pharmacy_20120601.pdf)
  2. SOLAL TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD is a separate company not registered with SAPC
  3. Integrative Medical Centre (
  4. Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa [Licence no GP00254C; Owner – ANTIAGING TECHNOLOGIES CC (CC3335); Responsible Pharmacist AP Louw (P26649); 20 Ballyclare Drive Bryanston Sandton 2199; (011) 4630310] Note that the physical address is the same as that given for Solal Technologies itself.
  5. Health Intelligence Magazine has Mr Murphy as one of its editors and Dr Golding and Mr Arthur are members of its “medical advisory board”. 
  1. Status and/or Credentials claimed by Defendants

a. Dr Craige Golding MP 0412104

Dr Craige Golding holds the following qualifications. “Specialist Physician; MBCHB (cum laude) (PRET); FCP (SA); ABAARM: Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine; FAARM: Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.” among others.

However, according to the HPCSA register, Dr Craige Golding is registered as a “specialist in medicine” only. (

Dr Golding is a director of Solal and also practises at the Integrative Medical Centre in Sandton. I would argue that the purpose of Dr Golding advertising these qualifications on numerous websites, are not only to legitimately show his prowess and skills, but ALSO to tout for patients, to lend credibility to the products being developed and marketed by Solal, and to create the impression that “anti-aging” is a recognised specialty in South Africa. This is illustrated elsewhere in this submission, and also in Attachment Ai and Attachment Aii (

On the website “Anti-aging doctor” [] (which appears to be Dr Golding’s personal site) the banner states in large letters: “Anti-aging doctor” and below that: “Dr Craige Golding – Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician”. I contend that both these appellations are advertisements/descriptors in contravention of the code of conduct of the HPCSA.

Dr Golding’s qualifications and description of himself as an “anti-aging physician” are publicly advertised in the magazine, Health Intelligence, and on several websites. I have pointed out on CamCheck for the information of consumers that:

“The anti-aging qualifications of Dr Craige Golding are not recognised by the American Board of Medical Specialties — even though the Solaltech advertising states that he has “two board certified courses” which is meant to confuse the public into thinking that they are recognised by the American Board.[They are recognised by an independent Board which is not affiliated with the American Board of Medical Specialties.] And they’re certainly not recognised by the HPCSA. It is misleading to imply that he is a specialist in anti-aging medicine. (He is a specialist physician though.) American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) mention: “The medical establishment does not recognize aging as a disease to be cured. 

“And antiaging is not a medical specialty, according to the American Medical Association and the American Board of Medical Specialties (which puts the “board” in “board-certified”). But doctors are signing up with organizations such as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Age Management Medicine Group, attending their conventions, learning about the latest purported anti-aging techniques — and using their own offices and equipment to hawk treatments to patients.” (emphases added)

See: – p24/69” The original can be found at:

Furthermore Dr Craige Golding initiated correspondence with me requesting that I remove what he referred to as: “unfounded, derogatory and defamatory statements concerning [him]self.” (Appendix A) I responded by pointing out that “anti-aging specialist” was not recognised as a speciality by the HPCSA. I supported my argument sharing a personal communication I had had with the HPCSA which confirmed this (Appendix A ii). Dr Golding denied that my interpretation of the HPCSA rules was correct and continues to make claims of being an “Anti-aging specialist” or variations thereof. He also claims to be a “specialist in integrative medicine” which is also not a speciality recognised by the HPCSA. See the following:

  • “Specialist physician in anti-aging medicine”: (
  • “Specialist in Integrative and Age Management Medicine”:  (
  • “Specialist in Integrative and Age Management Medicine”:

At, Dr Golding’s range of HPCSA and non-HPCSA recognised qualifications is made explicit:

“Specialist Physician/Internist: MBChB (Cum Laude) (Pret), FCP (SA), ABAARM: Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, FAARFM: Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, FICT: Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies, ACAM: Certified Chelation Therapist, MS USF: Masters in Medical Sciences University of South Florida (Magna Cum Laude), NUGO (European Nutrigenomics Organization): Full Certification in Nutrigenomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Faculty Member AAAM (American Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Society): International Lecturer” 

“Dr Golding practices at the Integrative Medical Centre. His interest in preventive medicine and addressing the causes of illness resulted in him gaining further qualifications in the US. In 2007, he completed his Fellowship in Anti-Aging Medicine (FAARM) and obtained Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAARM) from the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr Golding is the first certified anti-aging physician in Africa.”

Although there is no prohibition on stating a range of degrees and qualifications,  inferences can be drawn as to what this means in terms of Dr Golding’s scope of practice and whether or not he confines his practice to that of a “specialist physician”.

The HPCSA states:


14.(1) A medical practitioner or a dentist who holds registration as a specialist in terms of the Act,

shall –

(a) in the case of a speciality, confine his or her practice to the speciality or related specialities in which he or she is registered;

(b) in the case of a subspeciality, confine his or her practice mainly to the subspeciality in which he or she is registered,

and the retention of his or her registration as a specialist in the relevant speciality, related specialities or subspeciality shall be contingent on whether he or she so confines his or her practice. (emphasis added)


I have confirmed with the American Board of Medical Specialties that Dr Golding’s “qualifications” are not recognised. (Appendix A iii). “The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), a not-for-profit organization, assists 24 approved medical specialty boards in the development and use of standards in the on-going evaluation and certification of physicians. ABMS, recognized as the “gold standard” in physician certification, believes higher standards for physicians means better care for patients.”

I believe it should be noted that Dr Golding has previously admitted to being guilty of unprofessional conduct in a charge against him by the HPCSA, although on completely unrelated grounds. (Appendix F)

In summary, my complaint against Dr Golding is that i) he is misrepresenting and advertising himself as an “anti-aging specialist,” a specialist in “age-management medicine” and as a specialist in “integrative medicine.” I can find no evidence that any of these disciplines are recognised as specialities or subspecialities by the HPCSA; ii) as a Director of Solal Technologies he is in part responsible for their illegally advertising and making Scheduled Substances available to the public. This contravenes several aspects of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act 101 of 1965).

b. “Dr” David Arthur (P00359 (Reg No 0010140))

At, Mr David Arthur describes himself as “Dr” David Arthur on the Solal-associated Integrative Medical Centre website, claiming the following credentials:

“Clinical Pharmacist – B.Pharm (Wits), ABAAHP Diplomate, Board Certified (American Board of Anti-Aging Healthcare Practitioners), FAARM: Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, MPS.

David is one of the co-founders of the Integrative Medical Centre (IMC), where he practises with a focus on getting to the root causes of disease and illness. He looks beyond superficial physical symptoms, focusing also on the relationship between emotional and physical health. His international studies have given him a strong understanding of the benefits and harm that conventional medicines can bring to the body. He knows how to use natural supplements as alternatives to prescription medicines and how to combine natural and prescription medicines to reduce side effects often associated with conventional therapy.” (emphasis added)

It should be noted that Mr Arthur does not have a “PharmD” degree nor a PhD which would entitle him to call himself “Dr”. Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, the SAPC does not yet have a registration category “clinical pharmacist”. It would appear that he is practising outside of the scope of a pharmacist in “diagnosing” (i.e. “getting to the root causes of disease and illness – looking beyond superficial physical symptoms – focusing on the relationship between emotional and physical health”). I believe this to be a contravention of Good Pharmacy Practice. I am also concerned that when Mr Arthur prescribes natural supplements as alternatives to prescription medicines he may not first be consulting the original prescriber of the prescription medicines.

Mr Arthur is also contravening the SAPC’s code of conduct by referring to himself as “Dr”, and by describing himself as a “clinical pharmacist”. Furthermore as a Director of Solal Technologies he is in part responsible for their illegaly advertising and making Scheduled Substances available to the public. This contravenes Good Pharmacy Practice and several components of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act 101 of 1965).

c. Mr Brent Murphy (P08970 (Reg No 0013294))

Mr Brent Murphy heads up Solal Technologies’ product development team he is directly responsible for products without sufficient evidence of efficacy and the misleading and inappropriate claims being made for these products. He is also an editor of Health Intelligence Magazine which makes numerous misleading and false claims as documented in this submission.

  1. Operating illegally

a.)   As previously mentioned, Solal operates or is associated with, among other, these entities:

“SOLAL TECHNOLOGIES FINE PHARMACEUTICALS” with a licence number of GP00035W and the account number is Y52793. The recorded owner of the pharmacy is Solal Africa Technologies Distributors (Pty) Ltd, and the registration number of this company under the Companies Act is 2001/013489/07.

SOLAL TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD is however a separate company not registered with SAPC, and thus not entitled, I am informed, to sell any scheduled substances. Solal Technologies (of which the three persons I am complaining about are directors) is the company advertising on the Solal website ( Solal Technologies IS however selling scheduled substances (including schedule 5 products). (Appendix O)

b.)   Furthermore, the HPCSA Policy Document on Undesirable Business Practices Section 2.2.2: “Employment of Practitioners states that “all employing institutions [e.g. the Integrative Medical Centre] should be accredited by the HPCSA subject to the condition that the practitioner’s clinical independence is not violated by the employing body and that the employing body also does not exploit the practitioner or make the practitioner to violate Council ethical rules.” (page 6 of 13)

I do not have evidence that the Integrative Medical Centre is accredited by the HPCSA. Is the Integrative Medical Centre accredited by the HPCSA? From my view point, it seems that “Solal Technologies (Pty) Ltd” of which the three individuals in my complaint are directors may well be, as an employing body “exploiting practitioners” and making the practitioners violate Council ethical rules in the ways outlined in this complaint.

  1. Acting contrary to HPCSA or SAPC regulations
  1. Dr Golding offers a number of non-validated medical tests which I believe should be considered under the Perverse Incentives clause (clause 4.8 from the document referred to under point 3(b) above). This clause states: “Undesirable practice enriching a practitioner either financially or in kind at the cost of a payer of professional practice with no evidence based of scientific basis or cost effective considerations. Providers should not allow financial incentives to influence their judgements of appropriate therapeutic alternatives or deny their patients access to appropriate services based on such inducements. Their patients’ interests must always come first.” (page 9 of 13)

I argue that Dr Golding (and Mr Arthur), based at the Integrative Medical Centre, prescribe and dispense remedies to patients, including Solal remedies, which have no scientific evidence and/or benefit.

  • “Dr Craige Golding, a specialist physician in anti-aging medicine and medical director of Solal . . .”; and
  • “And yet many of these degenerative diseases of aging are largely preventable or reversible, if one can intervene early enough using anti-aging treatments, like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fats, nutraceuticals, herbal extracts, chelation therapies, intravenous nutrients and other intravenous treatments such as glutathione, hydrogen peroxide, phospholipid exchange, and measures like lifestyle modification. Hormone balancing (sic) and neurotransmitter assessment (sic)and normalisation are also offered in anti-aging medicine”; and
  • “For example, chromium and other nutraceuticals such as alpha lipoic acid and Egcg can reverse or even prevent diabetes – and our goal is to ensure a healthy life without the burden of the chronic diseases of aging.”(my emphasis)
  • Chelation therapy is showing promise for the treatment of heavy metal toxicity – and treatment of this is unique to anti-aging medicine. Heavy metal toxicity can be tested for quite easily through urine tests, MELISA blood testing or hair sampling. We are all exposed to heavy metal toxicity and the consequences can be dire if not dealt with, contributing to conditions like heart disease, vascular disease, dementia and cancer. (my emphasis)
    • “Golding is also very enthusiastic about the nutritional treatment of cancer by means of intravenous nutrients. In 2007, Dr Shari Lieberman presented her successful case studies to the Fellowship in Anti-aging. She has seen very positive results using nutraceuticals and high doses of intravenous vitamin C. Golding hopes to introduce this to South Africa in the course of 2008.”(my emphasis) or

URL text attached as Attachment A.

  1.  Dr Craige Golding and Mr David Arthur, as members of the Integrative Medical Centre,  in my view have been: over-servicing  patients and using unverified treatment-modalities on patients; and obtaining remuneration through perverse financial incentives through:
  • intravenous treatments such as hydrogen peroxide, phospholipid exchange
  • Egcg (sic) (EGCG) for “reversal” of diabetes Attachment A.
  1. In my view Dr Golding and his colleagues have also contravened Rule 12: “A practitioner shall not cast reflections on the probity, professional reputation or skill of another person registered under the Act or any other health act.”

Solal (of which they are Directors and can be held responsible for statements made by Solal) have made several allegations against me in a public forum, DrugInfo, where they have, among other, claimed that I am “untruthful” and “dishonest” for not disclosing that I am being financially remunerated by the Sugar Association of South Africa or “Big Pharma”. Despite my denials and protestations, and the same complaint having been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) and found to be unsupported, Solal has not retracted such claims.

