Biofield Viewer: “Dr” Thornton Streeter – fraud!

Posted 02 December 2013

thorntonStreeter “Dr” Thornton Streeter is in South Africa giving workshops on the Biofield Viewer. I heard him promoting this product on SAFM on Saturday morning 30 November 2013. Streeter sounds very convincing and if one did not know that he was mixing pseudoscience and actual science to support the claims for the Biofield Viewer, it could convince individuals to believe this nonsense.ThorntonStreeterOlder

The Biofield Viewer claims to “. .  allow[s] the holistic practitioner to view the human aura (scientifically known as the biofield), the Chakras and energetic issues live. It is a state of the art software system based on the principle that photons of light interact with energy fields“. This is fruitloopery, or shall we say, baloney! In fact, the existence of such fields has not yet been scientifically proven.

However, here we focus on whether “Dr” Thornton Streeter simply a fraud? We think so. 


However, I felt that one has to check before mouthing off. So I did a search and found the Biofield website, the following is stated:

Dr. Thornton Streeter, D.Sc. is a special Advisor to the ICNM, the UK’s leading authority on Complementary Medicine. Dr. Streeter is faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of human biofield Research. Since 2004 he has been registered as a student thesis guide and scientist researcher with AISBBS, an NGO with Special Consultative Status with the United Nations department of Economic and Social Affairs. He is now the official representative of the UN NGO; consequently his training programs are recognized in 190 countries. Dr. Streeter is Director of The Centre for Biofield Sciences, UK and India. (,”.

About Dr. Streeter:
Faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of Human biofield Research. Since 2004 I have been appointed as a student thesis guide.
Doctor of Science, Mumbai, India.
2004 Special Advisor to Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine ICNM London.
2006 Program Committee for All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Indian Institute of Technology ‘s National Seminar on Scientific validation and Technical evaluation of Ancient Medical Systems.
2007 Advisory Board, Uniting Technologies USA.
2007 Advisory Board BodyTalk International USA
2008 Visiting Lecturer Medical School, St George’s University, Grenada.
Since 2002 I have been a Visiting Lecturer at Westminster University, Department of Integrated Medicine, London UK
2008 he serves on the Board of Directors of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine (NAAcEM)
2008 Wisdom Council EvolveCare
Since 2002 he has delivered keynote lectures on Biofield Science,

Sounds VERY impressive, but does this add up? Considering that the product, the Biofield Viewer, makes no physiological or scientific sense, would Streeter be so highly respected?

Examining the claims that Streeter makes, many not add up.

He claims he “Presented Papers at Exeter Universities Department of Complementary Studies international conferences Chaired by Edzard Ernst and had both Abstracts published in the peer reviewed Journal: Focus on Alternative and Complementary Medicine, (FACT). His first paper was delivered and published at the 11th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care, University of Exeter, UK, and November 2004“.

Prof Edzard Ernst is a world famous Professor of Complementary Medicine, no wonder individuals would like to be associated with his name. So I wrote to Prof Ernst asking him how true the above paragraph is. Prof Ernst responded, and gave me permission to copy his response here, which was:

He is clearly not a LEADING AUTHORITY! I cannot remember seeing him at our conference of which he even got the name wrong. I fear he is a fake.

Above Streeter also claims to have abstracts of his abstracts published “in the peer reviewed Journal: Focus on Alternative and Complementary Medicine, (FACT)”. A search of this journal’s website does not return any indication of articles/abstracts published by Streeter. And Prof Edzard Ernst is the editor, he would have checked!

“Dr” Streeter also claims to be Faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of Human biofield Research. However, according to NDTV, this “College” is fake, i.e., a “10-feet room that serves as the administration office”.

One small class, no professors, a small, 10-feet room that serves as the administration office; this is not what 200 graduate students had signed up for when they applied to the Zoroastrian College at Fort. But, when the academic year began, the students found out that the college was only a front office that allegedly offered bogus degrees from foreign universities. Feeling cheated, the students protested outside its office in Fort on Friday, demanding an inquiry.

Considering that “Dr” Thornton Streeter claims to have obtained his “Doctor of Science” degree in Mumbai, India, can we suspect that it may be from the same Zoroastrian College, i.e., he has awarded himself his “degree”?

Streeter claims: “Since 2004 he has been registered as a student thesis guide and scientist researcher with AISBBS“. I cannot find any evidence that AISBBS exists! Don’t believe me? Search for yourself!

Streeter claims: “Since 2002 I have been a Visiting Lecturer at Westminster University, Department of Integrated Medicine, London UK.” I wrote to the head of this Department, Prof David Peters. He responded that “. . .  ran the energy concepts & environmental stress modules (a couple of sessions) this would have been around 2002-4/5. He has not taught here for at least 8 years” and another colleague commented: “Never heard of him . .  also we were School of Integrated Health so wrong on many fronts”.

