Bioresonance nonsense

Posted 17 November 2014

At the website, Bioresonance Quit Smoking Therapy (, the claim is made that “Bioresonance Quit Smoking Therapy is one of the most advanced bioresonance technologies to help people give up smoking. Usually 3 or 4 sessions with BICOM 2000 is sufficient to make you stop smoking”. Further on the claims are made that “Modern German bioresonance technology has success rate over 90%. The stop smoking therapy helps you quit smoking without the desire for nicotine and without gaining weight”.

The owner appears to be  Jenny Lubasinski, 21 Nightingale Road, Atlasville, Gauteng, 1645

Our skeptic radar was triggered. How is it that such a remarkable success rate has not resulted in this product being more widely available and used?

Luckily for us, Dr Dave Gorski’s ‘insolence’ blog has done us a service by eloquently explaining why this is sheer nonsense, or as he describes it, ‘woo’. He also takes a stab at Live Blood Analysis, previously deconstructed on CamCheck.

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