CANSA promotes untested supplement

Posted 22 March 2013

In February CANSA endorsed a product called Omega Caro-E, recognising it as a CANSA Smart Choice. Quackdown! reports that Prof Roy Jobson evaluated the evidence to support the claim that this product will reduce the risk for cancer and “the evidence CANSA used was based mainly on “food” studies (not supplements). Some of these studies explicitly stated that food supplements should not used as there was insufficient evidence for them. Other studies indicated that dietary modifications would be the preferred intervention.”

Extracts from the Quackdown! article: 

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. Patients in remission can be desperate for advice to reduce the risk of their cancer returning.

But most people do not have the knowledge, time or motivation to research medical journals to decide whether or not to try this or that treatment, diet or lifestyle change. This is why people with cancer and their families and friends need to be able to trust organisations like CANSA to provide reliable advice based on sound evidence. CANSA, which is surely the most important organisation for cancer patients in the country, has a big responsibility to many people.

In February CANSA endorsed a product called Omega Caro-E, recognising it as a CANSA Smart Choice.

There are no published clinical trials showing that Omega Caro-E or any equivalent product prevents cancer.

But medical science cannot be done this way. It is irresponsible to claim that a medicine –or “food supplement” to put CANSA’s spin on it– reduces the risk of a disease just on the say-so of an expert analysis. There are too many examples of medicines with compelling arguments for using them being found useless or even unsafe in experiments.

Read the full article here.

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