Streeter claims: “2004 Special Advisor to Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine ICNM London.” I wrote to the ICNM who responded with “[H]e was a member of the ICNM/BRCP until June 2005 and we have had no communication with him since 2007. We no longer list him as an Advisor as he is not on our database.”

I am awaiting a response to a number of other fact checks, but so far things are not looking good for Streeter! Most significantly, why has Streeter not indicated the institution that he received his “Doctor of Science, Mumbai, India” degree from! A critical mistake. Certainly there is no “science” in the claims for the Biofield Viewer. (Carol Wood/Jean Degenaar) have associated themselves with Streeter and the Biofield Viewer. [Link updated 27 April 2015] On this webpage you will find tucked away at the bottom, the following “disclaimer”:

Note: Biofield Viewer has not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and does not diagnose disease. It is for research purposes only.

In South Africa, this device has also not been evaluated by any regulatory authority.

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  • janis

    i have worked in energy medicine and tcm for 22 years and am dedicated to those that come into my life. thank you for pointing out yet another fraud thinking only of self gain…i do however believe that in one way or another what goes around… and what an important website.

  • Thornton Streeter

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to defend myself from your claims.
    Firstly the AISBBS is the All India Shah Behram Baugh Society and the Zoroastrian College has a substantial facility at Sanjan, Gujarat, you are most welcome to visit.
    You see to have been very selective with your checking!
    Would be happy to send you the paper that you said Edzard Ernst did not publish, and the copy of the Journal it is in.
    You are right about the dates of my role as Special Advisor to the ICNM, thank you for alerting me to the presence of an old CV online.
    happy to answer any other questions you might have and show you the Biofield viewer in action on my return to South Africa. Then you can make an informed decision about it efficacy.

    Yours Thornton Streeter,
    Centre for Biofield Sciences.

    • Harris

      No, not selective with checking.
      Prof Edzard Ernst- high credibility
      Biofield Viewer – little evidence that is it more than a scam, no matter your protestations and attempted “persuasive” claims.

      • tim kelly

        Harris, there is little or no evidence you have a brain, but I can be sure when I say I have no need to set up a web page to discredit you… just because you seem completely unaware of the subtle nature of human energy fields, regardless of ancient knowledge of the subject, does not make you any kind of authority to make this judgment. You are highly suspect yourself as to why you feel the need to do this without actually investigating it in person… it seems you have to justify yourself by knocking down others… which just invites the same behaviour toward you… hence this reply where I accuse you of being a moron without a cause… 🙂

        • Harris

          There is more real hard evidence that I have a brain than there is for “the subtle nature of human energy fields”. Calling on “ancient knowledge of the subject” is just that, ancient reasoning. If you have any real hard evidence, please supply. The “I say so” is called “belief”, not evidence.

  • Ann Rigby

    I was one of the people who was at the talk by Thornton Streeter when he was in Cape Town. I was particularly impressed when something that I was taught by my spiritual teacher 45 years ago, was confirmed for me on that night. Dr Streeter could not possibly have known what I was taught, unless he had discovered it by using the viewer.

    What I was taught, was that if a person has a transplant, if the energy field of the donor is stronger than the recipient, the the recipient can become “possessed” by the donor. This can lead to a change in personality.

    Dr Streeter told us a story of just such a happening, and by using different filters on the viewer, was able to take a picture of the recipient, clearly showing a different “face”.

    Almost everyone these days should know that you can see disease in the aura 5 to 7 years before it manifests in the body. One of the main reasons for disease is that our auras lose their magnetic charge and this can be rectified by magnetic treatment. This is taught in the universities in India and I have had the priviledge of gaining alittle of this knowledge from Dr. Iqbal Badat who studied it there and at one stage had a practice in Cape Town.

  • Pearl

    Is this the same Thornton Streeter who, along with his friends, was the subject of a TV documentary in the UK more than 20 years ago? The show followed a group of over-privileged young people from wealthy backgrounds. The Thornton Streeter in that programme admitted he’d been involved in dodgy dealing ‘selling commodities’. He then cleaned up his act and became a Christian. May or may not be the same person.

    • Harris

      No idea! Did a search on Google but did not find anything relevant to your input. Very interesting and would be great to get more info.

  • Old Lag

    I know Thornton Streeter from University days. I was at the University of Kent and knew him very well then. He failed to graduate and in fact was thrown out at the end of his first year. Somebody above asks if this is the same person who was the subject of a documentary. The answer is yes it is the same person.
    I’d be very surprised if ‘Dr Streeter’ really is a ‘doctor’. At best, Thornton is nothing more than a rich boy who believes his own Walter Mitty lies. But at his worst he is a confidence trickster who is no doubt exploiting naive and vulnerable people. My advice is to take him with a pinch of salt.

