COMENSA – Slimbetti – Jasmine Grindlay

Posted 04 June 2012

What do Jasmine Grindlay, Slimbetti and Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) have in common?   

Answer: Comensa  has no problem in accepting scam artist Jasmine Grindlay of infamous Hoodia Slender Gel (now evolved into Slimbetti) as a member.  

Jasmine Grindlay is the owner, creator and head honcho of Slimbetti. Readers will be aware that Slimbetti started of as Hoodia Slender Gel, and following repeated rulings by the ASA against this product’s claims, kept on changing the product name but continuing with the claims, becoming Slender Gel, then Slender Max, and finally arriving at Slimbetti. The range of unsubstantiated products increased and Ms Jasmine simply started ignoring the ASA rulings. Local website hosting companies took down her websites but she simply started hosting them overseas. And she continues to ply her trade of scam products on innocent hard working South African consumers.

I discovered that Ms Read the rest

2 comments to COMENSA – Slimbetti – Jasmine Grindlay

  • Nigel Usher

    Get a life Harris. Jeez it’s endless.

  • Harris

    @Nigel Usher
    Thanks for your posting. I am aware that you reside in Dorchester on Thames in the UK: thus it is interesting that you have an interest on postings of the Grindlays residing in South Africa – and for which you submit comments. Will you let readers know the reason for your interest in these two individuals? Are you a friend and if so, do you believe that they have a right to scam consumers?

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