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F*ck Off Fat pills – Update

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Posted 14 August 2012

I have previously posted something on this scam product  

I received an email from Steven Price promoting this product for weight-loss. I requested confirmation that he was not an agent or distributor for this product. He has not responded. But in his email, he pointed out that the ingredients of this product is a “proprietary blend on it the ingredients the capsules got caffeine, green tea extracts, gaurana, L-tyrosine, yohimbe bark extract, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 in it 1 capsule consists of 600mg.”

Firstly, there is no evidence  that this product is no more than a scam. Secondly, if this product does contain yohimbe bark extract, this is serious: Yohimbe bark extract is banned in South Africa for it has a high risk of adverse reactions. Avoid. Resellers and distributors can be prosecuted.

More on Yohimbe bark:

IMG-20131003-00299 IMG-20131003-00301 IMG-20131003-00303


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The Arms Deal and AIDS pseudoscience

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Unanswered questions about the relationships between BAE, Fana Hlongwane and HIVEX By Nathan Geffen

An article published at Quackdown!

"HIVEX is a company that promotes a Russian device that it claims "uses electro magnetism to target specific proteins in the HIV virus with the aim of disabling the virus and rendering it ineffective, so that cells stop dying and the immune system can regenerate." They make their claims on various websites, including a company Facebook page. They were also featured earlier this year in a TimesLive video puff piece, but that was taken down after the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) complained to the editor that the journalist who ran the story had obviously been duped."

"Besides promoting an untested AIDS treatment, HIVEX has also been implicated in the multi-billion rand arms deal scandal. Fana Hlongwane is the notorious former defence ministry advisor who has been a central figure in the … Read the rest

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