Book blasts multilevel marketing industry

Posted 10 February 2021

Robert L. Fitzpatrick, who operates Pyramid Scheme Alert, has penned the strongest attack on multilevel marketing (MLM) ever published in book form. His book, Ponzinomics: The Untold Story of Multi-Level Marketing, explains in vivid detail why the vast majority of people who become MLM “distributors” will lose money. Even worse, those who become too enthusiastic may act as though they belong to a cult. The book also spotlights how and why the Federal Trade Commission has failed to protect the public against deceptive MLM claims.

Ponzinomics: The Untold Story of Multi-Level Marketing Paperback – November 30, 2020

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick, author of False Profits, is the first comprehensive account of how “multi-level marketing” was created in America, escaped criminal and civil prosecution and spread all over the world. It is the first book to deeply investigate the multi-level marketing phenomenon and to fully explain how the legitimate business of “direct selling” was turned into deceptive pyramid recruiting. Ponzinomics dissects the elements that distinguish “multi-level marketing” from legitimate sales, and reveals how a “business” could become a delusional belief and a pyramid scheme a pseudo-business model. Ponzinomics reveals how multi-level marketing helped to lay a foundation on Main Street for the presidency of Donald Trump with a program of pervasive deception, financial self-destruction, authoritarian leader-worship and economic make-believe. Ponzinomics is a discomforting look at the threads of American culture, business and politics that were woven into what has become the largest scam on Main Street.

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