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This category lists complaints laid with the ASA regarding health, complimentary medicine and supplements sold by Verimark, which complainants claimed could not be substantiated.

In most cases the ASA ruled in favour of the complainant, but as Verimark started finding "credible experts" willing to substantiate a product, the ruling may have gone in the favour of Verimark.

In some instances, arbitration was requested with a subsequent ruling against the product.   In some instances, the complainant did not pursue the complaint further.

We will in time explain why we feel the ruling in favour of Verimark was incorrect, using science, logic and common sense! In time, these will be fleshed out as the site develops.

Verimark AB Energizer / 10884

O2 Lean / 713

It is significant that Verimark has a weight-loss product, MyWeigh, which they claim has been substantiated by a "study", but refuses anyone to have access to. … Read the rest

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