Boost Oxygen – Pseudoscience at its best

Posted 05 September 2018

Boost Oxygen is a new product launched which claims, among other:

Many BOOST Oxygen users experience increased concentration, as a result of improved Oxygen supply to the brain, and finds that breathing BOOST Oxygen helps them to relax and reduce their stress levels.  Using supplemental, portable Oxygen also supports and boosts the immune system.

More Oxygen, means more energy!  Stress – a common contributor to fatigue decreases the ability to absorb Oxygen into the blood, resulting in diminished oxygen to the tissues.  Breathing BOOST Oxygen will oxygenate tissues, restoring what has been depleted through exhaustion.

Oxygen deficiency symptoms include fatigue, stress, loss of energy, jet lag, and lack of focus and can be caused by physical activity, stress, poor air quality, travel, toxins and many other factors.

NO! NO! NO! This is unproven nonsense!

See below for more of the nonsense!

Here is the truth:

  1. The body tightly regulates oxygen in the bloodstream, and absorption through the lungs. If your blood oxygen levels drops only very, very slightly, your breathing rate / depth or breathing, changes to adapt. Always. Only if you have certain chronic diseases, e.g., chronic lung disease, is there a possibility you will not get enough oxygen to your tissues.
  2. The average adult at rest inhales and exhales something like 7 or 8 litres of air per minute. The air that is inhaled is about 21 percent oxygen, and the air that is exhaled is about 15-percent oxygen, so about 5-percent of the volume of air is consumed in each breath and converted to carbon dioxide. Therefore, a human being uses about 550 liters of pure oxygen per day.  
  3. An ordinary breath for a 70-kg adult is about 500 ml of air and since oxygen is 21% by volume of air, then the volume of oxygen inhaled is about 105 ml. If the tin contains 500ml of 95% oxygen, this is equivalent to 2.3 litres at 20% oxygen. And the average adult at rest inhales and exhales something like 7 or 8 litres of air per minute. And, oxygen is rapidly used. So imagine how little extra oxygen these canister tins of oxygen can supply, even if 95% pure!  
  4. Ask yourself this: if this really worked, would you not expect to see sportsmen and women using this type of product everywhere in the world? Before and during events? Anytime, anywhere? After all, it is not banned.


More bizarre laughable claims:

90% of the body’s energy comes from oxygen. Only 10% from food and water. Boost Oxygen does not provide a superficial jolt to the central nervous system like energy drinks. It gives you a healthy energy boost to help return your body and mind to equilibrium. Boost Oxygen is 95% purified oxygen (5% ambient air) whereas the purity of oxygen in the air is only 21%.

No, oxygen has no energy!

Studies have shown that the right amount of oxygen can significantly impact mental acuity, muscle strength, blood flow, organ vitality, stress abatement and overall well-being.

No, unless you are really ill and oxygen uptake through the lungs or carried by the blood is highly compromised, in which case you should be getting constant oxygen via an oxygen tank!

Increased oxygen intake has been reported by health professionals as the natural health and well-being aid that promotes energy, better mental acuity, increased capacity for exercise (and quicker recovery), as well as boosting the immune system.

A total lie.

Increased oxygen intake can help you get the most out of your exercise routine before, during and after activity.

No, unless your health is compromised, extra oxygen given to a normal individual through Boost Oxygen has no effect.

As a result, bodies emit more carbon dioxide during the game or event than the oxygen they take in. This lack of oxygen can, and does, cause muscle fatigue, cramping and poor performance. Boost Oxygen helps with faster recovery time, minimization of cramping and increased capacity for staying on top (both physically and mentally) to achieve the best in physical performance.

Absolute rubbish. Carbon dioxide is created from carbon and oxygen. To be exact, one carbon atom and two oxygen. How is it possible to create carbon dioxide without oxygen?

Hangover remedy: When it comes to a remedy, there are many products and urban legends which are said to alleviate the dreaded hangover, but those with access to supplemental oxygen, whether it be a nurse, welder, or RAF pilot during WWII, have experienced its benefits when used during or after a night of drinking.

As medical students, we looked for a hangover cures. It simply does not exist.

Supplemental oxygen can infuse tissues, restoring what has been depleted through exhaustion. It also combats stress – a common contributor to fatigue (stress can cause a decrease in the ability to absorb oxygen into the blood, resulting in diminished oxygen to the tissues, which culminates in muscle fatigue).
When we eat a poor diet with foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol, our bodies have to use more oxygen to digest, assimilate, decompose and eventually expel them. A common outward symptom is the food coma, the feeling of mid-afternoon lethargy. The brain is deprived of its normal ration of oxygen, and fatigue sets in. We yawn to get more oxygen to the brain.

This is moving from pseudoscience to pure nonsense. Need more oxygen to digest, assimilate, decompose and expel, and then the brain is deprived of its normal ration of oxygen, and fatigue sets in? What utter rubbish. The body simply “reroutes” blood supply towards the gastrointestinal tract, and taking extra oxygen, in particular the negligible amount from Boost Oxygen, will have no real effect on the body. 

And of course, the company builds in an escape clause, i.e., if you do not experience the benefit – titled Myths and Misconceptions, the flyer states:

  • That supplemental oxygen will give you an immediate spur of energy
  • That you will always feel an immediate effect when using supplemental oxygen

In other words, if you do not feel it, it is still working! Don’t challenge us that the product did not help. it takes time!

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