  1. Dr Golding, Mr Murphy and Mr Arthur are acting contrary to the HPCSA’s (and/or SAPC) code of conduct in the following ways: (
  1. i.        “canvassing” means conduct which draws attention, either verbally or by means of printed or electronic media, to one’s personal qualities, superior knowledge, quality of service, professional guarantees or best practice;

Comment: This contravention by the complainants themselves is explicit in the documents supplied by the complainants, where the one or more of them use “qualifications” from non-accredited centres to enhance their reputation, and Dr Craige Golding advertises his expertise as an “Anti-aging specialist” as part of Solal Technologies “anti-aging” marketing thrust.

  1. ii.      Solal makes claims or markets some products based purely on no scientific support, or alternatively pseudoscience. (Appendix G – analysis of an article in Health Intelligence encouraging readers to discontinue their antidepressant therapy, Appendix H – a deconstruction of Solal’s “Anti-aging pill” claims [no longer marketed], Appendix I – a demonstration of inappropriate use of science to make claims about human health) Indeed many more examples can be supplied to the HPCSA to support my argument, but these three are simply so outrageous that they will suffice. (Section 6 below provides other examples in the context of advertising).
  1. iii.     “touting” means conduct which draws attention, either verbally or by means of printed or electronic media, to one’s offers, guarantees or material benefits that do not fall in the categories of professional services or items, but are linked to the rendering of a professional service or designed to entice the public to the professional practice, and,“Advertising and canvassing or touting”
    (1) A practitioner shall be allowed to advertise his or her services or permit, sanction or acquiesce to such advertisement: Provided that the advertisement is not unprofessional, untruthful, deceptive or misleading or causes consumers unwarranted anxiety that they may be suffering from any health condition.. 

Comment: The defendants (individually or as directors of Solal) are acting contrary to these clauses as detailed above and elsewhere in this submission, and in Appendix M.


In Appendix M, I argue that as directors of Solal, Dr Golding, Mr Murphy and Mr Arthur, have:

  1. Not been truthful and honest by explicitly indicating that the consumer magazine, Health Intelligence Magazine, is in fact Solal influenced and directed. Many articles are written by Solal directors and staff. Health Intelligence Magazine is therefore effectively an advertisement for Solal products – a “disguise” for the surreptitious marketing of Solal products; and
  2. Health Intelligence Magazine have published a number of articles, including the example of an article which is unscientific, untruthful, deceptive, and casts aspersions on established and well accepted registered medicines, resulting in confusion, anxiety and suffering by consumers who have read this article, and others published in this magazine (Appendix G);
  3. An example of this “confusion, anxiety and suffering” is represented by a health practitioner’s letter in Appendix M- Part 2 following an article in which Solal claims that anti-depressants cause cancer, recommending by implication that readers immediately cease using anti-depressants and instead implement a “natural protocol” (not explicitly stated to be a mix of Solal products) (The original article is provided as Attachment B;) and that therefore
  4. Solal and their directors are contravening the “Advertising and canvassing or touting” rule which states: “[P]rovided that the advertisement is not unprofessional, untruthful, deceptive or misleading or causes consumers unwarranted anxiety that they may be suffering from any health condition”. (Another example is Solal’s product called “Burnout”, advertised on its website for “adrenal fatigue” – a medically unrecognized diagnosis claimed to cause dozens of common symptoms for which their advocates provide hormones and/or dietary supplements.(Appendix B – Part 2) This practice is also referred to as “disease mongering.”
  1. iv.           “specialist” means a practitioner who is registered as a specialist in a speciality or subspeciality (if any) in terms of the Regulations relating to the Specialities and Subspecialties in Medicine and Dentistry, published under Government Notice No. R. 590 of 29 June 2001, and who confines his or her practice to such speciality or subspeciality; 

Comment to iv: As detailed above – I submit that Dr Golding is not confining his practice to what is recognised to be that of a specialist in medicine.

  1. v.            12. Professional reputation of colleagues
    A practitioner shall not cast reflections on the probity, professional reputation or skill of another person registered under the Act or any other Health Act.

Comment: As discussed above. Significantly, I have not commented on any aspect of Dr Golding’s work for which he is registered with the HPCSA (i.e. as a specialist physician) – only for work for which he is not registered and which he advertises.

  1. vi.           Other pertinent rules which may be applicable to Dr Golding and which he has acted contrary to:

23. Medicine and medical devices

[Heading substituted by GN R68/2009] (1) A practitioner shall not participate in the manufacture for commercial purposes or in the sale, advertising or promotion of any medicine or medical device or in any other activity that amounts to selling medicine or medical devices to the public or keeping an open shop or pharmacy. [Subrule (1) substituted by GN R68/2009]

(2) A practitioner shall not engage in or advocate the preferential use or prescription of any medicine or medical device which, save for the valuable consideration he or she may derive from such preferential use or prescription, would not be clinically appropriate or the most cost-effective option. [Subrule (2) substituted by GN R68/2009]

(d) such practitioner does not over-service patients and to this end establishes appropriate peer review and clinical governance procedures for the treatment and servicing of his or her patients at such hospital or health care institution;

(e) such practitioner does not participate in the advertising or promotion of the hospital or health care institution, or in any other activity that amounts to such advertising or promotion;

Comment: The defendants (individually or as directors of Solal) are acting contrary to these clauses as detailed above and elsewhere in this submission.

  1. Acting contrary MCC and/or SAPC regulations

Solal, and therefore its directors, including Dr Craig Golding, Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur are selling scheduled substances over the internet which requires prescriptions (Appendix O).

Furthermore, the Code of Conduct (which has since 2008 been binding on those registered with the SAPC), states among other:

“1.1 .4 A pharmacist must not give an impression to a potential purchaser that any product or food supplement associated with the maintenance of or enhancement of health is efficacious, when there is no evidence of efficacy, as confirmed by the registration with the Medicines Control Council.

1 .1.5 A pharmacist must remain professionally competent and abreast of the latest developments in the health area in which he/she functions in accordance with his/her scope of practice.”

I have illustrated in this submission many examples illustrating how Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur have acted contrary to these clauses, in particular Appendix B – part 1, Appendix B – part 2, Appendix N, Appendix M- part 3, and examples below in Section 6.

  1. Products and claims

Solal Technologies (Pty) Ltd (for which the individuals complained about in this complaint are Directors) have advertised in the consumer print media making claims for a range of their products. Consumer complaints have been laid with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) arguing that the claims for the products could not be substantiated by adequate and acceptable scientific standards. The ASA have issued at least 15 adverse rulings (Appendix Bpart 1) against Solal for not being able to adequately substantiate their claims, yet they persist in producing new products and making claims for these products that have inadequate scientific support for. As Dr Golding, Mr Murphy and Mr Arthur are directors of Solal, they can be considered complicit in and responsible for these misleading claims and unsubstantiated products.

Significantly, and of great concern, is that Solal have directly and also through Health Intelligence magazine made claims that may induce fear in consumers, or have given false information that may result in adverse health consequences to consumers, or resulting in delays in obtaining medical advice. These include the following (a selection):

  • Solal Technologies sells supplements (31/03/2011) that it claimed are remedies or prophylactics for a whole range of diseases, including HIV, cancer, hypertension and depression. Appendix P
  • Sugar causes cancer: Fear mongering Appendix B
  • “Too much sugar may accumulate fat and make learning difficult”: Fear mongering – Attachment F Précis: Solal supported these claims with two references:
    The first reference referred to a study published in 1982 and conducted in male weanling carbohydrate-sensitive BUE rats. One cannot extrapolate this study to human subjects for a number of reasons:
  1. Studies in rats often cannot be substantiated in humans
  2. The rats were not normal rats but rats rendered carbohydrate-sensitive.
  3. Only male rats were used.


The second reference was just as highly misleading: the study was not only conducted in an animal model, but sugar (carbohydrate) was not investigated as the singular cause of brain changes. The diet investigated was specifically a high-calorie diet, a combination rich in saturated fat and refined sugar, in order to mimic the typical diet of most industrialized western societies.

  • “More than 80% of South Africans tested are deficient in vitamin D3, which is essential for heart health and significantly reduces the risk of many cancers”: Fear mongering.
  • Vitamin D is more effective than the flu vaccine: Results in consumers being dissuaded from vaccination
    Solal advert “Vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine”:
    Attachment C.pdf
    Attachment D.pdf
    Attachment E.pdf
  • “Antidepressant dangers exposed”, e.g., antidepressants causes cancer: Resulted in at least one documented consumer from stopping treatment (and considering replacing it with Solal’s untested “natural protocol”
    Original article attached as Attachment B
    Deconstructed by Prof Roy Jobson in Appendix G
  • Solal’s product called “Burnout”, advertised on its website for “adrenal fatigue” – a medically unrecognized diagnosis claimed to cause dozens of common symptoms for which their advocates provide hormones and/or dietary supplements.(Appendix BPart 2) Also known as disease-mongering.
  • An unproven product called “breast protection formula” which they claim can “prevent” the development of breast cancer in women at high risk of developing it.
  • Craving Control, an advert in Beeld Newspaper, June 15, 2011: Supplements which Help Stop Smoking. At the following claims are still being made (28 May 2012) – “Reduces addictive cravings for cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs and food. Synergistic ingredients that work via multiple mechanisms”
  • The Anti-Aging Pill: a product that claimed “resveratrol extends the life of every species it’s given to” and which “slows aging”. Evidence extrapolated from worms. Appendix H This product is no longer being marketed after the scientific basis was shown to be implausible.
  • Solal “Medicine Making You Sick” – the advertisement is headed “Is your medicine making you sick?” (20 Oct 2011), and states, , inter alia, as follows:
    •  “Whilst pharmaceutical medicines have life-saving benefits, many of them have serious side effects, ranging from insomnia (caused by most antidepressants) to heart failure (caused by cholesterol-lowering medicines).
    •  A large number of these side effects are a result of nutrient deficiencies that these medicines cause. In other words, a pharmaceutical medicine can rob you of nutrients, resulting in health problems. These medicines act as anti-vitamin pills, taking away the substances you need for good health. The only solution to averting pharmaceutically-induced nutritional deficiencies is to replace the depleted nutrients through nutritional supplementation.”

As Mr Brent Murphy heads up Solal Technologies’ product development team, he is directly responsible for allowing products without sufficient evidence of efficacy to be marketed and for allowing the misleading and inappropriate claims being made for these products.


It is to be noted that despite evidence being provided to Mr Murphy, Dr Golding and Mr Arthur as directors of Solal, they allowed the continued marketing of certain of these products to the consumer. The evidence was posted to a consumer blog, CamCheck ( and discussed on DrugInfo, an email discussion group for health professionals. In other words, despite being shown to have no scientific support, Solal continued to market certain products to consumers.


  1. Specific applicable SAPC regulations

I argue that Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur are acting contrary to a number of SAPC rules, (illustrated with multiple examples in this submission), among other and including:

  1. “Ethical rules for which the Council may take disciplinary steps”


Advertising and touting:

5.1 Advertising of medicines or of his/her professional services in a manner-

(a) that is not factually correct;

(b) that is misleading;

(c) that harms the dignity or honour of the profession;

5.2 The advertising of medicines in a manner –

(a) That disparages any other product, medicine or substance

Comment: as reviewed in Section 6: Products and claims.

Furthermore, it is consistently stated on the Solal website that their products are better than others because of the high quality of their ingredients and the formulation of the products.

  1. B.   From the Government Gazette:

1.1 Principle: A pharmacist’s prime concern in the performance of his/her professional duties must be for the welfare of both the patient and other members of the public.

1.1.1 The pharmacist’s goal in the provision of medicine therapy should be to achieve definite therapeutic outcomes towards patient health and quality of life.

1.1.4 A pharmacist must not give an impression to a potential purchaser that any product associated with maintenance of health or a food supplement is efficacious when there is no evidence of efficacy confirmed by the MCC.

Comment: as reviewed in Section 6: Products and claims.

1.2 Principle: A pharmacist must uphold the honour and dignity of the profession and may not engage in any activity which could bring the profession into disrepute.

1.2.1 A pharmacist must have due regard for the reasonably accepted standards of behavior both within and outside his professional practice.

1.2.2 Any breach of the law, whether or not directly related to a pharmacist’s professional practice may be regarded as bringing disrepute and may be considered to be a misconduct.

1.2.3 A pharmacist must not use or permit the use of his/her qualifications or his/her position as a pharmacist to mislead or defraud.

Comment: I would argue that selling products with no proven efficacy, and/or not legally permitted in South Africa e.g., stevia applies.