  • Lady Dee

    Harris you are full of SHIT.
    The Bio viewer really works. You must be working for one of the governments that is trying to discredit alternative medicine to further their health care programs.
    Thornton Streeter…..if it wasn’t for his Bio Viewer I would not have had the information to seek an Orthopedic surgeon who replaced my left hip. What good have you ever done anyone. How dare you publicly discredit him……Who’s paying you to do this?????

    • Harris

      @Lady Dee
      I do not work for any government and am not trying to discredit alternative medicine. I am not paid to do this. I am a skeptic that looks for evidence for therapeutic modalities that make outrageous claims, and if find that the claims are bullshit, highlight this. The Bioviewer makes claims contrary to physics, physiology and normal well-known and researched modalities.

      If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. (Duck test is a humorous term for a form of inductive reasoning)

  • Bob Swanson

    I met this Streeter fellow when he came to a church Sunday school meeting with his girlfriend (fiance?) several years ago. They were promoting these little magnets (called “Electromagnetic harmonisers”) that you could put on the back of your cell phone to protect your brain from electromagnetic radiation. At the time, I was a closeted atheist (that’s why I was at this Sunday school meeting in the first place), but not a closeted skeptic. In fact, I’m a physics teacher at a community college with a bachelor’s degree in physics and a masters in meteorology so I was anxious to speak to Streeter afterward. Must admit to being a bit intimidated by his British accent, “Dr.” moniker and apparent background in research science. However, debunking pseudoscience is in my wheelhouse (at the time, I had just lectured my physical science students about the fraudulent fad of the time, PowerBalance Bands). I mentioned PowerBalance to Streeter and he agreed with me that they were crap. When I pressed him to explain/demonstrate how his magnets were any different from PowerBalance bands, he just said that they were and exited the conversation as quickly as he could.

    I’d love to know if anyone can validate or debunk any of Streeter’s scientific credentials. IMHO, he’s a snake-oil salesman. Sad that he can make a living doing what he does — don’t know how he can sleep at night.

  • Harry Palmer

    This is a link to an article June 1990 referring to the previously mentioned TV programme your profiled Thornton Streeter possibly participated in; from recollection there are similarities in his appearance as I viewed it at the time. For what it is worth:

  • After a year and a half to do basic research to back up your claims against me i am stunned that you did not actually look it up yourself

    i hope this puts the case to rest that you do not research your slanderous claims
    thank you to all those who have defended me. I do not and have never sold magnets so wrong there.

    In fact against a wall of resistance from so called ‘scientists’ the Centre for Biofield Sciences continues to investigate the unknown with an open and unbiased resolve, which after all is what real science is about

    • Harris


      It does appear that Professor Edzard Ernst and I are wrong, a TWJA Streeter did publish an article in “Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies” in 2010. This does not discount what Professor Edzard Ernst, who is an expert on alternative and complementary medicines, had to say about other aspects to your claims. I also find it unfathomable that you commented in April 23, 2014 but made no mention of what you are stating here. I am unable to access the article, but readers should be aware that you are not supplying an independent opinion on your product or claims, but one that you have penned. It is interesting that your article, published in 2010, has not been cited by anyone.

      Carl Sagan said: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”
      You have no evidence to show that your claims are valid, except your personal viewpoint published in this journal and a few others with questionable credibility. Your claims are extraordinary but your evidence is anecdotal and mostly personal belief.

      It would be useful if you supply a list of world renowned experts who support your claims (not little known co-researchers).
      It would be useful if you supply the full article so that readers can make up their own mind.

    • Bob Swanson

      Streeter writes, “I do not and have never sold magnets so wrong there.”
      Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”

      Streeter is correct about the magnets — he did not sell them, he gave them away at the class I attended. I still have the packaging — the magnet is called an “electromagnetic harmonizer” made by Solar Wind Light Technologies. I would link to the company website, but surprise, surprise, it’s a dead link. However, you can purchase one for a cool $39 here —

      As I read these threads (especially Streeter’s responses), it becomes clear that he is delusional. He wants to believe in the efficacy of his treatments. Even more, he wants to envision himself a maverick, with his efforts constantly stymied by the scientific establishment. Unfortunately, that’s not how science works. If his equipment or treatments were truly effective, they would be universally adopted and I’d be the first to congratulate him. Until that can be demonstrated, I can only shake my head at the amount of money patients spend (and perhaps forgo real treatment) and the amount of intellectual capital Streeter spends that could be more productively utilized.

