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Posted 30 March 2012

The website, Body Detox, sells a number of unsubstantiated products – many with absolute false claims. For example, the site states:

  • “Most people are severely Magnesium deficient and are blissfully unaware of the health complications associated with Magnesium deficiency”,  
  • “Most illnesses and disease including constant tiredness, headaches, bloatedness, allergies, sinusitis, eczema and poor concentration could all be due to toxins and parasites in the body”
  •  “Roll your sinusitis away” 

Frankly most of the claims on the site are not possible, complies lies or simply figment of the seller’s imagination. They are based at 20 Lynburn Road, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, cellphone 0861 263 933. Would you trust products coming from this address?

Read more at the Quackdown! website.

2 comments to Body Detox


    I used Body Detox Inflama Spray and Miracle Magnesium for a while and developed kidney stones (I have never had kidney stones before) a pain I dont wish anyone on. I phoned Marcelle on air at Radio Pretoria and told her what happened to me. She claimed that it is impossible to develop kidney stones from taking too much magnesium. Can any Dr verify this. I stopped using the product and never had kidney stones again.

  • Harris

    In this case, Marcelle is correct. Kidney stones are often associated with too low a magnesium in the body and taking magnesium benefits people with kidney stones. However, not ALL kidney stones benefit from magnesium supplementation. And most importantly, there is not a single study showing that magnesium oil is equivalent to Slow-Mag and that it is beneficial. But if equivalent, then at least this is one condition that magnesium oil may then claim to be beneficial for. Unfortunately Marcelle claims the product is beneficial for a range of conditions which are not supported by evidence.

    But your story brings up exactly the problem with Marcelle’s argument about testimonials supporting her product being acceptable. They are not. The same way she cannot accept yours because it does not fit her belief, she cannot accept positive testimonials either for then this is called confirmation bias!

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