1.6.3 Perverse Incentives

(c) In order to prevent perverse incentives the following is not permissible nor is it ethical for a pharmacist, pharmacist intern or pharmacist’s assistant to engage in the following actions:

(i) advertise or endorse or encourage the use of any health establishment or medicine, complementary medicine, veterinary medicine, medical device or scheduled substance or health related product or health related service in a manner that unfairly promotes the practice of a particular health care professional or a health care facility for the purpose of improper financial gain or other valuable consideration;

Comment: I would argue that the pharmacists involved have engaged in these actions as demonstrated in my complaints.

General Guidelines

k. Publicity must not abuse the trust or exploit the lack of knowledge ‘of a consumer/patient.

Comment: I would argue that through the vehicle of Health Intelligence Magazine, the pharmacists involved have abused the trust and exploited the lack of knowledge of consumers; as reviewed in Section 6: Products and claims

1.7.2 Publicity for service – Touting

a. Without limiting its generality ‘touting or attempting to tout for prescriptions or business with regard to the sale of medicine” which include the following:

(i) any unsolicited approach directly to a member of the public by way of a telephone call, electronic means, or a visit made without prior appointment;

Comment: I would argue that the Solal Website is used for touting for business with regard to the sale of medicines.

1.13 The Use Of Trading Titles, Brand Names And Logos

Principle: A pharmacist and/or registered pharmacy owner must ensure that all trading titles, brand names and logos, are approved and recorded with Council.

1.13.1 No person issued with a license in terms of Section 22 of the Act and no pharmacy shall adopt and use a trading title, brand name or logo for a retail pharmacy or an institutional pharmacy without the prior written approval of the Council.

Comment: Solal claims in its slogans that they are “anti-aging specialists” and that its products are “prescribed by doctors, recommended by pharmacists” would appear to contravene this principle. Is there evidence that Solal’s slogans were given the prior written approval of the Council?

(e) names which may cause the public. to be misled, will not be approved;

Comment: Solal markets products such as “Burnout”, “Breast Protection Formula”, “Stress Damage Control” among others. Have these names been approved? See also Appendix Q.

Note: “Stress Damage Control” is claimed to be “scientifically formulated” and in a letter dated 1984 01 27, the Medicines Control Council confirmed that a product cannot claim to relieve stress unless it is registered as a medicine and the claim has been approved by the MCC.

Ethical Rule 10 – Harming the dignity of the profession

Comment: I would argue that as illustrated in this submission, that Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur, have harmed the dignity of the profession in multiple ways, that they remain unrepentant in spite of numerous ASA rulings, and continue to act in a manner that continues to cast aspersions on the profession. 

Dispensing without valid prescriptions

Comment: This refer to the dispensing of schedules substances as illustrated in Section 5.

  1. Threatening and intimidation of individuals who present opposing views.

The individuals complained of, acting together as Solal, have attempted to intimidate, and have threatened a number of individuals with defamation suits. Under the guise of claiming to have been defamed, they have in fact attempted to prevent fair and scientifically accurate comments from being stated, or the laying of complaints against their products’ claims with the ASA. The list below includes known individuals or organisations threatened with legal action.

  • Dr Harris Steinman
  • Prof Jobson
  • Rene Smallberger in her personal capacity and as president of ADSA (The Association for Dietetics in South Africa)
  • ADSA
  • Kevin Charleston (a consumer who laid complaints with the ASA against claims for Solal’s products)
  • Treatment Action Campaign and SECTION27 (formerly AIDS Law Project).
  • Advertising Standards Authority
  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, the array of complaints against Dr Craige Golding, Mr Brent Murphy and Mr David Arthur in their individual capacities and collectively as Directors of Solal are serious, are indefensible, and in particular are a flagrant disregard for the Ethical rules of both the HPCSA and the SAPC. I am of the view that it is not in the public interest for these individuals (and Solal) to continue to aggressively market many unsubstantiated products in spite of these issues having been highlighted and made known to them.

I request both the HPCSA and SAPC to consider appropriate actions against these individuals.

I would further request that the Pharmacy Council investigates whichever company licenced with it is manufacturing and selling Scheduled substances whichever Solal company.

I would also request that the Pharmacy Council investigates the “Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa” (which shares the same physical address as the “Integrative Medical Centre”) and its activities; and whether or not they meet the requirements of the Pharmacy Act (and the Medicines Act). In particular I would request that the (prescribing), compounding and dispensing of “bio-identical hormones” be investigated.

I request that the HPCSA take into consideration that in spite of my colleagues and I having over a number of years brought to the attention of Dr Craige Golding, Mr Brent Murphy, Mr David Arthur and Solal that their actions are contrary to Medicines and Foodstuffs legislation, and a number of HPCSA and SAPC Ethical rules, that they have flagrantly continued to ignore these and instead have vexatiously attacked such individuals, including the ASA , and as a further resort, which I consider malicious and intended to “shut me up”, laid a complaint under consideration with the HPCSA against myself for pointing this out.

It is my conjecture that the defendants may purposefully be ignoring the HPCSA and SAPC Code of Ethics with the belief that the maximum penalty if found guilty, to be no more than a minor financial irritant compared to the profit to be made by ignoring these codes: there appears to be no other explanation as to why the codes were ignored.



Appendices and Attachments 

Appendix A

A personal communication with Dr Craige Golding where it is made clear that he is using “anti-aging” qualifications contrary to the HPCSA regulations.

Appendix B

ASA rulings against claims for Solal products.

Appendix C

Complaint to South African Pharmacy Council against Dr Beverley Summers (May 2009) demonstrating their inability to pursue the complaint.

Appendix D

Communication with the MCC regarding Modul8’s AIDS cure claims

Appendix E

Letter to Public Protector regarding a lack of response to my complaint to the MCC regarding Modul8’s AIDS cure claims.

Appendix F

Dr Golding found guilty of “unprofessional conduct or conduct which when regard is had to your profession”

Appendix G

‘Sad facts about happy pills’ – not so many facts! – a deconstruction by Prof Roy Jobson of an article published in Health Intelligence against anti-depressants.

Appendix H

Titled “Is an “anti-aging pill” possible?” – a deconstruction of the science used by Solal in support of an anti-aging pill, showing that not a single reference is appropriate.

Appendix I

Titled “Solal – Too much sugar claim No. 2” in which Solal Technologies placed an advert in the Durban Mercury of 03 March 2011, in which the claim was made that “[T]oo much sugar may accumulate fat and make learning difficult”, showing that not a single reference is appropriate. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of pseudoscience is the extrapolation of substandard animal studies to humans.

Appendix J

Confirmation of a posting where I make it clear that the statement “blood on our hands” was not attributed to Solal per se.

Appendix K

DrugInfo posting of: “Solal have been selling and using the sweeteners stevia and erythritol for some time now – these are NOT permitted and are illegal.” [This is now out of date, as the legislation now exists.]

Appendix L

Mrs Allison Vienings has substantiated a number of “therapeutic products” for companies with the ASA. Not a single product had been investigated in human trials at the time of substantiation.

Appendix M

Part 1: An article by Kevin Charleston, who investigated the magazine, Health Intelligence and argues that as Solal does not explicitly show that it is the owner and editor of the magazine, that this amounts to hidden marketing and touting

Part 2: Letter from practitioner expressing concern of the impact of the article on patients

Part 3: A deconstruction of the anti-“anti-depressants”article published in Health Intelligence – Original article attached as Appendix G.pdf

Appendix N

A deconstruction of Solal’s Anti-Aging Pill showing that the evidence for effects in humans is extrapolated from earthworms and rats.

Appendix O

Health Intelligence – misguiding the public? An article by Prof Roy Jobson where he argues that Solal’s magazine, Health Intelligence is misleading the public, giving false information, and therefore causing harm to both the consumer and the health profession.

Appendix P

A list of products that Solal claims has efficacy in AIDS/HIV and other conditions

Appendix Q

Complaint to ASA regarding Solal Stress Damage Control

Appendix R

Comments from readers of CamCheck appreciative of being warned about unsubstantiated products.

Legal Enquiry_0232_H Steinman_Services of wholesale pharmacy_20120601

SAPC response to enquiry re: Solal scope of services


Attachment A

Dr Golding promotes unsubstantiated treatments such as “chelation therapies, intravenous nutrients and other intravenous treatments such as glutathione, hydrogen peroxide, phospholipid exchange,”

Attachment B

Original article of “Sad facts about happy pills” in Health Intelligence

Attachment C

Solal advert “Vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine” – The deconstruction by Die Burger’s journalist, Elsabe Britz

Attachment D

ASA Ruling of “Vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine” advert

Attachment E

ASA Ruling of Solal’s appeal of “Vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine” advert

Attachment F

ASA complaint about Solal’s claim that “[T]oo much sugar may accumulate fat and make learning difficult”.

79 comments to Complaint to SAPC and HPCSA against Solal directors

  • JOY

    It is time that we DO recognize that PREMATURE ageing is the root cause of many diseases and that we can prevent it by living preventative and healthy. I do not need ANY BOARD to recognize that! It is obvious.
    I live in my body and I am responsible for my health and well-being. When I ask the advice of a physician then I reserve the right to choose what part of it I will follow and I test it against what I understand to be life-giving.
    I myself do not easily go to the standard medical doctors since they are disease oriented and not HEALTH conscious.
    I have decided to READ about health on the Internet and to “educate” myself about HEALTH. I have certainly prevented myself from becoming a patient. I will also go to Dr Golding merely because he has changed his paradigm from being disease conscious to being preventative. I gather that his specialist physician background is combined with being HEALTH conscious is a remarkable shift from the standard medical doctor.
    I read books by Dr Eric Braverman MD in the USA who is an outstanding integrative medicine doctor and Dr Craige Golding mentions him. The standard medical doctor ONLY fulfils one fifth of the BIGGER health picture. It is time that medical doctors realise that. We have a disease ridden society. Not one of the professional issues that have been mentioned above bothers me.
    What bothers me is that medical doctors take advantage of patients by keeping them on prescription drugs which does not heal them or address the root cause. Most of all it seems that you also feel threatened by those doctors who really wants to see people PREVENT disease and get healthy!

    • Harris

      Although I agree with many of your sentiments, I do not agree with your generalisation. There are many doctors who practice like quacks, and others who don’t – depends on their approach. I can agree with you that there are likely “medical doctors [who] take advantage of patients by keeping them on prescription drugs which does not heal them or address the root cause”. But I am also aware of Dr Golding having given elderly patients alternative “drugs” costing over R2,000 per month without any evidence that the products will make a difference to that individual’s health. (All products crossing your lips claiming to have an effect on your body are “drugs”) At, you can read about Heidi, a young woman with the terrible diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ, stage 0) breast cancer who was given this list of “supplements” by Dr Golding, claiming to “facilitate the breakdown of harmful/strong estrogen molecules into less harmful/weaker ones, block any estrogen receptors with a weaker form of estrogen, as well as herbal product to reduce my cortisol levels”. One big issue: there is no proof that this works. Total cost of this script: At least R 1,315.50 per month.

      • I3C + DIM complex: 2 caps/day
      • Melatonin: 6mg/night – I am still questioning this dose – hope to do urine test to determine correct dose.
      • Vit D3: 2000IU/day
      • Reservatrol: 2/day
      • NAC: 2/day
      • Rhiodiola + Ashwaganda: 2/day = herbal adaptogens to reduce cortisol
      • Flax for omega 3 or krill oil – I take fresh ground flax and the oil
      • Phosphyltidal serine = PS
      • Vit C 2g per day

  • JOY

    I speak from personal experience. The attitude of too many people are that they rely on the standard medical doctor as the Alpha and Omega concerning their “health”.
    I regard my body as the most sophisticated “laboratory” rather than relying on “scientific proof” about the benefits of supplements. I listen to my body and I read more in depth studies.
    I have had remarkable results with herbs and supplements and so has my family. We have a qualified pharmacist/health expert who assist me with my questions and his help is valuable and with great rewards.

