Class-action suit filed against “memory supplement” marketers

Posted 09 February 2015

A class-action suit has been filed against Quincy Bioscience LLC, which has marketed Prevagen for several years. The company claims that the product works by re-supplying memory-related proteins that decline as people age. The complaint charged:

  • The product cannot work as advertised because its only purported active ingredient, apoaequorin (a protein), is completely destroyed by the digestive system and transformed into common amino acids no different than those derived from other common food products.
  • The amount of amino acids Prevagen adds to the user’s intake are trivial in comparison to normal dietary intake.
  • Claims that clinical tests demonstrate that Prevagen will improve memory and support healthy brain function, sharper mind, and clearer thinking are false.
  • Studies touted in Prevagen’s marketing campaign “if they exist at all, are, on their face, so seriously flawed that they demonstrate nothing regarding Prevagen.”

In 2012, the FDA warned Quincy that (a) several claims made for Prevagen were illegal, (b) clinical trials it had sponsored were illegal because they lacked FDA approval, (c) the company had failed to adequately report adverse reactions to its products, and (d) the company had failed to comply with various Good Manufacturing Practices.

3 comments to Class-action suit filed against “memory supplement” marketers

  • Trudie Snyman

    I personally think that money in the pharmaceutical industry are calling the odds here. I purchased the product in the states and used it now for 2 months not actually expecting it to work! BUT Wow, I haven’t been sloppily impressed in all my 56 years! In this period I had a 2hr operation and was for 3 weeks on very heavy pain killers and anti inflamataries, my brain function is and was awesome!!!!!# them best in 15 yrs!!#

  • Trudie Snyman

    You are deliberately stopping any comments, I tried to post a very positive comment and you guys stopped it from being posted! You are the frauds!

    • Harris

      If you believe the product works for you, good. Does not mean it really works for the majority of people.

      On a funny side, your second comment was posted 4 minutes after the first: your brain function should be awesome enough to appreciate that comments are moderated, and not automatically posted. Blogs do not have someone sitting patiently waiting for comments to be posted in order to moderate these immediately.

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