Biogen Peptan Collagen – Does it work?

Posted 28 November 2017

Biogen (a Dischem brand) has been advertising Biogen Peptan Collagen extensively on Cape Talk, among other. This product is essentially hydrolyzed collagen. 

Does taking collagen have any benefits?

Here is a good review published in Time magazine online, which gives the low down on this ‘supplement’.

“There are many preliminary trials showing potential benefits for everything from osteoarthritis to skin improvement,” Moyad says. Research has also linked collagen supplements to improved skin elasticity and skin moisture. But Moyad emphasizes that all of this research is preliminary. “The studies are weak in general,” he says—meaning small in scope, short in duration or not yet replicated by follow-up experiments.

Another recent review of the claims is dissected in an article in Business Insider: It’s supposed to help your skin, improve joint health, and assist with gastrointestinal distress.

“Verdict? The cheapest way to get the supposed benefits of collagen might be investing in a healthy diet.”

And from Vogue magazine:
Effects on Skin Grossman and Goldbach both say it’s hard to determine how much of the collagen you eat (or take via supplement) gets absorbed and then repurposed for various organs. Grossman says, “More studies need to be done to help to figure out how these products may or may not be affecting our bodies.” 

This recent research study (January 2017) makes the explicit point examining collagen hydrolysates of fish (Peptan® F 5000, Peptan® F 2000) and porcine (Mobiforte®) origin, that “no CH modulated collagen biosynthesis in human knee cartilage explants” and “Further, due to the high variability in peptide composition between CH preparations, no effect can be extrapolated from a CH to another mixture“. 
Schadow S, Simons VS, Lochnit G, Kordelle J, Gazova Z, Siebert HC, Steinmeyer J. Metabolic Response of Human Osteoarthritic Cartilage to Biochemically Characterized Collagen Hydrolysates. Int J Mol Sci. 2017 Jan 20;18(1). pii: E207. doi: 10.3390/ijms18010207.

8 comments to Biogen Peptan Collagen – Does it work?

  • Roy

    “Hydrolysed collagen” is _gelatine_. The only sources are animal sources. Some of them are from porcine sources – but biogen does not indicate, in their advertising, from which animal source their product comes. It will not be appropriate for certain religious groups.

  • Roy

    “Hydrolysed collagen” is a form of _gelatine_. It is extracted from animal by-products from the meat industry, including skin, bones, and connective tissue. Some of them are from porcine sources – but biogen does not indicate, in their advertising, from which animal source their product comes. It may not be appropriate for certain religious groups.

  • Charmaine

    I enquired to exactly which form of Hydrolysed Collagen was used in this product (bovine or porcine) and was passed from pillar to post regarding this with the head office. Finally i liaised with a lovely young lady, who after much effort from her side advised that apparently the hydrolysed collagen used in this product is fish! The product labels lack information – not only for religious reasons, but also for those allergic to fish! Rather deceptive of BIOGEN

  • YallSoFullOfIt

    You’re all so full of it , you know.
    Biogen products are good I’m willing to try this one.

  • Joeye Smith

    Biogen Peptan Collagen uses bovine collagen from the cow. It does not use marine collagen from fish.

  • Janis moffatt

    I purchased Biogen collagen pep tan type 1 for my dodgy joints etc but the info is lacking here. I have been told I should use type 2.
    Any advise.

  • Melinda Loubser

    I started using this at night. The 1st morning I woke up with a headache. Second morning another headache, worse than the previous day. The third morning it was a MIGRAINE!! I was not sure whether it was the Collagen or not, but I passed it onto my daughter. The second night she used it, she had to be rushed to ER at 4 in the morning with an excruciating MIGRAINE! I don’t know what is in this collagen, but there sure is a lot f nasties in there.!

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