Cancer patients are losing valuable time – and risking their lives – with alternative therapies, doctors say

Posted 13 November 2015

This article written by Tom Blackwell and published in the National Post on November 11, 2015, may result in those against alternative medicines supporting it without question, and those supporting alternative medicines being highly critical and dismissive of it.

It is important to try to read an article like this with an open mind – and then formulate your opinion. Are the claims true, exaggerated, or devoid of truth? We are posting it simply to highlight a topical issue.

“Research from Alberta, never before publicly reported, suggests that at least one in every 100 breast-cancer patients rejects standard care and doubles her likelihood of death as a result”.

“There is no systematic, national tracking of the phenomenon, but apply those findings to everyone newly diagnosed with cancer, and they suggest almost 2,000 Canadians are exposing themselves to similar risk every year”.

Read the article at the National Post

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