StemEnhance and StemSport – Update

Posted 18 September 2015

We have previously focussed on the claims of StemEnhance, that claims to result in the release of stem cells in your body and result in a host of beneficial results. Few studies have been conducted from this product’s inception around 2007. Eighteen years later, the studies have been insignificant with two recent publications on the products effect in diabetics. The studies were conducted in Iran and Egypt. Stem cells and their potential as a treatment is one of the most exciting areas under investigation, so readers have a right to wonder why is it that researchers and clinicians in Europe, Canada, USA are not investigating or dealing with this product – one that promises miraculous results? This alone should make you suspicious about the claims for this product.

We have also focussed attention on toxins present in the product, as well as whether the derivative product, … Read the rest

Deceptive marketing of Stem Enhance / StemEnhance

Posted 04 February 2015

FDA Advisory No. 2013-025

The Food and Drug Administration has monitored the product STEM ENHANCETM that is being promoted and sold on-line and dubiously labeled as a Dietary Supplement that Supports the Natural Release of Adult Stem Cells, manufactured by STEMTech Health Sciences. Inc. of Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. This product is not registered by the FDA (

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StemEnhance – still a scam

Posted 14 December 2013

StemEnhance came to South African consumers attention around the beginning of 2009. In fact, this product has been around 2007

We wrote:A second critical point: In medicine, and in particular in stem cell research, when a very clinically worthwhile finding is published, a flood of researchers from around the world try to reproduce that finding, or at least get involved in furthering work around that finding. Since Drapeau publication in 2007, absolute silence! Yes, NO other stem cell researchers have paid ANY attention to StemEnhance or the published paper!“, and, “In plain language, there is insufficient evidence to confirm that StemEnhance has ANY effect on the body. These are facts and not suppositions. Any claims are purely hypothetical“.

We also pointed out that the product contains high levels of arsenic and microcystins (not a guess but we analysed the product).Read the rest

StemEnhance – promotes cancer?

Posted 25 April 2012

In a previous posting on StemEnhance, I pointed out how our research found high levels of arsenic and microcystins present in the product. 

This article highlighted in New Scientist, reports that “ARSENIC is a carcinogen that packs a double punch: cells that it has made cancerous send out signals that in turn make healthy stem cells become malignant.”

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Posted 03 February 2012

StemEnhance, being sold in South Africa via MLM methods, is a product of Stemtech International.

This product is marketed mainly around the hyping up of the scientist, Christian Drapeau, their Chief Science Officer. The product claims to be “the world’s first all-natural supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow.” The claims are 1. that StemEnhance releases stem cells from bone marrow, and therefore, 2. that because stem cells have a beneficial effect on the body, that StemEnhance therefore has a beneficial effect.

This is simply sheer nonsense. Firstly, there is absolutely no sufficient proof that StemEnhance releases stem cells in any significant levels, or if it does, whether these stem cells make any significant difference in the body.

In plain language, there is insufficient evidence to confirm that StemEnhance has ANY effect on the body. These are facts and Read the rest

Stemenhance, legal in the USA?

In response to my query to the USA Federal Trade Commission and FDA regarding the legality of StemEnhance (and whether they were aware that the product had high levels of arsenic and microcystins, the following response was received:

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StemEnhance II

Posted 02 July 2010

 StemEnhance is a product made from “pond scum” (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) harvested from Lake Klamath and sold as “concentrated” powder in capsule form. This American product was released into the South African market during 2008. It claims to “release the power of your body’s adult stem cells to promote wellness” and it “‘wakes’ up your body’s stem cells and puts them to work”.


As with any other product, I would ask:

  • Is there any proof that this product has any therapeutic effect?
  • Is this product safe?

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Stem cell charlatans

Posted 25 June 2010

Researchers try to protect patients from stem cell charlatans

The International Society for Stem Cell Research has launched a patient education website “to smoke out the charlatans” who prey upon desperately ill people and their families, said Irving Weissman. 

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StemEnhance: ASA Appeal ruling

Posted 21 September 2009

Professor Carr appealed the previous ASA ruling in favour of StemEnhance. In 2009, the ASA were not as rigorous with confirming whether an individual was a credible expert. Ms Viviane Ponte substantiated this product. It is my contention that she either lied or is incompetent for there is simply not a single study conducted on humans that confirms the claims for this product.

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StemEnhance: 1st ASA ruling

Posted 07 April 2009

A consumer (Prof Carr) laid a complaint against the claims for StemEnhance.  The brochure contains, inter alia, the claim, “Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural release of adult stem cells.” Prof. Carr (and I too), claim the evidence to support these claims are inadequate.

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