    My personal experience with a quite a few medical doctors in the past is that they are hooked on medicine , even though they might be meaning well.
    Medicine do not cure. It can serve the purpose to assist one for a temporary period to address certain symptoms … but I have yet to find a standard medical doctor or even specialist that will simultaneously build the body in order to help it HEAL chronic disease.
    The MD ( a very kind person) that treated my mom for over 20 years NEVER even considered to address her hormones. Today she is 85 and on a list of medication for over 7 years with NO evidence that it made any difference but it does have VERY negative side effects. If knew seven years ago what I know now I would rather have doctored her myself or considered Dr Golding.
    My husband had a heart attack at the age of 55 (he was quite skinny, normal blood pressure, cholesterol 3,2 and very fit) and the doctor who did an Angioplasty on him wanted to put him on statins! WE REFUSED that. We went to another very kind and well known cardiologist who put him on blood pressure meds and diuretics because of the damage to his heart muscle. Not once did he address inflammation, which is the major cause of heart disease or recommended diet changes. We did all of the research ourselves about what really will address heart disease and we stopped all the Big Pharma meds. He only takes organic supplements and have changed his diet and life style to LIVE unprocessed and nutrient dense food with moderate exercise. He is now living a very active life. I had asthma and I don’t have it any more and I was told that I will have it for life and will have to take cortisone and an inhalant for the rest of my life.
    I don’t take ANY BIG PHARMA meds … I do take organic supplements and I eat nutrient dense food. I am perfectly breathing and I forgot the asthma days totally.
    I can go on and give a few more examples but this post will become quite lengthy.
    It seems from my personal experience with my family that medical doctors can only treat symptoms with BIG PHARMA meds but they are either not equipped or refuse to think outside the BIG PHARMA box.
    That is SO disappointing. I try to help my family to live preventative and we have taken responsibility for our own lives.
    I believe that GOD is real and HE is certainly guiding me away from the use of pharmacopoeia.
    Chronic disease is rampant … because many people rely on well-meaning doctors who lack the knowledge about HEALTHY living and it seems to suit their pockets.
    I will still go to Dr Golding regardless of your warnings. You have only made me more determined to go. I will certainly discuss my views with him (as I do with every doctor I now meet).
    I am not the average “patient” and I make it my business to wake people up to take responsibility for their own health instead of relying on doctors.
    It seems that you have a personal vendetta with these three men. That is between you and them and you have certainly NOT succeeded in your mission to prevent me from going to them.
    I also read Orthomolecular Medicine News Service .
    I am so tired of the arrogance of the medical community that think they know it all and the “scientific proof” they want to scare us with while 90% of the articles that is posted in the journals is unreliable.

    • Harris

      I am not trying to dissuade you from seeing Dr Golding. I am simply pointing out that often the opposite of “orthodox” medical practitioners are no better and also prescribe expensive useless products, or rip consumers off. I am simply making the point that there are very good “orthodox” doctors who DO listen, DO NOT prescribe unless absolutely necessary, and similarly, there are anti-aging specialists or alternative health practitioners who also lie and over-prescribe. You have to simply search till you find someone who you are satisfied with and whose advice you are prepared to believe in and accept.

    • naomi

      hi joy.
      i loved your response! i would like to know who has helped you as i am in the midst of menopause, thyroid issues and candida…and i feel like i am in a maze of information…i would really like support in these areas and not too sure who to turn to.
      welcome some feedback please.

  • JOY

    I had a hunch that you are trying to defend the position of the “standard” doctor but it will soon no longer be standard.
    The writing is on the wall. “Standard” doctors are going to have to shift their paradigms to adopt integrative medicine as standard.
    I see any doctor as an ordinary human being that have studied a specific field. I suppose they all had good intentions when they committed themselves to a medical career because it is not an easy field to master;
    the price in time, commitment and effort is high. Sadly I see many “standard” doctors die of the same diseases they try to cure their patients of. The “standard” training at accepted academic institutions are not meeting the real needs of society.
    Therefore, I will definitely not call the “standard” doctor “orthodox” since it implies that they are “true/authentic” but they are certainly NOT! They are much too much in the “big-pharma-box” with a rather limited mind-set and are rather “in-a-box”.
    Integrative medicine doctors have a rather holistic approach and also include a much broader spectrum of remedies and that is a big step in the right direction towards healing and health.
    This is what people are looking for now:
    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and PREVENTION of disease. ~ Thomas A. Edison. US inventor (1847 – 1931)
    “Superior doctors prevent the disease; Mediocre doctors treat the disease before evident; Inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease.” ~ -Huang Dee Nai-Chan

    Maybe you are not aware of the GREAT AWAKENING out there. I recommend you watch the following list of documentaries:
    “Food is the Best Medicine” ~ Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride
    “Minding Your Mitochondria: Dr. Terry Wahls at TEDxIowaCity” ~ Dr Terry Wahls
    “Statin Nation”
    “Doctored The Movie”
    “First Do No Harm”
    “The Beautiful Truth”
    “The Greater Good”
    The solution is that every human being dwells in a body that is marvellously created to heal itself … IF we feed it wholesome food and treat it in a life-giving way.
    May you wake up to that realisation too.

  • JOY

    @ Dr Harris Steinman:
    For your information: I am fully opposed to vaccines and I’m certainly not the only one.
    Vit D3 is definitely a better option.
    No doctor will intimidate me any longer with the myths spread by the arrogant “standard” medical mind-sets that poisonous vaccines can be useful or better than building a strong immune system naturally.
    A compromised immune system becomes even more compromised when you inject it with mercury, formaldehyde and other bad chemicals. So what’s the use? The results of injecting vaccines prove to be tragic in many cases.
    Dr Golding is so right and bold to speak out against vaccination.
    My 85 year old mom was having bad symptoms for over a year after her “wise” MD prescribed the flu vaccine. I will not allow that again and she agreed to not take it ever. I had to boost her immune system with lots of glyconutrients and Vit C, Vit D3, Wild oregano oil capsules and more. I warn every person I come in contact with about the dangers of vaccines.
    We need to educate rather than medicate.

    I recommend this to everyone now:
    Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety:

    There is one aspect that you certainly must keep in mind.
    The people, called patients only by doctors, decide who they want to go to for health advice. The naiveté of people is crumbling concerning the trust in standard medical doctors since the accessibility of reliable information on the Internet and social media. I read reports of quite a large community of people over South Africa and overseas and they are fed-up with being sick and being the guinea pigs of pharmaceuticals.
    The “standard” medical doctors are either intentionally or ignorantly part of the bio-war against humanity.
    Currently TYLENOL is being exposed as dangerous. Some MD’s laugh at me when I mention the dangers of Tylenol and that tells me that they are getting desensitized to the idea that ALL medication is DANGEROUS and should be prescribed with the utmost caution, vaccines included.

    “What you doctor may not tell you about vaccinations”
    This vaccination mania sounds so much like the Genetic Engineering Biotech Industry of Monsanto that thrives on the ignorance of the public.
    Well, I make it my business to inform people about the dangers but at the same time I motivate and greatly encourage them to get informed and only make informed decisions about all medication.
    Suzy Cohen is a pro-health pharmacist in the USA (and visited SA in 2012) and she is certainly helping the public to become informed citizens and to be pro-active when it comes to their health.
    The myth that the “standard” medical doctor is still the one to confide in for health advice, is surely being phased out; Thanks to their own way of practising medicine.

    Dr P.A. Ioannidis is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University School of Medicine and is well known for his 2005 paper in PLoS Medicine, “Why most Published Research Findings are False” and it surely gives evidence that the standard medical doctor needs to reconsider the way they practice medicine.

  • Harris

    You are fully entitled to your opinion, as long as it is true. I am aware that some patients support Dr Golding and others do not. You have that choice. But I take you up on on aspect that needs correction: you wrote “Vit D3 is definitely a better option” and ”
    No doctor will intimidate me any longer with the myths spread by the arrogant “standard” medical mind-sets that poisonous vaccines can be useful or better than building a strong immune system naturally.” The fact is there is NO evidence that Vit D is better than a vaccine, this is misinformation spread by Solal (and possibly Dr Golding) and there are NO poisonous vaccines. Some may not be as effective as one would hope, but they are not poisonous. That is a myth spread by unscrupulous people.

    As for Dr Ionannidis’s paper, one should also read the comments by other highly regarded professors who have pointed out the errors in his paper. His paper was in particular arguing that statistics were incorrect. In other words, “These flawed findings, for the most part, stem not from fraud or formal misconduct, but from more mundane misbehavior: miscalculation, poor study design or self-serving data analysis.”

    You need to read his paper in relation to all the other experts who have supported or slated what he wrote, in particular

  • JOY

    @ Harris,
    Yes, I agree, I cannot draw conclusions from only one professor’s paper alone. I’ll also have to scrutinize the integrity of the critics, who condemn it as false.
    I have been rudely awakened by the lack of integrity of the FDA in America and I wonder how many other organizations are walking in integrity.
    Yes, I know society is trying to set some sort of standard by these organizations but organisations are made up of humans with a specific view.

    No one can beat GOD. He made us wonderfully and fearfully and He established life-giving principles to sustain life on earth. If we would only inquire from Him and know His ways (not in doing religious rituals but through personal and intimate relationship with Him). He designed nature to support life on earth. The further we move away from Him and His design in nature the further we move away from health and well-being.

    Quote: ” The fact is there is NO evidence that Vit D is better than a vaccine”
    What kind of evidence are you referring too. Have you personally experimented with Vit D3 in the correct form and dosage in your own body versus vaccines?
    Or have you only personally taken and prescribed vaccines because they are endorsed both by the World Health Organization and the South African Department of Health?
    I have a hunch that these organizations are manned by medical minded people and not by health conscious people.
    I believe in practicing what you preach.
    Since you are not in favour of Vit D3 as an immune booster, I assume you, as a doctor of medicine, ground your opinion on the finding of other pharmaceutical minded doctors and not on practical clinical experience.
    I cannot blame you for you are NOT trained to subscribe anything other than pharmaceuticals.
    That is exactly my point. You will defend Pharmaceutical medicine because you are a doctor trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals.
    I know I am repeating myself BUT I want to get doctors out of their “tunnel-vision” mind-sets who see pharmaceuticals as the ONLY solution.

    I wish that all the different groups in the medical and health world would get rid of their prejudice about the other “views” and perspectives so that they can unite in building a healthy society.
    Integrative medicine is a few steps closer to my wish.

    My own personal experience with Vit D3 (and we have taken SOLAL and other brands like Metagenics or SOLGAR … I actually prefer Metagenics) combined with other anti-viral supplements have paid off this past winter.
    My husband (58) is the oldest person in the company among 15 younger people between the ages 21 – 42. He is the only one who had a heart attack (with damage to his heart muscle) in 2010. I try to prevent him from getting any infections since it affects his heart, as in 2011 when he was hospitalised for a few days and the only thing the cardiologist could diagnose him with was “infection”. He really battled to find the proper diagnosis. He decided to prescribe antibiotics and it made my hubby feel worse immediately after he took it. Then I decided to add Vit D3 to the regimen of supplements he already took to support his heart and to prevent inflammation.
    We both took Vit D3 on a daily basis from then on, to build our immune systems in combination with other supplements and fresh organic juice. We only started the juice since May 2012.
    Two of the younger healthy men (in their early forties) in our company had swine flu this past winter 2013 but my husband did not even get a sniff although he works with these people on a daily basis and he carries a lot of stress and he is very active.
    We have both experienced that Vit D3 also affects mood in a very positive way.
    My mom used to get bronchitis every year but she did not get it since I gave her Vit D3. I firmly believe that humans should prevent disease by building strong immune systems. Vaccines are definitely NOT the solution.
    I shudder to think that many ignorant and disadvantaged people are simply vaccinated ONLY because arrogant health organizations and doctors prescribe it as standard.
    I will keep on warning that people should be EDUCATED and inform themselves about what they so ignorantly allow into their bodies.

    • Harris

      Have you not picked up on the irony that you are attacking “orthodox”/”mainstream” medicine for being dogmatic, and yet you are doing the same regarding “alternative”/”integrative medicine? Without evidence, we are basing our decisions on beliefs and faith, with science, it is based on testing the belief and hopefully finding the truth. So, if taking Vitamin D has been beneficial for you and your husband, that is wonderful. But to extrapolate what you have found or believe to other people, is unfair and biased. Only proper studies can confirm whether what you experience can be extrapolated is generally true and applicable to others. Two studies have examined whether Vitamin D will reduce or have an impact on influenza/colds. Both found that it did not. Read them here:

  • JOY

    We will continue to reason it seems. You are set into believing that pharmaceuticals are better than neutraceuticals.
    I can only pray the your eyes will open up to a more natural way of treating disease and hopefully one day you will consider prevention as a much better option than pharmaceuticals.

    Anecdotal matters more than you want to admit:
    Personal human experience is what speaks loud and clear at the end. Stop looking at us as patients; we are unique individual humans that live in bodies but we are each more than just a body.
    It is exactly the personal experiences of many individuals with certain pharmaceuticals that eventually demands more research on given pharmaceuticals which often results in their withdrawal of drugs.
    Science laboratories and scientific research have many limits and therefore also proved to fail humanity too many times. Those who rely on scientific tests ONLY are making a gross mistake.
    There is no drug/pharmaceutical that have been proven to be absolutely safe. There are always a list of warnings about side effects on the brochure and I read it.
    There are lists of banned meds and many more drugs are withdrawn from the medical scene that was once approved by scientific research.
    I want to emphasize this: Scientific tests do not test every unique human body in the universe, in fact it is much out of tune with too many individuals.
    And how many times does it happen that just one person’s (patient) prescriptions are “adjusted” to try and suit the unique chemistry of that individual, but the doctor in the first place relied on what reps “sold” to him (medico-marketing: with financial benefits and other favours attached) in order to replenish the pockets of Big Pharma and themselves. Doctors are not pharmacists they rely on the pharmaceutical book lying on their desks to guide them about pharmaceuticals. Ex Drug Rep — Manipulating Doctors

    I repeat: the human body is the most sophisticated “laboratory” ever, and so unique with all the million variables that make it unique.
    I will certainly try to prevent taking cocktails of prescription drugs. It robs us from having quality of life in most cases.
    Medical doctors are moving far away from the true needs of the human race.
    It is time to consider the original design of humans: our bodies are organic and we need “safe chemicals” that come ready made in certified organic and free range, pastured food and from GMO free neutraceulticals.
    Build and strong immune systems. Live wisely. Rest enough. Laugh enough. Enjoy life and stop poisoning the human race.
    This is my last post.

