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COMENSA – Slimbetti – Jasmine Grindlay

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Posted 04 June 2012

What do Jasmine Grindlay, Slimbetti and Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) have in common?   

Answer: Comensa  has no problem in accepting scam artist Jasmine Grindlay of infamous Hoodia Slender Gel (now evolved into Slimbetti) as a member.  

Jasmine Grindlay is the owner, creator and head honcho of Slimbetti. Readers will be aware that Slimbetti started of as Hoodia Slender Gel, and following repeated rulings by the ASA against this product’s claims, kept on changing the product name but continuing with the claims, becoming Slender Gel, then Slender Max, and finally arriving at Slimbetti. The range of unsubstantiated products increased and Ms Jasmine simply started ignoring the ASA rulings. Local website hosting companies took down her websites but she simply started hosting them overseas. And she continues to ply her trade of scam products on innocent hard working South African consumers.

I discovered that Ms Jasmine was now registered as a “life coach” and a member of  COMENSA (see below). I wrote to the organisation expressing my concerns that by accepting her membership, that they inadvertently give credibility to her name (“I would therefore assume that your organisation expects the highest levels of integrity of your members. Your members should be trustworthy and above reproach.”)

The COMENSA National Ethics portfolio committee thought hard and long and then responded:
it was decided that the submission is invalid as we deal only with the business of coaching and cannot find any data connecting Jasmine as a coach to the complaints submitted.

Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), is an inclusive, umbrella professional association for individual and corporate providers, buyers and trainers of coaching and mentoring services. It claims on its website: “COMENSA’s Mission is to support professional practice and a learning culture in coaching and mentoring through standards and ethics” and “Important questions have arisen worldwide about the maintenance of professional standards, the development of practical codes of ethics, social concerns, social contribution and continuing education.”

So I wondered: if the infamous Charles Taylor, (recently found guilty of war crimes), happened to be a great financial expert, should a financial association representing financial experts allow him to be a member? Would that give him more credibility? Would it diminish the reputation of the organisation? Or would it make no difference – he is entitled to wear two hats.

How does Grindlay believe she fits into  Comensa’s  code of ethics?  For example, 4.2.2 states, among other, “[T]he coach/mentor will have respect for the inherent worth of all human beings, . . . . . means that all human beings are worthy of equal moral consideration” and “4.2.6 – Integrity – The coach/mentor will: (a) Act with integrity and conduct the coaching/mentoring relationship in a truthful, honest and clear manner.” 

In other words, I ask whether Grindlay who is prepared to scam millions with a worthless product, flagrantly and without shame ignore the ASA’s rulings and the drawing of attention to their actions, act in a mentoring role with integrity, truthful, honest and clear manner?  Is there the possibility of Grindlay “coaching and mentoring” people to become scammers just like her and her husband? 

If I was a member of Comensa, would I be comfortable to have Grindlay as a member? I certainly would not.

This was my initial letter:

Dear Mr Cooke,

I am aware from the COMENSA website, that you are the National President of this organisation. COMENSA represents “coaches and mentors of South Africa”. I would therefore assume that your organisation expects the highest levels of integrity of your members. Your members should be trustworthy and above reproach.

I am therefore disheartened by the fact that one of your members continues to sell a weight-loss products to consumers, in spite of not being able to supply proof of efficacy, and in spite of numerous rulings against her and her company by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa. Indeed, she continues to market her products in spite of the ASA’s ruling knowing full well that the ASA are unable to close down their company. As a scientist, and knowing her approach to the ASA, one has to conclude that she is operating no better than a scam-artist. A complaint of fraud has been laid against her and her husband. As a member of COMENSA, she is granted greater credibility, a fact that allows her to continue with her scam products.

These links will illustrate my arguments.


I therefore request that you reconsider her membership of your organisation.



And this was the response:

Thank you for your submission. Your information was brought to the COMENSA National Ethics portfolio committee last week and it was decided that the submission is invalid as we deal only with the business of coaching and cannot find any data connecting Jasmine as a coach to the complaints submitted. 

Please feel free to contact us in the event that you find otherwise. 

Kind regards 

xxx xxx 

Chairperson for the COMENSA National Ethics Portfolio committee

Executive and Leadership Coach, and Transformational specialist

For further context, see also: http://www.camcheck.co.za/category/weight-loss/slimbetti/ 

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2 Responses to COMENSA – Slimbetti – Jasmine Grindlay

  1. Nigel Usher 4 December, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    Get a life Harris. Jeez it’s endless.

  2. Harris 4 December, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    @Nigel Usher
    Thanks for your posting. I am aware that you reside in Dorchester on Thames in the UK: thus it is interesting that you have an interest on postings of the Grindlays residing in South Africa – and for which you submit comments. Will you let readers know the reason for your interest in these two individuals? Are you a friend and if so, do you believe that they have a right to scam consumers?

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