  • I am sorry a copy of the BBC documentary is not available on line but perhaps you could at least arrange for a recording of the SA radio interview so they can make up their own minds about this subject.
    I do have a link to a film that i was Executive Producer on and it won several awards. Directed by Nigel Gordon, Dave Gimour from Pink Floyd provided the soundtrack and Stephen Hawking, Benoit Mandlebrot and Arthur C Clarke all presented or took part.

    I an active online and have been greatly saddened that your unsubstantiated, unresearched and libelous lies have been so prominent in searches about our work. However i have been humbled, inspired and enlivened by those who ignore vicious people like you and decide to make up their minds for themselves

    with love

    Thornton Streeter

    • Harris

      The BBC documentary is on fractals, a well known, well researched and well documented fact. By trying to associate the science of fractals in claiming that your product therefore works is termed ‘pseudoscience’, or as the New Scientist would put it, ‘fruitloopery‘. (The use of scientific language inappropriately and without comprehension in order to increase believability of a concept.)

      Readers need to appreciate that for your claims to be accepted as valid, is for credible researchers to publish and independent, reproducible, blinded study confirming that the Biofield Viewer “. . allow[s] the holistic practitioner to view the human aura (scientifically known as the biofield), the Chakras and energetic issues live”.

      I bet you cannot.

      Alternatively, if Professor Edzard Ernst, a world authority on alternative medicine endorses the claims for the Biofield Viewer, I will defer to his expertise. Bet you cannot get him to.

      Indeed, when you visit South Africa again, why do you and I not setup this kind of study in full view of the media – with guidance from Professor Edzard Ernst and James Randi (a famous debunker of scams)?

      It is of course unfair for you to claim “vicious people like you” for me simply calling your nonsense exactly what it is, nonsense. But I can appreciate it that no scamster enjoys being exposed.

  • to address the ‘other aspects of your claims’

    i gave a poster presentation at both the 9th Annual Symposium and the 11th along with my my colleagues at our UK based research centre, the Centre for Human Energy Field Research.

    Please confirm these FACTS with conference convener Barbara Wider (correspondence example included below) who i guess unlike Edzard Ernst is a genuine complementary medicine research and so should be able to look that up before denouncing my attendance.

    Edzard Ernst was removed from his post at Exeter, after years of wildly refuting proven complementary therapies and now makes a living calling these same safe and sustainable health modalities ‘pseudo science’. Sadly people like you and he actually block the progress of the very independent research you declare you want to see.

    Ironic you suggest that Edzard evaluates our technology -i did approach him when he was Professor at Exeter, on an official appointment with him and staff, but he wanted 15000 pounds for a very small study, that was when i decided i would invest my own money in a lab in India, so far we have been open at the UNESCO World Peace Centre MIT for 17 years and if you view you will view a selection of the papers that we have published or presented.

    For example you challenged my status of advisor to ICM and latterly ICNM so what do you make of this letter then
    Email inviting me to be Advisor to ICNM

    Zenele Woods

    Dear Dr Streeter

    I have attached some documents as discussed this morning.

    We look forward to having you back as an Advisor.

    Kind regards

    Zanele Woods
    Membership Manager
    Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine

    Can Mezzanine
    32-36 Loman Street
    SE1 0EH
    Ph: 0207 922 7980
    Fx: 0207 922 7981
    Registered Charity Number 1123644

    From: Barbara Wider
    To: CHEFR
    Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 5:41 PM
    Subject: Re: 11th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care, 17th – 19th November 2004

    Dan, I am sorry but the abstracts went to print at the end of August.
    I have booked you into the CAM principles workshop as requested (please note that this will start at 2pm and finish at 5.30pm not 2.30 to 4.30 as advertised in the program).
    Best regards,

    At 17:29 19/10/2004,
    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the info. There have been a few adaptations to our project in light of the research conducted. will it be possible to include a new abstract in the Dec issue of FACT or is it already sent to print?? Just in case, I am attaching the latest version. Please note inclusion of additional author Dr Thornton Streeter.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Barbara Wider
    To: CHEFR
    Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 9:50 AM
    Subject: Re: 11th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care, 17th – 19th November 2004
    Barbara Wider
    Research Fellow, Complementary Medicine
    Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth
    25 Victoria Park Road, Exeter EX2 4NT, UK
    Tel +44 (0)1392 424872, Fax +44 (0) 1392 427562

    11th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care
    17th-19th November 2004
    Southgate Hotel, Exeter, UK

    • Harris

      The more rubbish you post, thinking it supports your claims, the more you show the bullshit that you represent. For example, you make much of your membership of the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM). This is a group that advocates nonsense and discredited modalities such cupping, ear candling, medical dousing, among other, mixed in with other forms of traditional forms of medicine.