    • Harris

      You wrote: “You are set into believing that pharmaceuticals are better than neutraceuticals.” No. I believe that evidence that a product works is required. Simple. South Africa is full of scam artists that makes claims for ingredients/products and ONLY PROOF will allow consumers to be protected. Solal was advertising a product that helped people with AIDS/HIV. Until there is proof it is true, it is not. Simple. If we follow your line of reasoning, because Joe Smith believed that selenium helped his AIDS/HIV condition, then everyone should take it. Clearly nonsense. Solal sells an “Anti-aging pill”. Really, you want me to believe Solal’s claim without proof?! However, if Solal can show clear and real proof that a neutraceutical works, I will support it. Fact.

      And on a final note, anecdotes do not equal data! Two hundred years ago, doctors believed that bleeding patients were making them better. They believed this with fervor. Only a study (the first ever blinded study!), showed that their belief was dead wrong. This is what happens when one believes anecdotes. Some people believe that vaccinations cause autism. This has now been well researched and found to be false. As a doctor, I have met many people who smoke and have lived till in their nineties, and they believe that smoking helped them to reach this age (really!). But they are dead wrong, studies show the majority of people (there are always exceptions) will die early from smoking. FACT. Tons of other examples.

      Studies/trials are not a guarantee of infallibility, but they offer more protection against gullibility than other methods. Anecdotal associations are so powerful that they cause people to ignore contrary evidence.

      What you may possibly be doing is taking real examples of bad apples (whether studies or doctors) and extrapolating it to ALL. Science progresses and eventually roots out these individuals and studies. So if a study supporting a product was shown to be tainted, the product disappears. If there is no study, then the product continues. I am NOT supporting one therapeutic paradigm over another: I am supporting the need for evidence/proof!

  • JOY

    @ Harris,
    Just to bring you back to where real doctors make a real difference.
    Years ago, when I still had asthma I had to go to the emergency unit of one of the private hospitals in our area to get some treatment. Thankfully that was the LAST TIME!
    The doctor on duty was a young woman but also a mother. She helped me so well and as I was waiting for the medication to do its job a young child came in and occupied the bed next to me with only a curtain between us. It was a very young boy he was very quiet and his body was floppy … almost like in a coma. The doctor urgently worked with him and struggled to get him to wake up and the next moment she said … “I have a bottle of honey in my car” … and sent the assistant nurse to go fetch it.
    WOW! She gave the child some honey and he came by!
    That is what I call wisdom and where is the scientific proof NOW! The evidence was there!
    Good day.

  • JOY

    Just for the record … to enlighten those who deny the value of Vit D

    • Harris

      Joseph M. Mercola is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and web entrepreneur, who markets a variety of controversial dietary supplements and medical devices through his website, In 2005, 2006, and 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Mercola and his company to stop making illegal claims regarding his products’ ability to detect, prevent and treat disease. The medical watchdog site Quackwatch has criticized Mercola for making “unsubstantiated claims and clash with those of leading medical and public health organizations [and making] many unsubstantiated recommendations for dietary supplements.” (

      Certainly Dr Mercola’s claims regarding Vit D goes against all the evidence accumulated to date.

  • JOY

    You have to find fault with everyone!
    You truly are stuck in the medical rut.
    I told Dr Golding about you and your useless claims and he laughed and said you are stuck in your tunnel vision.
    There you have it now!
    There is no hope for people like you.

    • Harris

      You have the capacity to search Google for evidence in support of Dr Mercola (and Dr Golding). You will see for yourself that their claims are not supported by any credible scientist. In fact, since Dr Golding/Solal first made claims for Vit D, studies since then have shown their claims to be false. In the same way people are allowed to support Julius Malema, or Helen Zille, Zuma, or other’s ideas, you are free to support Dr Golding’s. And what you are missing is that in spite of evidence showing Dr Golding’s beliefs to be false, he is “stuck in his tunnel vision”. For example, have you read this? Very funny actually!

  • MrM

    My 2 cents….
    I used to get colds and flu all the time and spent 3-4 appointments a year in “orthodox” GP offices.
    A couple of years ago I started to suffer from burn out like symptoms and went to go and see the guys at the IMC.

    They firstly sent me for a whole host of blood tests, following which, certain deficiencies were identified.
    They prescribed a number of vitamins/ nutraceuticals and guess what…. I feel better than ever and my follow up blood results proved it.

    Thanks to the Vitamin D3 I haven’t had a cold or flu for 3 years.
    So thanks Mr orthodox doc, you can continue prescribing your Augmentin and the like to the less discerning folk out there. As for me, I’ll continue on the solal products, because thanks to them I feel great, I’m healthier and I’m happier.

    I challenge those Orthodox doctors out there still prescribing big pharma meds for every ailment to at least investigate this space a little closer…. try it out for yourselves before trying to banish it as “evil”.

    • Harris

      So how much was it costing you a month to take Solal products to prevent colds, around R1,000?

    • JOY

      Yes, thank you for your comment. You would certainly feel better, for Dr Golding actually endeavors to build the immune system; not to deplete it.
      Good for you and your comment is worth much more that two cents.
      I have battles with very annoying skin allergies over years and for the first time am I experiencing relief after Dr Craig Golding’s recommendations. Also a major positive difference in hormonal balance.

      It is time that we stand up to the arrogant bullies of conventional doctors that live in the myth that they are helping people with chronic health issues while in actual fact they are enriching themselves and wasting our precious time at our own expense.

      • Harris

        I rephrase your sentence:
        “It is time that we stand up to the arrogant bullies of functional/integrative doctors that live in the myth that they are helping people with chronic health issues while in actual fact they are enriching themselves and wasting our precious time at our own expense.

        You did not respond to my point that Dr Golding was fired by Solal.

  • JOY

    Sadly, you are stuck in the fake “flat-earth conventional medical mind set bubble”. I do hope you will someday wake up to reality.

    For your information:
    My husband developed sudden deterioration of his heart function with heart failure (EF 25%) 17 March 2014 when he had a dead tooth extracted by a supposedly very experienced Maxillofacial Surgeon but with no knowledge about how to prevent the toxic download caught up in the membrane around the tooth root (because of his inexperienced training from conventional medicine).
    My husband suddenly developed breathlessness with only a little exercise. He did not struggle with this ever before this tooth has been extracted.
    I started to read on the internet and as usual (because I am not intimidated by the arrogance of your conventional medical mind set type) and found the explanation from Dr. Hal A Huggins ( obviously NOT conventional) and in the USA, who is an expert about how the standard conventional dentist poison our mouths with their standard practice.
    Well then we hoped to get some help from the conventional cardiologist that treated my husband before. I must mention that my husband was not using ANY heart meds or any other medication for 15 months before this bad tooth extraction experience (and then he was walking at about 6km per hour doing 5 km’s regularly and without any uneasiness or breathlessness up till then).
    Well the cardiologist did the annual sonar and tests and diagnosed my hubby with heart failure and blamed it all on the lack of medication! Hah! He refused to acknowledge that this bad tooth had ANYTHING to do with it.
    We refused to take that opinion as valid. Yes we were distraught about his poor insight about a holistic health approach.
    Thankfully we know the MOST HIGH GOD who always shows us the way out.
    That evening, 2nd June 2014, I started to browse the Internet about heart failure. I was deeply disappointed … until I remembered my hubby said :”browse Integrative cardiologist” and I did! I found Dr Stephen Sinatra, Integrative Cardiologist. His bio:
    His web site:
    I searched his site about heart failure and the fear subsided. A great peace came over me. [link lost]
    My hubby was already using Ubiquinol CoQ10 but in a very low dose for a few years and he was also already using Magnesium Citrate for years.
    I discovered the nutraceutical Rx by Dr Sinatra, called “THE AWESOME FOURSOME” and the next day we bought the other two ingredients, L-Carnitine and D-Ribose.
    I personally communicated with Dr Sinatra and he saw what my hubby was taking and also recommended that we work with Dr Golding which we did.
    We visited Dr Craig Golding the following Thursday, 12 June 2014 and he was very impressed to see that we already incorporated the AWESOME FOURSOME as he personally knows Dr Sinatra. 
    Well Dr Golding upped the dosage and fine tunes the other supplements that my hubby already took.
    In 48 hours (as Dr Sinatra predicted) my hubby’s breathlessness became remarkably less and less for that Saturday afternoon 14 June we went for a walk and the uneasiness in his chest and the breathlessness was gone!
    It is now three and a half months later … and my hubby is walking a regular 5km’s at about 6km’s again with a very low dose pharmaceuticals and the exact right dosage neutracueticals to help his heart heal. Yes HEAL! Not only a crutch for life with minimal benefits as pharmaceuticals offer.
    We did go to another cardiologist in Johannesburg ( conventional yes but a little more open to supplements) and he referred my hubby to have a CAT SCAN which proved that there is no blockages in his arteries.
    According to Dr Stephen Sinatra one can experience immediate symptom relief in 48 hours even though the EF only will show improvement over months.
    My hubby has his life back, he even started to do push-ups with ease and he is one very happy energetic man and I am so thankful that I did not allow your kind of ignorance and your pathetic “flat-earth conventional medical mind set” to influence us.

    You can keep on living in your fake world of arrogance where you think you are gods! The higher the top the longer the drop.

    I tell every human being that is willing to listen about our personal experience. I give detailed info and I remind them not to rely on the limited experience of conventional medicine, which occupies ONLY a small slice in the pie of healing: it can assist with trauma, with certain infectious diseases, with some really necessary surgery and that’s about it.
    Conventional medicine has no clue about the cause … while they are misguidedly trying to look for the cure and heavily lean of toxic pharmaceuticals.
    Conventional medicine disregards the holistic approach as if humans only have one organ or one part that functions independently. Their arrogant ignorance about nutrition is disgusting.

    We have spent lots of money on conventional medicine and doctors which we could rather have spent on the Awesome Foursome from the beginning after the heart attack, combined with all the other life-giving supplements and my hubby could have had the good results much earlier if there was more enlightenment from the conventional medical doctors. Your kind rob humanity of health and you should be ashamed of your useless practice.

    • Harris

      Thanks for posting. It is great that your husband is better, no matter how he got there.

      However, there are a number of false logic statements made here.
      1. Because you saw a “bad” conventional doctor does not make the alternative group all good.
      2. Because your husband did well on the “awesome four” does not mean it would benefit all patients with similar problems. Possibly your husband had a self-limiting condition? Who knows. It is simply a guess.
      3. If the “awesome four” was as effective as claimed, ALL health professionals would be using it – it is false logic to think that doctors only use what they are trained to use, or influenced by Big Pharma – most doctors try to do the best that they can for their patients, as long as there is sufficient evidence it works. Else he would be called a bad doctor and risk being sued!
      4. “Conventional medicine disregards the holistic approach” is nonsense and put out by “integrative” practitioners to drive you towards their services. Conventional doctors are taught to treat patients holistically, but whether they do or not, depends on their integrity – the same way that there are probably some good “integrative” practitioners, but many who use dubious means to treat patients, either with dubious tests or treatments.

      ALL health professionals need to make money to survive. Simple. How they market themselves is the issue here. CAMS are not free. They may be cheaper than some conventional medicine, but if you are paying for a product that does not work, then you are being scammed and cheated, no matter how cheap that alternative is.

      You may not know but Dr Golding was fired by Solal.

      Regarding Dr Hal Huggins: In 1995, the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners held twelve days of hearings related to complaints brought against Hal Huggins. On February 29, 1996, Administrative Law Judge Nancy Connick recommended that Huggins’s license should be revoked for gross negligence and other professional misconduct. Huggins did not appeal, and his .license was subsequently revoked. The judge’s report contained 235 findings of fact.

      Dr Stephen Sinatra formulates and sells nutritional supplements under the brand name “Advanced BioSolutions.” Is he giving you a completely independent, not commercially-based opinion, or is he acting no different to Big Pharma?

