Be-Trim / Organo-Slim – Previous ASA rulings

Be-Trim and Organo-Slim, both products being sold by the same company, have not a shred of evidence in support of their website and advertising claims. In fact there is no evidence that the individual ingredients per se have any effect on weight-loss. Without evidence, one may conclude that the product is simply a scam. 

The ASA has previously ruled against these two products. These are listed below. A breach complaint has been laid with the ASA against both.

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ASA Ruling: Organo Slim / Betrim



Note: This product is a scam  Read this precautionary story!


“Given that the respondent not only repeats its offense of making unsubstantiated weight loss claims, but also that it appears to employ the same unfounded marketing strategy for at least two of its products, the Directorate is satisfied that an Ad Alert in terms of Clause 15.4 of the Procedural Guide is justified.”

If you see an advert for this product, is is likely contrary to the ASA ruling and we would appreciate it if you could comment at the end of this post as to where you saw the advert.

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ASA Ruling: Be-Trim

In a ruling dated 15 September 2009, the Directorate ruled that the respondent’s advertisement claiming, inter alia, “20 Kilos in 3 Weke!!” (20 Kilos in 3 Weeks) and containing several personal references of people losing weight as a result of using this product, was in breach of the Directorate ruling dated 24 May 2007. The complainant who brought the potential breach to the ASA’s attention.

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