Biogen Testoforte found to contain ‘roids’

Posted 07 July 2017

This article in Times Live, reports that Biogen Testoforte was found by the SA Doping Control Laboratory to contain steroids, and reported in a South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport SAIDS release.

It is incredible the ‘spin’ that Dischem/Biogen are putting on the findings.

For example: ““It is not unusual for products containing complex botanical materials – especially those designed to support healthy testosterone – to give rise to a trace finding of steroidal precursors in laboratory tests‚” Epstein said.

NO, no, no! This is NOT what the lab has demonstrated.

“The product remains on sale in Dis-Chem stores‚ but an extra warning had been added “as a precautionary measure” to products containing Tribulus Terrestris‚ Epstein said.”

This is not acceptable. This is akin to saying because your breakfast cereal has been found to have cocaine in addition, instead of removing the product, Read the rest

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