  • JOY

    Your counter statements cannot ever convince me; not even with all your recommended web sites, for I have enough evidence that I cannot rely on your arrogant “fake flat-earth medical mind set” that originated from the biased findings of Abraham Fletcher who was only an English mathematician and who actually was assigned to promote a drug culture to enrich the pockets of BIG PHARMA.

    The “scientific research” model that you so eagerly promote leaves much room for improvement compared to functional medicine. Conventional medicine have too many dead doctors and patients to be regarded as beneficial in the health arena.

    The following medical doctors broke out of the confinement of conventional medicine with magnificent life-giving results and they all prescribe nutrition and nutraceuticals with life style changes rewarded with extraordinary results.

    Dr Terry Wahls MD have improved her own health as she was diagnosed with severe MS and against all odds not with conventional medicine but with REAL FOOD, nutraceuticals and life-style changes.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock board-certified neurosurgeon who lost both his parents (they both had Alzheimer’s even after the best conventional medicine offered was applied). He practiced in the demanding field of neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice and wrote “Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life”

    Dr Eric Braverman MD (integrative): who reminds us that as the GOD is to the universe so the brain is to the body. He has testimony after testimony of people who have been abused by standard conventional medicine practice but after he has treated them after years of misdiagnosis and abuse … their health turns around for the better and he also uses nutraceuticals and life style changes.
    I have one of his books and so does Dr Craig Golding who knows him personally.

    Dr Stephen Sinatra: integrative cardiologist who gave us new hope with personal evidence that using mostly nutraceuticals and life-style changes with Vit D. among many other supplements, that you can actually heal a damaged heart muscle! And that you can cure a failing heart! How neat is that!

    Dr. Richard Gerhauser who was formerly part of the medical team at Canyon Ranch, Tucson, where he helped develop their world-renowned integrative medical programs. There, he treated the wealthy and elite of society, and he has found that the rich have the same problems with the faulty healthcare system, toxic industries and factory-farmed food as everyone else.

    Then there is also Suzy Cohen America’s Pharmacist who awakens the world about how pharmaceutical drugs MUG the nutrients from your body and that there are much better options in functional medicine with life-style changes. She helped cure her own mother (age 84) from Diabetes and she cured herself from thyroid issues and she helped cure her husband from misdiagnosed Lyme’s disease.

    But I do not expect someone like you, Harris, to even pay attention to them until you one day might struggle with the same diseases you fail to cure.
    Dead doctors don’t lie. Too many conventional doctors die from the same diseases they fail to cure. Statistics reveal that conventional doctors on average die even sooner than couch potatoes for their lack of knowledge about health and nutrition.

    • Harris

      You write: “your arrogant ‘fake flat-earth medical mind set'”
      Silly, nothing arrogant here. Fake and bull websites promote an alternative mindset that is not based on reality (i.e., insufficient evidence to make the claims). I am simply giving an alternative point of view to that. The purpose of CamCheck is for readers to read something that runs counter to nonsense arguments. One could argue that the sites you recommend are written by “your arrogant ‘fake flat-earth new age mind set'” or simply argue that there are two points of view, and the reader chooses the one based on no facts but an opinion, and the other based on facts.

      So no matter which way you want to spin the story, there is an opposite point of view – unless we actually agree.

      Conventional doctors cannot cure all diseases. Unconventional cure even less.
      And your statement “Statistics reveal that conventional doctors on average die even sooner than couch potatoes for their lack of knowledge about health and nutrition” – can you back this with evidence or is this simply your belief?

  • JOY

    @ Harris,
    Yes the labourer is worthy of his reward. Hopefully doctors will labour to contribute to total healing and not only to waste the precious time of others and delay or even rob them from their health or just intoxicate them.

    Everything costs money that’s a given; at least we get value for our money when we inquire from functional medicine.

  • JOY

    @ Harris,
    Negligence by whose standards? I have lost faith in the standards by which conventional medicine try to bully every one else that expose them.
    What my husband has experienced these last few months from so called highly qualified conventional medical doctors is negligence par excellence! The conventional medical model is totally negligent of the basics for health: NUTRITION.
    Just face this reality for once.

    • Harris

      You are missing the point. There are a great deal of excellent conventional doctors who DO regard nutrition as a vital part of management of disease – but do not advocate artificially generated vitamins and supplements but recommend the correct foods. But not all. On the other hand, there are many very poor integrative or functional medicine people who abuse patients – but again, not all.

      I have personally seen patients who were sent on a wild ride by “integrative” medicine doctors when an early diagnosis could have made a major difference. One patient ran up a bill or R100,000 going from one to another (and for the range of treatments), before her sister asked me for a diagnosis. I referred the child to Red Cross Children’s Hospital which put a stop to this nonsense. And yes, there are patients who were misdiagnosed by conventional doctors and found an answer with an “alternative” who was conventionally trained. It has to do with the doctor and whether the treatment is effective or not, not on a placebo response, regression to the mean, etc.

      I have evidence that one of the doctors you speak highly off, gave a patient with breast cancer “supplements” costing over R2,500 a month, which gave her false hope, depleted her funds, and made no difference to her condition or stay of death.

      Just face reality for once.

  • Rudi de Lange

    There are differences and similarities between untested nutraceuticals and untested muti. Both are manufactured and sold by people that do this for financial gain. The one is sold in beautiful packaging, the other is dispensed in more environmentally friendly material such as newspapers. The one uses a pseudo-scientific Eurocentric marketing approach, (some may see this as the despised colonialist and imperialist influence), the other is based on an Afro-centric cultural paradigm (some see this as part of the African Renaissance). The advantages of nutraceuticals are that they do not come with added pathogens, the tablets are beautifully shaped, and they have even package inserts to create a [false] sense of comfort. Muti with the added bacteria can have a dual role, it can act as a laxative, can provide a free entry to a state hospital due to herbal poisoning and may even please one’s relatives that no longer exist. Let’s be honest, it is more socially acceptable to talk about one’s supplements and alternative health care at a tea party than to reveal one’s visit to a sangoma or a mumbo-jumbo faith healer. Another advantage of nutraceuticals is that we can buy these products with a credit card and in classy shopping malls. Muti buying may involve going for a consultation that may require additional costs, and then the inconvenience of having to draw cash at an ATM! But then again, muti may bring us back to our roots. I read somewhere that the Voortrekkers used urine from a rabbit as a cure for some ailments and that one could buy a ticket to heaven from monks in medieval Europe. Although both [mis]use the trust of their clientele, the placebo effect will always ensure that the faithful will report positive effects after using a urine infused product or an aesthetically shaped pill. It’s embarrassing to fork out hard earned cash and then to confess that one has been taken for a ride.
    I have just noticed two advertisements on the internet. The first says that I can consult with a Professor from Zanzibar (who claims divine healing powers) who can help me to win the lotto, the second ad also states that I can win the lotto, but that I must pay a consultation fee to a maths Professor from a well-known university. I wonder which one will be the least discomforting and humiliating choice. Will it be the pseudo-scientific or the divine inspired quack?

  • Joy

    You have systematically build a smoke screen of “laboratory science” to cover the disaster which is called the “conventional medicine modality” specifically in the way this modality fail to address chronic disease.
    There are a too large percentage of the human population on earth that struggle with chronic disease. And when they go to a conventional doctor their healing is delayed because of the inadequacy of these doctors.
    Conventional doctors are totally under-qualified in health and focus only on disease but not the root issue for the disease. The many conventional doctors that have treated me and my family could only address the symptoms not the root cause.

    • Harris

      Sorry but your arguments are illogical.
      1. CAMCheck has never argued that CAMS are bad and Big Pharma are good but that good evidence should prevail.
      2. It so happens that there is far more evidence for Big Pharma drugs (in spite of major deficits) than there are for CAMS
      3. “Conventional medicine modality” has far more success in addressing chronic disease than CAMS have. For example, are there any effective CAM treatments for rheumatism, hypertension, cardiac failure, arthritis, asthma, etc., than CAMS? No (Unfortunately many have side effects – but there is no alternative choice of an effective treatment without)
      4. Conventional doctors are far more qualified in health. They have a 7 year course and supervised instruction on patients compared to non-conventional who have a 3-4 year course and with little access to patients while training.
      5. Conventional doctors AND non-conventional doctors are both taught the root cause for disease and holistic approaches. Both conventional and non-conventional doctors choose whether to honour and implement this approach or not. The latter group claim for marketing reasons that only they follow this approach but this is false.
      6. Both groups of doctors have ‘bad apples’. To claim that one group is better than the other based on experience of a bad doctor is not reasonable. I for one have had a terrible experience with two CAM doctors – does that mean that all CAM doctors are bad?

      And here is the rub: I bet that if your granddaughter developed a severe pneumonia, that you will be more likely to go to a conventional doctor than a non-conventional doctor. But then again, I have met patients who would rather take their life in their hands because of a belief rather than scientific proof. You may be one of those?

      • Henry

        Shit but you really are a moron. I cannot believe that you completed an MBChB. Point me to the alopathic doctors who think holistically that you so often refer to. Don’t you know that the correct nutrition can reverse arthritis and a plethora of auto-immune diseases?

        • Harris

          Please support your argument with credible evidence to support your claims that correct nutrition can reverse arthritis and a plethora of auto-immune diseases.

          • Henry

            What do ignorant people regard as credible evidence?

            • Harris

              There is a great deal written on what is regarded as credible evidence.
              Here are three sources:

              The second reference will be more up your alley. It is how Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database (“Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies”) views evidence.

              All sources dismiss anecdotes as evidence. Evidence from ‘experts’ is a form of evidence, but not rated highly.

              So I repeat my question, please support your argument with credible evidence. I will be satisfied to accept the criteria that Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database uses.

              • Rob

                Harris, I think you’re flogging a dead horse…!

                None of these posters is anything but a troll, intent on obfuscating any real facts with pseudo-scientific ‘arguments’ to wear you out.

                Rather expose the disgusting fraud in the press, and highlight the total unconcern displayed by the HSPCA and MCC.

                • Harris

                  You are absolutely correct! We should rather be exposing the fraud in the press, and the total unconcern displayed by HPCSA, MCC,SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council), and others who expose consumers to risky and/or fraudulent products.

                  I am guided by the maxim: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

              • Henry

                To be quite frank, I don’t really care to convince you anymore. It will be impossible. As long as my snake oil helps people, I am happy. If it does not I worry. At this stage I am content. People are getting off their meds and have a better quality of life. What more do I need? I’m off to the rocks now to see if anything will bite.
                Have a great life.

  • Beryl

    I cannot understand HOW, injecting poisonous chemicals into anyone (vaccines) have helped curb illnesses?

    Reading this all, brings me to (part) of The Paradox of Time:

    “We have taller buildings but shorter tempers;
    Wider freeways but narrower viewpoints;
    We spend more but have less;
    We buy more but enjoy less;
    We have bigger houses but smaller families;
    More conveniences but less time;
    We have more knowledge but less judgement.
    We have more experts but no solutions.
    We have multiple possessions but reduced values;
    We talk too much, hate too often and love too seldom;
    We have learnt how to make a living but not a life;
    We’ve added years to life but not life to years; ”
    Etc etc ……………..

    May God’s Will be done!

    • Harris

      You cannot lump all medicines into the same box. For example, penicillin (antibiotics) has saved millions of lives compared to when we had no antibiotics. Same with vaccines, they have for example, completely eradicated smallpox.

  • Beryl

    Hi Harris – I believe it reads: “MORE” and not “ALL?” I was thinking…antibiotic means – “Against Life” For example, I am allergic to penicillin; I break out in a rash and hives if I take it.

    Smallpox was declared eradicated, yet still infects humans today. By Viera Scheibner, PhD

    “Also, empowering the State to inject you or your children against your will is a bigger threat than measles…..”

    Adding to all this, I have the greatest respect for health professionals and I believe they sincerely do want to help their patients – but at the end of the day, the greatest benefactors are the pharmaceutical companies.

    • Harris

      Smallpox IS eradicated. If you are going to believe conspiracy nonsense, that is your choice.
      One is not empowering the state to inject your children – it is based on scientific knowledge and evidence.
      Although there are many individuals allergic to antibiotics, or even experience other very, very bad side effects, imagine a world without any antibiotics. One makes informed choices. The antibiotics with the most severe side effects are often for diseases that are extremely hard to deal with and will kill.

  • Beryl

    I’ve just red (read) this:

    There’s a huge amount of controversy surrounding vaccines – huge.

    • Harris

      The article you refer to is a different argument to what you have been making. In essence, the argument is that Merck, the manufacturers of a vaccine, “failed to disclose that its mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented . . “.

      Not that it was ineffective, but not as high as the 95% Merck claimed. This is inexcusable and disgusting – but does not prove are support the claim that vaccines are not effective, only not as high as Merck claimed for their specific vaccine. I am not aware of any vaccine that is 100% effective, a reason why they are often repeated.

