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Body Detox Oxygen Drops

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Posted 15 October 2013

Oxygen Drops H2O2 foodgrade 100mlMarcelle du Plessis, of Body Detox (and famous for her Miracle Magnesium scam), is advertising this product with the following nonsense: “Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites thrive in an oxygen depleted body. By adding oxygen to your diet, your health will improve dramatically.”

“Candida and cancer cells thrive in a body depleted from oxygen. Due to pollution and stress we become oxygen depleted. This oxygen can be taken internally to replenish depleted oxygen levels. Oxygen will help to kill harmful bacterial, and viral infections. Oxygen is very effective against Candida and Cancer.”

Dangerous scam!

“Use: Start with 2 drops in the morning and evening in water. Can be taken with your Rafaa in the morning. Increase your drops daily by 1 drop at a time. Can be taken more frequently during the day, e.g. every hour or every 2 hours. For severe infections take every ½ hour. Small quantities taken frequently will be more effective than large quantities taken twice a day.”

I am informed by a source that the ingredient in this product is Hydrogen Peroxide. It does not matter what the ingredient is: this is a scam. This product makes absolutely no physiological sense – oxygen is obtained ONLY though the lungs and short of fiddling with one’s haemoglobin, the ability of this product to “add oxygen to your diet” by taking this is fruit-loopery! Furthermore, there are some bacteria that grow very well in oxygen and others that need decreased oxygen to grow. This oxygen can be taken internally to replenish depleted oxygen levels” is simply bizarre and not supported by any physiological principles.

And worse, by claiming that for severe infections that increasing the dose, means that there is a high risk that consumers who believe this nonsense, will defer or delay seeing a health professional who can implement the correct treatment. This product and Du Plessis’s advice could kill someone! Plus, it is illegal for her to be dispensing medical advice for infections.

  • What infections grow without oxygen? The are called anaerobes (and are in the majority). Read about them here.
  • What infections grow WITH oxygen? They are called aerobes (and are in the minority but still can be lethal). Read about them here.
  • Facultative anaerobes – these are bacteria that are capable of growing in the absence of oxygen. Their energy comes from fermentation. But if oxygen is present they can derive their energy by aerobic respiration. – See more
  • Aerobic bacteria
    * Staphylococcus species
    * Streptcoccus species
    * Enterobacteriacae species
    * Myobacterium tuberculosis
    * Bacillus, Nocardia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Anaerobic bacteria
    * Clostridium tetani which causes tetanus
    * Clostridium botulinum which causes food poisoning
    * Escherichia coli
    * Klebsiella
    * Actinomyces

And hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous (possibly not in the amount used in this product). Here is a very good article on the American Cancer Society’s website which gives more information on “oxygen therapy“.

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2 Responses to Body Detox Oxygen Drops

  1. Nellie 23 September, 2017 at 12:35 pm #

    Sorry for you who try to “down” Miracle Magnesium and Hydrogen Peroxide!! IT WORKS!! AND incase you don’t know or are just ignorent google ” Uses and benefits” of magnesium AND 35%FOODGRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! Suppose u one of those medicals who just want to make money from poor ignorent people who don’t know better. If you google these things you will SEE it cures many health problems but die Medical Profession won’t tell you about it because they and the Pharmaceuticals might loose millions!!! And YES magnesium is better absorb through the skin. And the magnesium oil is better than the pills. More pure and not crystallised like tablets.. its in its natural state. Don’t misled the poor public for the sake of “filling your own pockets” with millionsSo by the way. I use the Magnesium Inflama Gel. It is excellent for tired legs, back and artritis pains and AQUAMAG is excellent too!

    • Harris 27 September, 2017 at 9:31 pm #

      No, the medical professionals will not lose millions because of people using Miracle Magnesium. But consumers will lose money buying these products that give false hope based on false claims. If it works for you, good. But to sell a product to anyone claiming that it will cure x, and it does not, is fraud. And also, results in people not looking for better and more effective options.

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