JOY! Magazine, Caxton publishers and Slimbetti adverts

Posted 07 May 2012

What is the responsibility of editors, production managers and owners of magazines with regard to accepting advertising for unsubstantiated or scam products? The majority of magazines are members of representative groups that are co-signatories to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) code and are expected to comply with the ASA code.

Slimbetti has managed to re-advertise in Caxton magazines after asserting that the ASA had accepted their claims (a blatant lie) after Caxton had initially refused further advertising following an earlier ASA ruling. Caxton publishers include magazines such as People, Vrouekeur, Rooi Rose, Essentials, Your family, etc. A letter (similar to the one at the end of this post) had them accept that they had erred and would discontinue further advertisements (except for those too late to stop).

A similar letter to the Christian magazine, JOY!  (NOT a Caxton magazine), has resulted in a similar response from Read the rest

Weight-Loss Products – Hoodia

Posted 25 March 2015

Jasmine and Chris Grindlay of Slimbetti have been promoting their Hoodia Gel scam product in South Africa and simply ignoring ASA rulings. Other countries have had similar problems although in many this scam has disappeared off the market.

I have recently come across this article titled “The Controversial Advertising case: Weight-Loss Product— Hoodia” – “Marketing advertising and public policy” published December 19, 2011.

The article makes the point:

“Hoodia was one of the weight loss products that was advertised as a natural and effective remedy by Nutraceuticals International and Stella Labs. Nutraceuticals International and Stella Labs are the suppliers of the ingredient Hoodia gordonii (hoodia), and they claim that consumers are able to lose weight and suppress appetites by using hoodia, which is found in Southern Africa. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as a significant regulatory agency in preventing unfair methods of competition and unfair Read the rest

PGC3 Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Posted 22 November 2013

These are the faces of scam artists, Jasmine Grindlay and Chris Grindlay, the owners of Slimbetti. The ASA has repeatedly ruled against the claims for their products and issued Ad Alerts, which tells magazines and newspapers to not accept their adverts: in order to protect you, the consumer. The Grindlays show no remorse – they contact magazines and convince them that the ASA has allowed them to advertise again (personal communication with Vrouekeur), and adverts are accepted until a consumer lays a complaint again, and the ASA intervene again. Read more about these individuals and their web of deceit.


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Slimbetti scam continues, no remorse

Posted 23 September 2013

chrisgrindlayjasminegrindlay2 We have previously highlighted the scam artists, Chris and Jasmine Grindlay, the owners of Slimbetti, who continue to scam consumers.

They have also ignored ASA rulings and continue to trade knowing full well that their products have no proof of working, and in fact, in some cases, proof why the products are not likely to work.

A breach complaint was laid with the ASA for their advert placed in Finesse magazine. The ASA wrote to the Grindlay’s asking for a response, and as noted in the ruling: “. . . . the respondent advised that it had received the documentation, but had no desire to respond. It asked the Directorate not to disturb it again.

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Slimbetti Active Xtreme – another scam

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA submitting that according to Slimbetti’s website, the two main ingredients are “Irvingia gabonensis” and green tea. There are limited studies for the ingredient Irvingia gabonensis on its own as quoted on the respondent’s website, but the complainant was unable to find a study where these two ingredients were combined, or combined in the same concentrations as is the case in this product.

Dr David Nye substantiated the product for SlimBetti. However the ASA Directorate was not satisfied that the weight loss claims made in the advertisement were appropriately and unequivocally verified as true and applicable to the product as a whole when consumed at the recommended dose and ruled against the claims for the product.

Readers will be aware that the same scam artists responsible for the other SlimBetti products, and previously SlenderMax, namely Jasmine and Chris GrindlayRead the rest

COMENSA – Slimbetti – Jasmine Grindlay

Posted 04 June 2012

What do Jasmine Grindlay, Slimbetti and Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) have in common?   

Answer: Comensa  has no problem in accepting scam artist Jasmine Grindlay of infamous Hoodia Slender Gel (now evolved into Slimbetti) as a member.  

Jasmine Grindlay is the owner, creator and head honcho of Slimbetti. Readers will be aware that Slimbetti started of as Hoodia Slender Gel, and following repeated rulings by the ASA against this product’s claims, kept on changing the product name but continuing with the claims, becoming Slender Gel, then Slender Max, and finally arriving at Slimbetti. The range of unsubstantiated products increased and Ms Jasmine simply started ignoring the ASA rulings. Local website hosting companies took down her websites but she simply started hosting them overseas. And she continues to ply her trade of scam products on innocent hard working South African consumers.

I discovered that Ms Read the rest

SlimBetti – same Slender Max scam artists: Discussion

Readers may find this discussion between Stephanie (a CamCheck reader) and me illuminating.

It revolves around the posting titled “SlimBetti – same Slender Max scam artists” (

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Posts related to Slimbetti / Slender Gel / SlenderMax

Here are articles and ASA rulings against the Chris and Jasmine Grindlay

 CamCheck posts related to Slimbetti / Slender Gel / SlenderMax
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Glucoslim, Naturaslim, Thermoslim, Slimbetti

Posted 04 November 2011

An ASA ruling:
A consumer lodged consumer complaints against internet advertising for Glucoslim, Naturaslim and Thermoslim complaining about the claims made on The website explains that “Slender Max has three potent products …” and states, inter alia, as follows: “How does Thermoslim work? Thermoslim is a metabolic enhancer. With natural and clinically proven ingredients. Thermoslim is a proprietary blend of natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to optimise the body’s metabolism and assist with the natural burning of fat. How does Naturaslim work? Naturaslim is a capsule based blend of Green Tea Extract and Hoodia that is designed to reduce appetite and cravings, optimise the metabolism, increase fat burning and raise the level of antioxidant Polyphenols in the body to assist in overall wellness. How does Glucoslim work? Glucoslim is a capsule based blend of Glucomannan powder derived from the Konjak root and
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Hoodia has many side effects

Posted 31 October 2011

Publis hed in Health24

A new Unilever report reveals why the consumer goods giant chose to pull the plug on the alleged fat-fighting supplement Hoodia after spending a reported R192 million developing it.

In a clinical trial, Hoodia extract had no impact on appetite or food intake, but it did have a lot of side effects, like vomiting, weird skin sensations and elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

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