      The fact is very simple: no matter how many talks you have given, abstracts were published, they do not unequivocally prove that the Biofield Viewer “. . allow[s] the holistic practitioner to view the human aura (scientifically known as the biofield), the Chakras and energetic issues live”. I have attended the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress and found posters for scam products – turns out the abstracts and posters are not vetted for content!

      I have read your “research” (Energy Field Imaging with Polycontrast Interference Photography), and your mention of for example Kirlian Photography which although a real phenomena, is used in a fruitloopery fashion to support your arguments, when in fact these glowing auras are seen around non-living objects as well as living objects and is often simply ignored by those who want to believe in the supernatural explanation. You certainly have constructed an elaborate argument and approach to support your fruitloopery, but that remains exactly what it is.

      Readers should appreciate that ANY technology that proves to br real and have real benefits, is rapidly taken up by all communities throughout the world, whether this be a fridge, radiology, cellular phones or even even the simple stethoscopes. More than a decade, or is it two, the Biofield Viewer is still allocated to the fringes of even Alternative Medicine, and the claims for the product, have not been independently reproduced by well known credible institutions.

  • As per your attack on the Zoroastrian College, it seems you have picked up on a sponsored press release picked up by NDTV and created by conservative members of the Parsi community who were upset by a visiting Russian Priest.
    In fact we have a wonderful campus and here is a list of my colleagues around the globe
    All India Shah Behram Baug Society (for Scientific & Educational Research) Governing Body Members, i can’t quite see us fitting into the 10 ft room you picked up on with your shallow research.

    President Meher K. Master (Dr Meher Master – Moos) 0091 – (0) – 9323272671
    Vice-President Ganesha Bejan Daruwalla (World famous Astrologer) (0) – 9638770377

    [Thornton Streeter then posts a long list of the members which I have removed for the list is long and serves no purpose except to point out that there are many]

    • Harris

      Posting a long list of members to justify your claims for the Biofield Viewer (or your credibility). I have seen this tactic used elsewhere. For example, posting a long list of members of the University of California, Berkeley, does not give credibility to the claims of Professor Peter Duesberg, a professor of molecular and cell biology at this University for his notorious claimns that AIDS/HIV in Africa is misdiagnosed and the epidemic a “myth”, and his assertion that HIV is harmless.

      I am somewhat stunned that the Zoroastrian College’s Vice President is a “World famous Astrologer” – as if that gives the Zoroastrian College credibility!

  • As per your recent ‘fruitloopery” comment, the pioneering documentary i made with Nigel Gordon, Greg Sams, Bill Rood, and hosted by Authur C Clarke was made long before ‘it was well researched’ by mathematicians, in fact it is non linear, fractal programming that is at the very heart of Biofield Viewer, so my post is most relevant here.

    Relevant because we made the film based on ‘The Colours of Infinity’, a lecture to all the world’s astronauts and cosmonauts by Arthur C Clarke, the scientist who invented the satellite! Along with Benoit Mandlebrot, Stephen Hawking and Michael Barnsley, they document what might happen when we step out of clockwork linear thinking and embrace the non linear reality. In the film it is suggested that understanding the geometry of nature that fractal mathematics gives us, will change the world including healthcare.

    As per your interest in who supports our research effort

    A good example is India’s foremost Institute IIT Madras, where i recently gave an lecture at an international conference on campus and as CBS supply imaging devices to their Human Energy Lab, via a Government of India order.

    or perhaps contact

    Brian D. Dailey M.D., FACEP, FACFE, who as a front line emergency medicine surgeon working in New York State actually knows the benefit of integrating the best of both traditional and holistic medicine and is an avid researcher with the Biofield Viewer because he understands if you want to understand holistic medicine you need to study it!

    In short Harris, you continue to slander me when i provide evidence that your claims are both bogus and unsubstantiated,

    • Harris

      You use fruitloopery to argue against my claim that you are using fruitloopery!
      I am no different to Brian D. Dailey M.D., FACEP, FACFE in that I appreciate that if you want to understand holistic medicine that you need to study it – but that is NOT the same as accepting it tenets or those aspects that are nonsense from those that are not.

      For readers of these posts, Thornton tries to give credibility to his claims by including the names of individuals who may support or concur with his claims, when the vast body of other scientists do not acknowledge it. We see the same being done with climate change, people who claim tobacco is not harmful, etc., etc. For example, CAM manufactures point out that Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel prizes, advocated high dose Vitamin C would prevent colds. Yet in spite of many, many studies, this has not been shown to be true!

      Turns out that Brian D Dailey is a member of the Monroe Institute. Although he graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry, “he is a third degree Reiki Master with extensive experience in energetic and vibrational medicine, including the use of CranialSacral therapy, crystals, and color.” I would argue this give great support to your ‘belief’ but nothing towards ‘evidence’ or ‘scientific’ plausibility.

