Biomix Slimming Solution

Biomix Slimming Solution Plus and Slimming Solution Caps posters are seen everywhere – could make one believe that the product must work!

Claims ". . . both scientifically and clinically engineered weight loss supplements"

But what are the facts?


  1. This product claims to result in weight loss, but we are unaware of any studies that show that this product is effective.
  2. This product uses ingredients common to other weight loss products – ingredients have not been shown to be effective in weight loss.
  3. The ingredients are used in much lower levels than other unsuccessful products
  4. The ingredients in this product have been used in various combinations in other failed weight-loss products: why would they suddenly be working effectively in this product?
  5. When consumers health, money and safety is concerned, we can only argue for proof for the product, for without proof, we have to argue that it is no more than a scam.

Possibly you don't accept my point of view? Read what the Australian Consumer Commission's Scam Watch has to say about these types of products.

The product Slimming Solution Plus makes the following claims:

The all Natural Liquid Fat Burner
7 in 1 Functions

  • Metabolic accelerator
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Energy supplement
  • Mild laxative
  • Mild diuretic
  • Multivitamin
  • Anti-oxidant

"Making Slimming Easier"

"Bioperine Enhanced absorption technology"

Each 5 ml Contains:

Hoodia gordonii (extract concentrate)50 mg 
Bioperine2 mg 
Citrus Arantium200 mg 
Guarana62.5 mg 
Chromium Picolinate500 mcg 
Fructus senna10 mg 
Iodine200 mcg133%
Green Tea Extract50 mg 
L-Phenylalanine100 mg 
Vitamin A333 RE33%
Folic Acid0.67 mcg33%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)0.47 mg33%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.36 mg33%
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)6 mg33%
Vitamin B5 (Pantothonic Acid)2 mg33%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)0.67 mg33%
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.33 mcg33%
Vitamin C20 mg33%
Vitamin D31.67 mcg33%
Vitamin E3.33 mg33%

Take 5-15ml (1-3 medicinal Measures) +/- 15 min. Before breakfast and lunch. Do not take after 14:00. For best results follow a well balanced diet.

"Important with all nutritional programs, consult your physician if you suffer from any medical condition. Example (High blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes). Not to be used by pregnant or lactating woman." (sic)

"Disclaimer: This product is not medicine and is not intended for the treatment of disease, illness or physical limitations."

Application MCC.

Update: A consumer complaint was laid with the ASA against the claims of this product, arguing that there is no proof that this product can have any weight-loss effect, and that no hoodia was found in this product in two samples tested two years apart. The ASA ruled against Biomix. In other words, no proof = probable scam. Read the ruling.

59 comments to Biomix Slimming Solution

  • johann

    The product does work and there are allot of scientific research that has been done on all of the ingredients to prove this.  Which weight loss product do you represent or have interests in? It is interesting that your site specifically tries hard to discredit us. We have been around for 7 years and will be around for 30 + more because our products work. We are not a scam company and that is why we have been so successful and will remain to be. I wonder who the real scammers   are us or people like you that use sites like this to discredit competition that you can not compete with due to superior ingredients, suppliers and price!!

  • Harris
    Hi Johan,
    I do not support any product on the market – I don't believe that any work adequately – including big pharma products. Some may have slight benefits, the most have none. And most have NO proof that they have any benefit at all. Like yours.
    I challenge you to supply ONE reasonable study that shows either:
    1. That the mix of ingredients in your product works, i.e., your product does work using the principles of evidence based medicine, OR,
    2. That the individual ingredients in your product in the DOSE you use, works.
    You are probably aware of the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database ("Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies") which is highly regarded by researchers. Can you effectively argue why we should believe your claims that "are allot of scientific research that has been done on all of the ingredients to prove this".
    Here is an open challenge to you – give me ONE study that shows that Hoodia used in your product in the dose you use has benefited a single individual – bet you cannot! 
    How about Citrus arantium? What dose do you use? Very little!
    So NMCD states among other, that "preliminary clinical research suggests that a different specific combination product (Charge, Labrada) containing bitter orange 150 mg, providing 9 mg synephrine, plus caffeine and several other ingredients taken twice daily does not significantly reduce weight" Bet your dose is not even near 150 mg. Be brave, list your ingredients and the dose you use, and list ONE good study that shows that the dose you use is effective. Oh, don't forget, I can analyse your product and confirm whether you are telling the truth!
    So thanks for the challenge, I will now give readers a deconstruction so that they can make up their own minds!
  • miriam

    Do i need to exercise if i use your product?

