Swainston’s / Simillimum take a hard knock

Posted 13 December 2013

Dr. Francesca L.N. Swainston is a homeopath based in Cape Town. She has for a number of years advertised a number of health products on her website as well in the print media (in particular, Simillimum-for weight loss). Despite numerous ASA rulings, she simply ignored the requirements to furnish proof for the claims being made, and continued to mislead consumers.

A consumer activist, Kevin Charleston, reported her conduct to the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA), the regulatory body of among other, homeopaths.

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Simillimum and Dr Francesca Swainston: still scamming consumers

Posted 10 June 2013

Dr Francesca Swainston, a homeopath, marketing the slimming product called Simillimum, continues to scam consumers. In spite of ASA rulings, adverts making unsubstantiated claims keep on popping up in a variety of media publications. Here is the results of another complaint laid with the ASA against Simillimum. Will the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) who regulate homeopaths take action against her? Will someone lay a complaint with them against her?

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ASA Simillimum breach ruling

Posted 03 June 2013

Dr Francesca Swainston is a homeopath. One would expect a doctor to have morals and ethics. Yet in this instance, unproven claims continue to flow for this product in spite of ASA rulings against the claims for the product. Can we call Dr Francesca Swainston a scam artist?

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ASA ruling – Simillimum

Posted 06 July 2011

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against an advertisement headed “Get Slim”, which states “Dr FLN Swainston’s remedy for slimmers has been on the market since 1991. It gives faster weight loss results as it repairs the cause of excess fat tissue and strengthens the function of various internal organs.” It further states, “It is more focused and concentrated than natural products found in pharmacies and health shops, for maximum effect. It is also different from other slimming products because it repairs the whole hormonal system, including oestrogen levels, and in so doing repairs the reason for many women’s weight problem. It also repairs and strengthens the function of the excretory organs …”. The advertisement also lists a website along with other contact details.

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