      What is MISSING from your debate is that you have supplied NO HARD EVIDENCE that the Biofield Viewer works. Simple, straight forward, uncomplicated. You have NOT provided evidence, as you claim, that “my claims are bogus and unsubstantiated” – you have merely supplied arguments supporting ‘belief’.

      I reiterate, when you visit South Africa again, why do you and I not setup this kind of study in full view of the media – with guidance from Professor Edzard Ernst and James Randi‎ (a famous debunker of scams)?

  • FTI

    Dr. Harry Oldfield developed the biofield viewer originally called PIP. Look it up. He is in UK. Streeter trained with him and then took off with an obsolete version of the Oldfield technology.
    Streeter is not a doctor and didn’t develop this technology he pushes. That doesn’t mean the technology isn’t valid. It just means it’s being misrepresented. The fraud is not the technology.

    • Harris

      Dr. Harry Oldfield is a a homeopath: “Harry has been researching his theories about life and its meaning. This research has led him to many incredible discoveries, including that of a ‘crystal-dwelling energy entity’ – perhaps another form of life here with us on Earth.”

      “He has gone on to image what might be described as ‘spirit presences’ in morgues while conducting experiments under the direction of a professor of pathology.”

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. (Carl Sagan)

      1. Criticism of Dr Harry Oldfield’s ‘Aura Photography’
      2. The Bosnian pyramids – “One of the promoters of this nonsense is hardcore crackpot ‘Dr’ Harry Oldfield

  • John Allen

    I knew Streeter for about 6 years up until early 2002. I visited his Centre in India. Knowing that he didn’t have a degree (he had told me that he was a University drop out) I was astonished to find that someone without a degree to his name was suddenly calling himself ‘Dr’; saying that he had got his PhD from the Zoroastrian College in Mumbai. I was invited to this college and found it to be a medium-sized house in a back street of Mumbai.
    A colleague I was with, (a genuine BSc graduate from UK), was offered a ‘weekend’ PhD by ‘Dame Dr Professor Meher Master Moos’, the Founder of the Zoroastrian college. She said it wouldn’t cost much. My colleague was taken aback and politely declined saying that he would rather work for his PhD in the usual way. This episode made me wonder if Streeter had paid for his quick ‘PhD’ by this method?

    Streeter risks bringing a potentially useful research tool (scientific biofield imaging) into disrepute with bogus qualifications. Not only that, but he is also misleading a lot of people as to his knowledge and experience. I have been present when Streeter has spoken to people with real PhDs. It was embarrassing – he was very soon out of his depth and it was patently obvious he has no real academic background.

    All that aside, biofield imaging of the light around people is scientifically interesting and warrants further investigation to see what applications it may have. (Note it should not be confused with ‘fairground Aura photography’ machines where the subject puts their hand on a metal plate and a picture is generated – this machine was critiqued in the link in last post).

    High quality research, with properly qualified researchers, is obviously the best way forward to see whether there are useful applications for scientific biofield imaging. After all, the microscope was simply an interesting curiosity until someone applied it to looking at cheese and saw micro-organisms for the first time.

  • Kate Kidd

    The microscope has never in its history been ‘an interesting curiosity’. It was developed specifically for the close inspection of small items, and originally was simply a magnifyer, using either a drop of water as the lens, or a tiny glass bead. Its uses were quickly expanded, and its developement was both rapid and scientifically based. Optically the zenith of the microscope was in the late 19th century and many modern optical microscopes are actually inferior to the best Victorian examples. Optical “tools” such as microscopes and telescopes have an extreemly important part in the development of serious modern sciences, although they are actually very simple devices, basically ground glass elements held in correct positions by a stable framework. What one sees with these instruments does actually exist and can be demonstrated to exist – they are not ‘believed’ or ‘may’ exist.
    Sadly today, few people have the critical expertise or thinking process to question how things work or why they work, allowing the purveyors of mumbo jumbo to have a clear field to influence those who rely on belief rather than their educated critical facilities.

  • Mark Gardener

    You really are an arrogant tool Harris. I don’t even know this Steeter character but the so called fruitloopery tag you lean on as your insult to the mans research only makes you look more stupid than you already are. You kept arguing and arguing trying to discredit this man but you yourself are only quoting the need for HARD evidence … SHUT UP SHUT UP. I spent half a million dollars travelling the world filming men and women waving their arms around over patients curing everything from AID’s and Cancer … with no HARD evidence that they were doing anything ‘scientific’ SHUT UP MAN!!! Peer approval in science is the problem with science … The science that ‘isn’t’ science might be something more complex than your shriveled brain could comprehend … so again, pleas SHUT UP.