  • Harris

    There is no evidence that this product works at all, therefore may be nothing more than just a scam. And like every other weight-loss regime, exercise is required. There is no such thing as a free lunch.


    Jammer maak ek as n sport man het die produk getoets en dit het vir my gewerk en dit is baie veilig om te gebruik aangesien dit n natuurlike produk is , dit neem wel langer on\m jou goal te bereik maar ek het daar uitgekom , saam met n baie goeie oefen program …….. baie dankie

    • Jessica

      ek stem saam. dis die enigste produk ooit wat al vir my gewerk het. Sodra iets werk dan haal hulle dit van die mark af en maak asof daar iets four is daarmee. Goed wat nie werk nie word ten duurste aan die verbrokkel afgesmeer maar dit wat werk verdwyn van die rake af.

  • Harris

    Thank you for your submission. 

    1. I assume you are aware that this product contains chemicals that are NOT "natural"?

    2. We tested the product for hoodia (a recent sample and one from two years ago) and found that it contained nothing. Is this fair?  

    3. The owner of a health store up the road told me that none of her clients who used this product, except one, lost weight. 

    3. What should I say to the many emails we get (but have not posted) saying that the product has had no effect on those users? What should I tell them? So should we say the product works if one out of 1,000 people tells us it works. Oops, there is no study to show whether it works in 1%, 5% 20% or more! You are the guinea pig.

  • Anton

    Harris It seems to me that you place a lot of emphasis on evidence based medicine/claims.
    I find it difficult to believe that a scientist such as yourself will make claims referring to anecdotal feedback from e-mails and store owners when this is the very thing you despise.
    My advise to you is to run a thorough clinical trial and to come back with worthwhile information.
    P.S. I've never used the product and can not comment on it's efficacy

  • Harris


    Thanks for an interesting point of view. No, I do NOT place a lot of emphasis on evidence based medicine (EBM) per se, but emphasise "good evidence" – which at the moment is mostly supplied by EBM. I would like to see proof of efficacy and safety.

    If a product has no evidence of efficacy, one can assume that it has no efficacy until proven otherwise. It is not for me (or consumers) to prove that a product does not work before making this type of statement. 

    Saying that, I am in a dilemma on a blog like this – do I only take comments that support my points of view or both those that do and those that don't? By accepting comments that disagree with my point of view allows me to draw attention to the points raised and to illustrate the points I am trying to draw attention to.

  • Anton

    Likewise one can then assume that it is effective until proven otherwise?

  • Harris

    Anton, you are a pharmacist – you should know full well that what you propose is absolute nonsense. A product's claims, like this product above, are no different than those of an AIDS "cure", new antibiotics, diabetic drugs, etc. – ALL products are deemed ineffective until proven otherwise.

    And all products need to prove that they are safe and contain what they claim to contain. I have had two sets of this product analysed (two years apart) and it does not even contain some of the ingredients it claims to. For example, there is no hoodia present. Zero. 

  • Anton

    Harris you mentioned:  "So should we say the product works if one out of 1,000 people tells us it works." are you able to provide proof that 999/1000 people said it does not work?
    In addition I believe I am correct in saying that there are a variety of tests that can be run to assess the active ingredients of a product. My concern is that you make claims without communicating the protocol of these tests: how are we to know that these tests are valid?

    • Harris

      Anton, I am surprised that you are defending Biomix for you therefore indirectly defend all companies who make a product and without testing, claim that the product works. I am aware that you are a pharmacist and have a company called FavoHealth (, and therefore I expect you to know that bioavailability, placebo response, dosages, half life, and a range of other factors are critically relevant. Biomix fails on all of these (for there is no evidence that these tests were done – the product is simply a formulation put together in a lab and sold to consumers.) Biomix has NOT conducted a single peer-reviewed study to confirm that this product has any effect.