  • Rudi

    With regard to your paradox of time. Look at life from the advantages of science …

    Just a few suggested changes to your paradox of time.

    Wider freeways and wider viewpoints due to the internet;
    We spend more and we can enjoy a longer life due to improved medical care and better nutritional practices.
    We have bigger houses and smaller families, this allows us to prepare our children for life;
    More conveniences and more time. No longer scrubbing floors on all fours, just use a vacuum cleaner;
    We have MORE DEGREES and MORE SENSE, we don’t have to sacrifice our children to please a god to send rain and we don’t have to burn women at a stake when they are accused of witchcraft;

  • Beryl

    Thanks, Harris. I have learnt… scientific knowledge is NOT always reliable. Scientific theories could also well be “conspiracy theories”?

    As far as vaccinating children…. a child cannot enter primary school unless that parent produces a vaccination certificate? Isn’t that empowering the State?

    • Harris

      Scientific knowledge is graded – some is highly reliable, some needs checking, others are pilot studies of proof of concept, and occasionally, some are even fraudulent. Hence reproducibility is important. Does it give all the answers? Of course not, but it is far better than nothing but belief, superstition, and sheer nonsense.

      As for the concept of vaccinating children before entering primary school unless the parent produces a vaccination certificate is not about protecting the state but protecting the child and the community. Read up on ‘Herd immunity’

  • Beryl

    Harris – your words, below, will keep us in disagreement. If there is more sense in this world, wouldn’t it be getting better, instead of worse? People sacrifice their children (abortion and worse!) on a daily basis all over the world. Women are being “burned at the stake” also, on a daily basis. Rape, murder, brutality, violence, abuse. I won’t even go into your “rain” business! I have nothing more to say to you.

    “We have MORE DEGREES and MORE SENSE, we don’t have to sacrifice our children to please a god to send rain and we don’t have to burn women at a stake when they are accused of witchcraft;”

  • Joy

    Herd Immunity?
    The Deadly Impossibility Of Herd Immunity Through Vaccination, by Dr. Russell Blaylock –
    Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a respected medical doctor who is unafraid to challenge establishment thinking. He doesn’t parrot what the New England Journal of Medicine — which receives heavy subsidies in advertisements — claims.

    Dr. Blaylock is a nationally recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer. He has more than a quarter-century of medical experience.

    “Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.”
    “When public-health officers are asked for the legal justification for such draconian measures as forcing people to accept vaccines that they deem either a clear and present danger to themselves and their loved ones or have had personal experience with serious adverse reactions to such vaccines, they usually resort to the need to protect the public.”
    “The vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades.”
    “Without the mantra of herd immunity, these public-health officials would not be able to justify forced mass vaccinations. I usually give the physicians who question my statement that herd immunity is a myth a simple example. When I was a medical student almost 40 years ago, it was taught that the tetanus vaccine would last a lifetime. Then 30 years after it had been mandated, we discovered that its protection lasted no more than 10 years. Then, I ask my doubting physician if he or she has ever seen a case of tetanus? Most have not. I then tell them to look at the yearly data on tetanus infections – one sees no rise in tetanus cases. The same can be said for measles, mumps, and other childhood infections. It was, and still is, all a myth.”
    – See more at:

    “In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over 36 injections. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control assured parents that it was safe to not only give these vaccines, but that they could be given at one time with complete safety. Is this true? Or are we being lied to on a grand scale? – See more at:

    “the SCIENCE is JUST NOT THERE to force vaccinations on every one!”

  • Joy

    The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development:
    Dr Russel Blaylock
    “The medical establishment has created a set of terms, which they use constantly to boost their egos and firm up their authority as the unique holders of medical wisdom–the mantra is “evidence-based medicine”, as if everything outside their anointing touch is bogus and suspect. A careful examination of many of the accepted treatments reveals that most have little or no scientific “evidence-based” data to support it. One often repeated study found that almost 80% of medical practice had no scientific backing.”

    “This is not to say that medical practice should be purely based on pure and applied science, as understood in the fields of physics and chemistry. Medicine, as pointed out by many of the great men of medicine, is an art. For a discussion on the proper role of medicine I refer the reader to my paper titled –Regimentation in Medicine and the Death of Creativity.

    Most men of medicine recognize that some things are obvious without a placebo controlled, double-blind, randomized study. For example, there has never been such a study to see if smashing your finger with a hammer will be painful, but we accept it without such pristine evidence. The same is true with removing brain tumors or sewing up severe lacerations.

    I find it interesting that there exist an incredible double standard when it comes to our evidence versus theirs. The proponents of vaccination safety can just say they are safe, without any supporting evidence what-so-ever, and it is to be accepted without question. They can announce that mercury is not only safe, but that it seems to actually increase the IQ, and we are to accept it. They can proclaim thimerosal safe to use in vaccines without their having ever been a single study on its safety in over 60 years of use, and we are to accept it.”

    Quote from “Regimentation in Medicine and the Death of Creativity”
    “Of great concern to Osler was how the art of medicine would be taught. He states:

    Ask any physician of twenty years’ standing how he has become proficient in his art, and he will reply, by constant contact with disease; and he will add that the medicine that he learned in the schools was totally different from the medicine at the bedside.”

    You can read the whole article here:

    • Harris

      “a respected medical doctor”?
      No, not actually. Only considered so by anti-vaccine lobby.

      “Despite the fact that the scientific evidence does not support his belief, Blaylock claims that giving children about two dozen vaccinations before they start school is dangerous. The experts at the highly credible, Center for Disease Control disagree with Blaylock.” Note, Dr Blaylock *believes* this, but cannot produce evidence that it is true.

      Note, Dr Blaylock was a neurosurgeon and NOT a paediatrician or a doctor who works with infectious diseases. Most of the ‘references’ he quotes, is his own articles!

      More on Dr Blaylock, the quack, here and at Encyclopedia of American Loons who call him “supercrackpot and professional conspiracy theorist”.

  • Joy

    I must share this from a qualified conventional medicine psychiatrist but now Functional Medicine doctor:
    Dr Kelly Brogan. She does NOT need to prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs … she ONLY recommends change in diet (after a two-hours session with her patients) and she sees miracles every week unlike when she prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.
    Article: “The Mythology Of Science-Based Medicine”
    The current healthcare debate has brought up basic questions about how medicine should work. On one hand we have the medical establishment with its enormous cadre of M.D.s, medical schools, big pharma, and incredibly expensive hospital care. On the other we have the semi-condoned field of alternative medicine that attracts millions of patients a year and embraces literally thousands of treatment modalities not taught in medical school.

    One side, mainstream medicine, promotes the notion that it alone should be considered “real” medicine, but more and more this claim is being exposed as an officially sanctioned myth. When scientific minds turn to tackling the complex business of healing the sick, they simultaneously warn us that it’s dangerous and foolish to look at integrative medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, or God forbid, indigenous medicine for answers. Because these other modalities are enormously popular, mainstream medicine has made a few grudging concessions to the placebo effect, natural herbal remedies, and acupuncture over the years. But M.D.s are still taught that other approaches are risky and inferior to their own training; they insist, year after year, that all we need are science-based procedures and the huge spectrum of drugs upon which modern medicine depends.

    If a pill or surgery won’t do the trick, most patients are sent home to await their fate. There is an implied faith here that if a new drug manufacturer has paid for the research for FDA approval, then it is scientifically proven to be effective. As it turns out, this belief is by no means fully justified.
    The British Medical Journal recently undertook an general analysis of common medical treatments to determine which are supported by sufficient reliable evidence. They evaluated around 2,500 treatments, and the results were as follows:

    13 percent were found to be beneficial
    23 percent were likely to be beneficial
    Eight percent were as likely to be harmful as beneficial
    Six percent were unlikely to be beneficial
    Four percent were likely to be harmful or ineffective.
    This left the largest category, 46 percent, as unknown in their effectiveness. In other words, when you take your sick child to the hospital or clinic, there is only a 36 percent chance that he will receive a treatment that has been scientifically demonstrated to be either beneficial or likely to be beneficial. This is remarkably similar to the results Dr. Brian Berman found in his analysis of completed Cochrane reviews of conventional medical practices. There, 38 percent of treatments were positive and 62 percent were negative or showed “no evidence of effect.”

    Please read the whole article here

    Just maybe this can give someone hope!
    and please take the time to watch this video:
    Breaking Bad Medicine: Dr Kelly Brogan

    • Harris

      It is always beneficial to read opposing points of view, as long as they are rational arguments.
      The article referred to above, published in the Huffington Post, is written by Dr. Larry Dossey, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rustum Roy. These names are very controversial depending on which side of the fence one sits.

      One highly pertinent point not made above, is that although the evidence for “orthodox” medicine may not be great, that in fact it is abysmally poor for the alternative. CamCheck has never favoured one modality over another but argued for evidence based medicine, i.e., is there proof that the treatment works, by how much, and how safe. If a CAM could show it worked, and was safe, we would support it. Simple.

  • Joy

    You are part of THE quack-team … for your kind don’t actually HEAL people you only MEDICATE them.
    Your type are not REAL doctors you ONLY PRACTICE Pharmaceuticals.
    I’ve had to sit and watch how conventional medicine quacks practice medicine these past few years on my father in law … they keep him alive … the fail to look for the root cause … the remove organs and prescribe pharmaceuticals BUT NEVER did they with ALL THEIR YEARS of experience CARED to look for the root cause or even link the whole body to what is going on with him. THAT is typical QUACK behaviour.
    “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ”
    ― Thomas A. Edison

    • Harris

      Your comment shows how irrational you are. You have no idea how I, and many of my colleagues treat patients. Most are great, some may be rotten apples. The fact that your father-in-law was badly affected is terrible, but that is no excuse to blame all conventional doctors – the same way I cannot blame all CAM doctors because of one bad CAM doctor’s behavior. Now ask yourself this: if you developed pneumonia, for which there is no effective CAM treatment, what antibiotic will you take. If you developed breast cancer, for which there is no CAM treatment, what option will you choose? Orthodox treatment may fail in some ways, but there are some proven treatments. And if the “orthodox” doctor was worth anything, he would treat you holistically and with care.

      There are bad priests, bad lawyers, bad policemen and bad doctors. But this does not mean that they are all bad, but if you experience one, you may tend to think that they are all that way. “The doctor of the future will give no medication, . . . “. Sorry to burst your bubble, but even with great diets and care, some people will still develop pneumonia, cancer, colds and a range of other illnesses, many which will require medication.

      QUACK behaviour is giving patients any treatment which has no proven benefit, i.e., making patients believe it is effective when it is not. Whether this be medication, supplements, or some nonsense diet, if there is no proof it will benefit the patient, then it is quack behaviour.

      • Rob Manzoni

        Looking at the substance of the comments from “Joy”, it seems that (s)he has been tasked with supporting the fake- and suspicious quackery which has been questioned. Not a good sign for “alternative” therapy; and the way it’s dominated this forum shows its true function – obfuscation and distraction – the usual (and predictable) tactic used by ALL charlatans.

  • Joy

    @ Harris and every other person who might read this,
    The first thing Big Pharma does is get the conventional doctors
    to treat symptoms.

    After that, well, this video is both eye opening and depressing in the way that it quickly breaks down the relationships between what is referred to as “cartels” for Big Pharma and Insurance Companies; and how those relationships influence a deadly experience for patients.

    The influence by Big Pharma is an incredible, profit driven machine that’s literally corrupting our health industry.

  • Rob Manzoni

    I would be interested to know what action this complaint has generated. Has any inquiry been done?
    Has anyone been investigated?

    • Harris

      The South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) regulates pharmacists. Complaints were laid with the SAPC against Brent Murphy and Arthur. To date, the SAPC have not even acknowledged receipt of the complaint although I confirmed telephonically that they did receive the complaint, and I was informed that they were unlikely to even bother investigating my complaint.

      The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) regulates doctors, dietitians, among other. Dr Craig Golding was reported to the HPCSA. A subsequent addendum was sent pointing out that Dr Golding was now claiming to be able to cure diabetes by diet alone (impossible for Type 1 diabetes). On the 26th January, I received the following from the HPCSA: “We refer to previous correspondence and wish to confirm that the matter was placed before the Council’s Second Committee of Preliminary Inquiry on the 18 December 2014. The committee resolved that the explanation of Dr Golding be accepted and that no further action be taken, as there is no unprofessional conduct on the part of Dr Golding”. The HPCSA has not responded to my request for a copy of Dr Golding’s response. In my view, the HPCSA have abrogated their responsibility. The fact that Dr Golding calls himself an ‘anti-aging specialist”, contrary to the rules of the HPCSA (a letter from them previously confirming this), and in spite of him continuing to use this to advertise himself, is alone, surely unprofessional – never mind the other charges including his claim to be able to cure diabetes.