    • Harris

      Comments like this should consider one to be introspective – if from a reputable source. Unfortunately in this instance, Mark supports the very discredited HealthRanger/Natural News, among other. Mark denies this, but the evidence is clear. [1][2]

  • Emma Coutts

    Whoever you are Harris – shame you have so much time on your hands to simply judge and ridicule . Why not go and learn something to do with your time. Life is short and precious and you have used much energy in a very negative way – your cells must be exhausted listening to your rants. Maybe one day. If you shut up for long enough you might learn that there is much beyond your feeble perception of what you perceive as reality.

    • Harris

      It is my philosophy, that if I see someone about to step in dog doo, that I should warn them. I believe that to make a better world, that if I notice someone else’s inability to see a predicament, or a scam, that I should alert them to it. And I hope that they, and others, will do the same for me and others. I get great energy, in a positive way, from doing this. I give and contribute greatly, and take little. And I am fully aware of there is much beyond my ‘feeble perception of what I perceive as reality’, but some things are simply nonsense, fruitloopery, or scams. “Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out”

  • kiros

    Some things don’t get to be resolved just with thoughts or ideas of positive and negative narratives. We have done things to each other many times over and once in awhile some of those things we have done finds us through a situation or through a mirroring of each other. Underneath all of our interactions and what we persist about, is the real hidden causes of such actions/reactions regardless of who is right or wrong. After all no one is really innocent….

  • Mark kate

    Thank you for all the good work you did mr harris to tracking down the lies and deceptions in ” dr” streeters claims. He was our neighbor in goa india and ” diagnosed ” a good friend of ours telling him that he was fine. He was not he had livertrouble and his liver was failing him about a year later and he died .
    We never believed in streeters claims and were trying to persuade our friend to have a cbc and liverfunctiontest which indeed could have much prolonged his life but he believed in streeter and had no treatment at all.
    I just encountered streeter on a FB group the hippie tribe were he was advertising teaching courses in panjim goa, when i confronted him with the story he denied ever having diagnosed Dave, insulted me, told me to forget about the ducks and notice the elephant in the room the real malpractice 300 million asian girls who had been killed by sonography ! I dont think he is sane
    There was a steady pilgrimage up to his house in goa and i dont know can only imagine how many of these people died forsaking real treatment ! That is why it is so important that people like you try to prevent this ! Thanks again

  • James Gingles

    Leonardo da Vinci thought he could fly, jumped of a bridge with his flying machine, and ended up in the river. People laughed and scoffed. A pretty morphic move and well ahead of its time. I am glad Leonardo and others did not give up on such silly ideas.

    Although there has never bee a time in my life time when one had the need to be wary and in control of there impulses in the like matters being discussed, I have always thought it is a good idea to be real careful who you criticize, and who you destroy.

    • Harris

      You are absolutely correct, one should be careful who one criticizes. But for every Leonardo da Vinci, there are hundreds of deluded and/or fraudulent scamsters. Leonardo did not try to sell his idea at anyone else’s expense. And to not warn fellow human beings on the off chance you may be wrong is careless. Best one investigate proper, be guided the burden of proof, and make an informed decision.

      A universal “vulnerability principle” — the duty to protect the vulnerable — which is to be the guiding force of society’s quest for justice and righteousness. Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein -the chief rabbi of South Africa

    • Harris

      James Gingles posted two responses, but unfortunately these came directly through to CamCheck and not as a comment here.

      The first
      Diamond dust enables low-cost, high-efficiency magnetic field detection
      Date: September 10, 2018
      Source: University of California – Berkeley
      Summary: Engineers have created a device that dramatically reduces the energy needed to power magnetic field detectors, which could revolutionize how we measure the magnetic fields that flow through our electronics, our planet, and even our bodies. The researchers found a new way to excite tiny diamonds with microwaves using 1,000 times less power, making it feasible to create magnetic-sensing devices that can fit into electronics like cell phones.
      Full article:

      The second:
      We burned a lot of witches, some who knew of what we now call penicillin in bread mold. We lost the information for 2000 plus years, along with millions and millions of lives. Burning people at the stake, often for self-righteous reasons, is probably not the answer. Radical measures seem to slow progress, although society may be subjected to dealing with the fringes.

      • Harris

        Thanks for your further posts.
        The scientific article you posted is interesting but has no relevance to Thornton’s claim that his “software system [is] based on the principle that photons of light interact with energy fields” and therefore is able to read a person’s chakras or energy fields and therefore diagnose diseases.

        These are questions that one has to ask:
        Is there a single peer-reviewed reproducible study that has shown that one can measure a person’s “energy field” and that the results are consistently accurate?
        Is there a single peer-reviewed reproducible study that demonstrates that this measured energy field is related to a specific disease or condition, or associated with a specific organ or simply the “energy field” of the whole body?