      The tests conducted were run by SANAS accredited labs of the CSIR and universities. I have previously compared results from these labs with those of groups overseas and they concur. The methods used are AOAC accredited methods. Furthermore, research using the same tests from these institutions (but for other products) have been published in peer-reviewed literature.

      Importantly, before making allegations on this site, I have to know that they are defensible. Hence I ensure that the results and statements are valid; therefore, I have these checked by a relevant expert, often a professor of pharmacy or pharmacology.

      Finally, I am very concerned that a pharmacist is prepared to argue that products should be allowed to be sold to consumers and only prohibited if someone proves that they do not work. This is a fail grade for Pharmacy 101. “Part of the reason science is more reliable than magic is precisely that it can be wrong and shown to be wrong.” Quote: Peter Brooks

  • Nathan Geffen

    It is astonishing that a pharmacist or any qualified health worker asks a question like this: "Likewise one can then assume that it is effective until proven otherwise?"

  • Anton

    Thank you for the interesting discussion.
    In conclusion I would like to say the following. I agree with Harris that it is important that all products sold on the market should at least have the active ingredients as stated and should conform to all the relevant regulations (including efficacy and safety). Thank you for providing more detail on the testing – I believe it is now up to the Biomix manufacturers to prove otherwise.
    You did not comment on your 1/1000 claim and we as readers of your blog then have to assume that you do not have proof of this. I believe in your goal of informing consumers of potential scams, but I also believe in fair just and accurate comment and will appreciate such in the future.
    P.S. Nathan you will find that I asked a question and did not make a statement.
    In the interest of providing consumers with effective and safe healthcare products and fair, just and trustworthy comment.

  • Harris

    @Anton: Regarding the "1/100 claim" – I was also asking a question and not making a claim.

  • Anil Gupta

    I would hate to go to the pharmacy where Anton is the pharmacist. I mean, dude.. with a statement like "one can then assume that it is effective until proven otherwise?", you actually have a dangerous mindset.
    But getting back on topic… there are products in the products which help with fat loss – though hardly to the extent claimed by the advertising. There was a time when I got suckered in by their claims, but in the end it was a fastidious diet and training regimen that helped me keep the pounds off.

  • Nicky

    I think that the product works great. Physically I feel much better, I have more energy and my eating habits have changed dramatically due to the product that takes my constant hunger away. I have lost weight without following a strict diet or exercising. I will keep on using it and wouldn’t think twice to recommend it to people.  

  • Harris

    @Nicky. An interesting anecdotal story. I do not argue that this is what you experienced – but it may be due to a placebo response. I supervise a masters student who reports on a patient who made similar claims for a similar product – but did not know that she had been given a "blank" capsule. In this case, a very strong placebo response. 

  • Nicky

    Can be, but I have tried so many other products and got no positive results.  All diet products get negative and positive feedback, I guess it differs from person to person what works for them, and this definitely works for me. I have seen quite a few people that have used this product and have had great results. I purchased slimming solution at a health shop and I strongly doubt that they will sell products that have no results.  
    If my weight loss was due to a placebo response, then I should have had weight loss with other products to, i would think. 

  • Harris

    @Nicky: I have spoken to various places selling this product. Some believe it works, others claim they sell it because they offer the product but people claim it does not work (their words). In fact, I have had more negative feedback than positive. You are one of the lucky ones. I should point out to readers that ALL weight-loss products tested, always have a placebo response. The product has to be more effective than a placebo response before making claims for the product. Even drugs for eczema, asthma, and many other diseases have placebo responses. But it is UNFAIR to use placebo responses to claim that a product will work for others – that is why a study is required. In other words, placebo responses that occur in say ten percent of a study group should not be used to convince the whole group that the product works.

  • heidi

    gosh this really seems to have become a pissing contest…………..
    why don't you get in to the ring together and knock each others blocks off or arrange a meeting and with all the wonderful knowledge, degrees and expertise you have come up with a wonder drug that can solve everyones problem??
    i would like to know if someone knows of a product that can reduce hunger?
    heidi x

    • Jessica

      Harris seems passionate to proof that this product is not working. I wonder what gratification is in shooting off this product for him.