  • Rob Manzoni

    Is this the way it’s going to be – like the rest of this country’s “regulation”?

    I was referred to Dr Golding for the possible application of low-dose Naltrexone as a way of treating my Rheumatid Arthritis.
    My own rheumatologist had scared me away with his arrogant egotism and pointed nay-eaying of the drug-manufacturer’s instructions regarding potential blindness; and it’s cautions regarding pre-medication testing as a control
    My immediate reaction to Dr Golding’s website was not at all positive. “Anti-ageing” is not a discipline which I recognised; and the various “snake-oil”-type disinformation claims and dissing of the “traditional” medicine (in which he apparently was trained) was quite repulsive to me.

    What I find very strange is the HPCSA’s refusal to air Dr Golding’s response. Is there no higher controlling council to look at this?

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback. I can send you his correspondence to me if that helps.


    • Harris

      Unfortunately this is the way it is going. I have three outstanding complaints with the HPCSA which they have not ruled on – complaints dating back to 2013, 2012. These include against Dr York for marketing ImuPro, a scam allergy test, and Dr Abrahams (Proxygen – take a tablet and increase the oxygen in your blood). Similarly, two complaints against pharmacists who substantiated scam products were in one case dismissed, and the other, no response to date. In the former case, the pharmacist had ‘substantiated’ a number of scam products – the SAPC were disinterested. Unfortunately there is no higher controlling council, unless one petitions the Minister of Health.

  • Marlene

    I absolutely love all this debate!!!!!!! Is it not amazing that the minute you have a different opinion or diagnose to the autocratic regime of medicine,then……you are an outcast. Is Prof Tim Noakes not a typical example as well? For years he was recognized as THE sports scientist,the minute he changes his theories that is affecting the pockets of the giant pharmaceuticals,then he gets alienated and labeled as NO PROOF.My oh my….WHY in the world would reputable doctors put their entire life’s workings at stake????? After approximately five years of feeling like I have no life in me and merely just co-existing and having had these discussions numerously with my GP and gynaecologist,who only ever wanted to prescribe anti depressants and sleeping pills,which thankfully I refused,I managed to get to see Dr Golding and after having an entire range of blood test (why did my doctors not do this) have been medicated with a hand full of vitamins and natural hormones.A mere month down the line and I CANNOT even begin to tell you the difference in my health. As they say….the proof is in the pudding!!!!!!! And it certainly is in mine.

  • johan

    ….what a sad read. Joy has no joy

  • @Johan

    I have the joy of overcoming the dysfunctional system in my own personal health and immediate family. I also JOYFULLY can stand my ground against the opportunistic attitude of the conventional medicine mindset.
    I have overcome asthma without ANY medication.
    My husband have high and energetic functionality after heart failure (EF 29%) without pharmaceutical drugs and ONLY adding life-giving ATP through taking the correct micronutrients for his unique needs in only 48 hours and increasingly so for over a year now.

    What joy have you in overcoming devastating disease with pharmaceutical drugs?

  • Colleen

    Oh Joy, you sound like Dr Golding might be someone that you know very well, like a brother or cousin or good friend. Which would make what you say biased. Have you ever had a terminal illness? I have. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 33 years old, 4 months after the birth of our son. I was treated with chemotherapy (which is indeed poison) and many other medications for 6 months. It was an awful 6 months and I just kept looking at my baby boy, and thinking: “I can’t die. The son that I have longed for for most of my life won’t even know me. He won’t know my voice or remember how much love there was in my eyes when I looked at him. He won’t even know me as his mommy. I would want my husband to get remarried if I did die and so my precious son would only ever know someone else as his mother”. Without the chemotherapy, I would have been dead in a few weeks. With the chemotherapy, I am cancer free and have been for 4 years. I have been able to watch my beautiful son grow up and he is an incredible little man. If you were in the same boat as me, what would you do? The advances in medicine that we have access to today save millions and millions and millions of lives. I fully agree that focusing on leading a healthy life is the first way to protect yourself from sickness and ageing. There is no know cause for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma so you can’t tell me that I got it because I was being unhealthy (which I wasnt). But when illness does strike, and it can strike, no matter how healthily you have been living your life. And illness threatens to harm you and all of your loved ones (because my family and amazing husband went through an even worse time than I did when I was having chemotherapy), you might view medicines a bit differently. Your judgement is what may swing one person to deciding that they do not want to have chemotherapy and then they die. They could have been cured and lived. Is that not worth fighting for with every fibre of your being?

  • Joy

    @ Colleen,
    I certainly have struggled with asthma for years and with acute attacks that landed me in ER. When you struggle to breathe nothing else is important … you don’t even have the breath to talk. It makes you feel quite vulnerable. You cannot go where people wear perfume, or where there are smoke or pets or dust.
    BUT NOW I AM TOTALLY ASTHMA FREE. Not because of Dr Golding or any other doctor: only because I refused to accept that I will have asthma for the rest of my life. I started my very own research on the internet and changed my diet and life-style as I already mentioned.

    I can only try to understand your struggle and the many questions you had to consider.
    Instead of explaining it to you I recommend that you watch this:
    The Truth About Cancer. 9 episodes

    No I have only met Dr Golding a few years ago when I went to see him. I found him on the internet. I am not biased. My eyes have opened after I did A LOT OF research over many years.
    I am not trying to convince anyone. You are free to decide for yourself but if you want to be intellectually honest you have to look at the other options available as well.

    My problem is that conventional medicine often tries to make us believe that it is the only option we have otherwise we die!
    NOT SO!

    Bless you and I am glad you are alive to see your son grow up. I do hope you also have a good quality of life to be the mom you would love to be.

  • Joy

    Everybody should at least be aware of this.

  • Joy

    Reality check about cancer.
    Easy to label doctors OUTSIDE of the conventional medicine modality as quacks: Actually it is ridiculous to do so or maybe their ability to SAVE LIVES without prescribing toxic pharmaceuticals to help cure cancer intimidates many conventional medicine doctors who ONLY know to treat patients with toxic pharmaceutical drugs that further undermine the immune system.
    You are free to decide for yourself which treatment you will ALLOW into your body in South Africa. Therefore think before you believe any doctor. There are many safer treatments available in South Africa than conventional medicine care to admit.

    If you are willing to be intellectually honest you owe it to yourself to do your own research and watch this:
    The True Cause and Cure for Cancer – MUST WATCH!

  • Floris

    This whole debate is as crazy as it comes. Everybody is fighting either for one option (western, chemical medicine) OR the other option (alternative,supplemental medicine). Truth is there are even more systems you can fight about e.g. eastern (life focused) medicine. And all of these systems have proper research results that can support their view – or at least part of it, anyhow.

    While you are all fighting for only one option (the one you personally like or prefer), the doctors that are really getting great results for the patients (e.g. in German and Swedish clinics)are those that practise sound, research based, integrative medicine i.e. using all available knowledge from all systems to create better ways to restore their patients to health.

    And maybe that is the real “third option” we should all be working for/towards. And wherein we should invest our efforts and energy. In the best interest of the patient who needs real help – not just a lot of theoretical foundations.

    • Harris

      The truth is that NOT all systems have proper research results that can support their view. Some have a great deal (some of which may often be distorted, lied about or abused (read Bad Pharma)); others may have little to nothing except based on ‘belief’. If you carefully read every post I have written, you will see the same argument – for evidence/proof to support a claim – which is in the best interest of the patient who needs real help, rather than the theoretical foundations or beliefs of various modalities.

      Your phrase “those that practise sound, research based, integrative medicine” is an oxymoron – integrative medicine is not premised on sound, research based evidence, but uses sound, research based evidence for a skeleton and pasting a range of alternative nonsense over it. “Integrative medicine” is simply a term to give credibility to a range of non-evidence based beliefs. Although Wikipedia is not an authoritative Encyclopaedia, it is still worth noting their definition:

      Integrative medicine, which is also called integrated medicine and integrative health in the United Kingdom,[1] combines alternative medicine with evidence-based medicine. Practitioners claim that it treats the “whole person,” focuses on wellness and health rather than on treating disease, and emphasizes the patient-physician relationship.[1][2][3][4]

      Integrative medicine has been criticized for compromising the effectiveness of mainstream medicine through inclusion of ineffective alternative remedies,[5] and for claiming it is distinctive in taking a rounded view of a person’s health.[6] David Gorski has written that the term “integrative medicine” has become the currently preferred term for non-science based medicine.[9]

  • Henry

    Gorsky bashes everything alternative. I ignore his opinions like a taxi ignores a red traffic light. His credibilty is not what it used to be as it is suspected – by others, not me – that he is paid by big pharma to tout how wonderful their products are.

  • I have only just come across this article and am gobsmacked to read about the complaint against Dr. Craig Golding, David Arthur (who I know is not a Doctor and I do not know that he professes to be one, and Brent Murphy (whom I have never met). I have had a long relationship with this company and now of their separation a few years ago. I have recently seen David and followed by my own GP.
    I am also surprised how Joy and Harris have had a go at each other following this article. Both seem to talk as though they know the facts of this topic. I think people can do better than this if sitting face to face. Email and the Internet have broken down relationships. This is a very interesting topic and is right up my alley.
    I am not sure if this article is still trending as I see the last message was in 2016 and seems that no response was given. Can you please confirm this before I take the time to put my 2 cents worth in here. I think it will be more than 2 cents though.
    Thank you.

    • Harris

      Thanks for your post. This was a long while ago, as you are aware. Since then Golding had left this group, and it was “sold” although Brent Murphy and David Arthur remain involved. You write: “Both seem to talk as though they know the facts of this topic.” Since I was intimately involved, I do. Solal threatened to sue me, Prof Roy Jobson, a journalist and consumer for pointing out their unsubstantiated claims made for a range of products, including “anti-aging” product which to this date, is unproven.

  • 01/01 2020. The reason why there seems to be the controversial viewpoints is, that persons taking the side of orthodox medicine and those opposing it unfortunately lose sight of the fact that healers, of whatever brand (or any others in whatever field who are involved in finding solutions to problems) , need to understand that their conclusions (as to what should be the solution or an approach ) need to be based on ALL the facts available for an issue to be decided upon: eg. a judge in a court room can only deliver an error-free judgement if he has all the evidence. Whether one is an orthodox medicine practitioner or an alternative medicine practitioner does not matter. The question is whether either of these types base their practices on having all the relevant facts at their disposal. I have an orthodox medicine qualification. In the medical school where I graduated from the concept of “holism” was emphasised. This means that the doctor has ro be thorough with his medical history and medical knowledge before diagnosing or treating an illness. The blanket complaint against the medical profession
    and orthodox doctors is not justified, because many black sheep have emerged in the profession-either from not being sufficiently exposed to the concept of “holism” or because they have become “it and run” doctors- driven by their philosophy to make money without any respect for either the concept of holism or the ethics of their profession. The same applies to practitioners of alternative medicine. As long as their decisions are based on evidence obtained scientifically ( with a respect inter alia, for the scientific method, which really is an acknowledgement of the propensity for human error) then whatever designation under which their type of practice may be classed ( “alternative medicine”, herbalist etc) has to be respected and accepted. The tragedy is that most of those practicing unorthodox medicine (the alternative medicine practitioners ) have no basic training in scientific discipline . Dr Glade is a registered medical practitioner (and a physician at that) and
    therefore has or should have, an understanding of the scientific basis of medicine. The problem seems to be that he seems to have ventured into providing concepts and remedies without adopting any of the restrictions that orthodox medicine imposes upon its practitioners.
    This is taking a short-cut. His methods and treatments may well be effective ( I know personally of one well-known product offered by Solal which has been a boon for persons suffering from depression-because it is free of the side-effects of other medications approved by the medical/pharmaceutical regulatory bodies. Solal has done a great service by having offering this medication to the public. It has now found its way into orthodox medical literature- but after its investigation by scientific means. This serves as one example why there is no justification for black as opposed to white debate that takes place amongst members of the general public. In fact it is an unwritten rule of orthodox medicine that other modalities of treatment should not be criticised by orthodox doctors, as orthodox medicine does not have a monopoly over methods of healing but a word of caution: orthodox medicine is the safest form of healing (excluding that practiced by the cowboys in this field) . By the same token orthodox practitioners should have no complaints against the orthodox practitioners provided the latter do not resort to the same “cowboy” practices. SO: there should be an easy resolution of the matter between the opposing sides : If both types of practitioners adhere to scientific principles, there should be no war. It must be remembered, as a basic premise that the human mind is very limited in its functions. It is also very fallible. The scientific method is the answer devised by scientists to guard against the potential for human error. The true scientist accepts his limitations and so do orthodox doctors. That unorthox practitioners either do not recognise the integrity of this or seek to dishonestly devise “big pharma” as the culprit is what is unpalatable.
    practiioners would have no complaint against

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