        The answer to both questions is no.
        And consider this – if the claims for this device was true, the device would be used by every health practitioner throughout the world. And device makers would have copied or further developed and sold a similar product. Neither has happened.

        No conspiracy here.

        Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence. Thornton has not supplied any.

    • Harris

      James has submitted further comments
      (again, somehow bypassing this method and so being copied here for readers benefit)

      He writes:
      Thanks for the conversation! Keep up the good work.

      He submits this research article:
      Researchers are developing a novel biomedical imaging system that combines optical and ultrasound technology to improve diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. Photoacoustic tomography is a noninvasive technique that converts absorbed optical energy into acoustic signal. Pulsed light is sent into body tissue, creating a small increase in temperature that causes tissue to expand and create an acoustic response that can be detected by ultrasound transducer. The ultrasound data is used to visualize the tissue.
      “Photoacoustic tomography can be used to detect or monitor a myriad of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.”

      High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a breakthrough therapeutic technique used to treat tumors. The principle of this noninvasive, targeted treatment is much like that of focusing sunlight through a lens, using an ultrasonic transducer like a convex lens to concentrate ultrasound into a small focal region. Researchers have now designed a transducer for potential application in HIFU that can generate a steady, standing-wave field with a subwavelength-scale focal region and extremely high ultrasound intensity.

      My comment:
      Both these article refer to very interesting research and methods for diagnosis or treatment. Neither are nearly similar to the Biofield product. Because there is evidence that airoplanes can become airborne does not mean magic carpets can.

      I remind readers of a point I made above: “Biofield Viewer has not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and does not diagnose disease.”

      These studies also raise the point: Why has “Dr” Streeter not published his work (evidence)? If credible evidence is obtained confirming the claims for this specific product, I will gladly post this.

      • Harris

        James has continued to contribute to this debate by posting the following:

        Physicists find new ‘control knob’ for the quantum topological world – Physics World

        The take home message of this research is that “the research could be evidence of a new quantum phase of matter”.

        In my opinion this research does not justify, explain or contribute to justifying Thornton’s claims or the Biofield viewer.

        James adds:
        “You are absolutely correct, one should be careful who one criticizes”
        I think one should be careful HOW! one criticizes, and from my point of view, no one is ever absolutely correct. But you have made some very good point. Keep up the good work. We are much in need of fact checking and the semblance of “truths?”, truly.

        My comment: Good scientists never say “never”. But sometimes one is absolutely correct: The sun DOES rise in the east and set in the west.

        Will the Biofield viewer be shown to have been ahead of its time? Who knows, but without evidence, it is simply the claims of the “inventor” – claims that are contrary to the principles of physics and physiology.

        • Jay Amundson

          I happened onto this site and thread quite by accident. Became intrigued by the exchanges. To adopt from the late Great J.R.R. Tolkien, I cordially dislike [charlatans and snake oil salesmen and pseudoscience purveyors for money] in all [their] manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect [their] presence.

          Really, I don’t pretend to even understand what a Biofield Viewer purports to do. Diagnose diseases, I gather from the above. Unfortunately, I’ve known enough people who’ve bought into to these “too good to be true” “fruit loopy” schemes, the structure of the scams and manner of scammers rebutting critics, is intimately familiar. Invariably they can be reduced to simple, timeless fraud designed to take money from the gullible and the desperate.

          The whole university drop-out refashioning himself as possessing a doctorate is hilarious. Alma Mater, the fabled Zorastrian University, a small residential structure in the backstreets of Mumbai existing only to hand out bogus PhDs to those who’ll pay.

          Well, the eminent doctor seems to have dropped out of this thread a long while ago, as well. One can hope he’s moved on to legitimate, perhaps even measurably constructive, pursuits.

          Not likely. My experience, people who do this sort of thing, with the requisite lack of any sort of integrity or ethics, don’t stop until incapacity, death, or prison stops them. Otherwise, I expect he’s truncated marketing efforts and keeping a lower Internet profile. Perhaps helped by Covid and a shrinking target market. I haven’t checked but I’m sure he’s still at this skullduggery.

          Where else do you post, if you don’t mind?

  • Sam

    Hey Harris! I see you are getting a lot of abuse too, but I am glad that it does not stop you from calling people like streeter out on their utter bullshit. On one of the comments about magnets for mobile phones, thornton claims he never sold them, however just a couple of weeks back he did indeed convince a good friend of mine to buy them. I was absolutely shocked. I will refer this site to my friend in hopes that he sees this fraud “Doctor” for what he really is!
    Thank you for doing this service and keep it up!

  • Villi

    Thanks Harris, sincere appreciation for sharing your research

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