      • Harris

        If one examines whether the ingredients have been shown to work, examines the dosage used, and finds no evidence except personal belief, than one can make an informed decision. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, walks like a duck, then it is very likely a duck.

  • Harris

    Heidi, thanks for the comment. This is called debate, and in the process one can read the arguments why individuals support one point or another. This helps readers to become more aware of the various issues and stances and to make informed decisions for themselves.

  • Meagan

    it does work, but unfortunately I fell pregnant a month after using slimming solution.

  • sabeeha

    hi i am using these pills for about two years now. it does give me energy but no weight loss. is this pills safe if you are pregnant and didnt know

  • Harris

    There is no absolute proof that this product is safe to use and in particular during pregnancy, my advice is to avoid during this critical time.

    • Jessica

      It’s my constitutional right to use something that’s not safe for me if it’s my choice.

      • Harris

        Business ethics makes it clear that it is unethical to fool people into purchasing a product with false or unproven claims, in particular when these claims can be objectively proven. In other words, if the company advertised that they have no proof that the product works (true), that their claims are based purely on their belief (true), that the ingredients used and in the dose has never been shown to be effective (true), and that they explained in a way that you know exactly what you are purchasing, then your choice to buy the product after properly understanding this, is acceptable and will be based on an ethical transaction – you know exactly what you are purchasing.

        • Jessica

          I am also one of the lucky ones. it worked for me. You are unfair towards the people who want to use the product. I wonder if you have a personal vendetta against the company who produces it.

          • Harris


            If it only works for you, should we be allowed to advertise to everyone that it does? If research finds that it works for 5 out of 100 people, should we allow them to advertise that it really works?

            If there is no proof that it works, except anecdotal stories, how do we really know it works and is not just a placebo response?

  • zunaid mahomed

    hi there, i must point out that , amidst all this debate or mudslinging if u must, as a fellow pharmacist , i agree strongly with the fact that slimming preparations , while they do actually suppress appetite and boost metabolism to a degree, the rest of the desired degree of weight loss, shape , tone, fat loss etc. comes from an effective exercise program together with a controlled, balanced diet…there is absolutely no substitute for that! a pill that would drastically reduce weight without exercise and sensible eating would be a miracle pill indeed.the pill in question, however, has a role to play in providing an impetus to achieving your weight and physique

  • Mieke

    I used this product for my Downs syndrome child in swimming contests to enhance the metabolism and the times achieved were great. Without the product her times were not as good

  • Harris


    Thanks for your posting. I note that this product has not been tested for safety in young children and contains ingredients that can be toxic even to adults. You may be taking a great risk at the expense of your child.

  • Carey

    Hi, just throwing in my 2cents worth…

    This worked WONDERFULLY for me. I hear the argument that it could have been a placebo effect, and thats fine with me as no other ‘diet pills’ that I have tried have left me feeling as great as the Biomix products. So then Biomix is my ‘placebo’ of choice.
    Further, I agree there are no quick fixes. In fact the times when I use Biomix and dont do moderate excersise or eat when I’m not hungry (social occassions etc.) I haven’t lost weight, but I dont gain either. Other times when I use Biomax and I’m motivated to loose weight, I am able to resist over-eating (definately suppresses my appetite) and the enery I get helps me get off the couch and do the moderate excersise. In both situations, I feel fantastically enegised and am able to focus on work tasks without the midday slump I experience when not taking Biomix. It lifts my mood as well.
    So summing up – while I started taking this to loose weight (which I did – as yes I teamed the soloution with exercise and healthy eating); I continue to take it for the ‘side-effects’ I get: feelling energised and less cranky.

    Oh and I ran it past my GP to check that none of the ingrediants were of concern or would jeopardise my other supplements (I have iron issues) – He didnt have a problem with me taking this at all.

    Unfortunately I havent seen my miracle placebo (tongue-in-cheek) on the shelves lately…. I have run dry, and the usual vitamin tablets just dont give me the same energy… anyone know where I can find it in Cape Town?

  • Harris

    I have posted Carey’s comment. I remind readers that I cannot vouch for the genuineness of her comment – it may be true, a placebo response or even a comment posted by someone selling the product for financial gain. Therefore readers are required to read all positive and negative comments with an equal measure of open-mindedness.

  • anne

    Just starting off Harris is this a publisity stunt sooo much effort to
    damage this product . I eat to comfort myself thus product is alrite no miracle worker but not worth the decrimation that you pass.Who died and made you the expert.

  • Harris

    No publicity stunt. I tested the product and it contained no hoodia – but claims it does: that is fraud. If you wish to purchase the product you are welcome to do so. I am simply pointing out a fact – what you do with it is your right.

  • nosie

    @ Harris

    I have just purchased the product and Herbex FAT ATTACK, i am going to try them both, as i joined the gym and eating the Special K for breakfast and lunch and two servings of fruit. I bought these products because i get hungry and by the time i knock off the gym i go home and have a HUGE plate. I have gained weight after my baby and i feel fat and my tummy is flappy as i had a C-Section.

    Please advice me, as i have bought these products with NO SIDE EFFECTS LISTED.

  • Harris

    As we do not trust either product or its contents, I am unable to guide you. Certainly there is no proof that they work, and no proof that they are safe.

    I appreciate your situation and therefore recommend that you speak to a qualified dietitian who will be able to structure your eating plan to suite you and benefit you.

  • Carla

    I have used the Slimming Solution Liq about 2 years ago and it worked for me, I lost some weight and felt good. I had a baby now and have some kilo’s to lose again. I just bought my Slimming Solution again today and going to give it a try again. I am not motivated when it comes to exercise and cant stick to a diet and the previous time the product seemed to work for me, with or without Hoodia I was happy with the product – just my side of my story 🙂

  • johanna

    I’m in Montanapark Pretoria, but no chemist sell it here. Where can i find it?

  • Natasha

    Hi guys. Could someone please tell me where I can find Slimming Solution Plus? Please, thanks!

  • Bernie

    okay, so where do you buy it?

  • Harris

    As we regard this product as a scam, we feel it will be wrong to promote it or to indicate where it can be obtained.

  • Barend

    I have used this product for a while. It is a all round good supplement and gives me allot of energy, I feel good and with a healthy diet it really assists me in losing weight. I don’t feel hungry all the time. For me it works. If you complain then you are just not losing weight because you eat to much and don’t exercise. It is not a scam as i feel it working for me

  • Hennie

    `brilliant product- great energy

  • Narina

    This product DID worked for me!!!! Wish I can find it again.

  • sibo

    i have used it. it really made wonders, i even recommended it to my friends and family.
    what is it really wrong with it then. i have noticed that its off the shelves. keep us informed ………


    accidentally i got to this website, just after i placed my order for the capsules, i gave birth a year ago and i tried several things that didnt work but i bought myself a bottle of the product it worked wonders in three weeks i lost centimeters like you wont believe it i jsut placed my second order but capsules this time, but i would recommend this product to anybody who want to loose weight especially babyfat.. I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU HARRIS.

    • Harris

      As we have previously stated, at the time of writing this post we analysed the product. Key ingredients were absent. Also, consider this: how is it possible that this company has found a solution that works when Big Pharma with millions have not? If this product was so amazing, do you not think that it would be taking the market by storm? But if it worked for you, great!

  • Jessica

    Big pharma do other really want things that work. they want money. Good old home remedies work best untill the illuminati controlled big pharmacy finds out and stop them.

    • Harris

      There is no really very effective weight-loss product, in spite of Big Pharma having millions of dollars available to find one, i.e., they have struggled to develop an effective one. Hence Big Pharma is not in competition with these products, and you have to wonder how it is that Big Pharma cannot develop an effective one, yet these little guys claim to have. Either they are geniuses, or they are scam artists.

  • Di Longmore

    Nothing beats exercise! Get your heart rate up for 20 minutes a day, every morning, and feel the cumulative mental and physical benefits. Everything else will fall into place.Gym, I’m on my way right now!

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