Beware of Johan Brittz!

Posted 21 March 2011

I assume you ask, why target a specific individual, and why?

Simple explanation:

Johan Brittz*, according to the registration information at, is the domain registrant (owner) of the websites (and products) Organo Slim and Betrim. As posted before, there is absolutely not a shred of proof that these products work, and therefore may be nothing more than scams.

In spite of previous ASA rulings, Johan Brittz simply advertises a product with a different name in M-NET’s TV Guide (Magic). In the April 2011 a new advert appears for a product called Microslim ( Be cautioned, there is not a shred of evidence that this product has any efficacy.

*[email protected]
37 Sunset Av., Llandudno, 7806
phone : +27 21 790 7556

A colleague has pointed out that the product, Easythin, ( is owned by Sandi Brittz, and the product claims to be registered with the Medicines Read the rest

8 comments to Beware of Johan Brittz!

  • Johan Brittz

    I would appreciate it if you would remove my name from your blog since your claim regarding my person contain a number of errors:
    1. I am not the owner of any of the products or companies that you discuss
    2. You claim that I am the registrant of the websites – this is simply a lie – I am not the registrant – it is quite clearly stated that a company called Be-trim is the registrant and also quite clearly stated that I am the webdesigner (i.e.: "admin" and "tec") and that is all.
    You are damaging my integrity and I would appreciate immediate removal of my name from your blog

  • Harris

    Johan, thanks for your comment.

    If you are not the owner/seller of this product, could you please explain to readers how your web design company's telephone number which is included as the owner of the domain name, is the exact same number as that used on the BeSlim website as a contact for sales of the product? 

    It states on the "Contact us" page:
    "Contact us: Cape Town: +27 21 790 7059 / 1405 / 7556"

    The registration information at, which contains your name, has the number +27 21 790 7556 associated with it.

    The address of Betrim at Hotfrog, "37 sunset ave llandudno, cape town", is the same address as associated with your name at Uniform.

    Under the Job opportunities page, it asks "phone Johan at (021) 790-7556 /7059 /1405 to make an appointment"

    If you (and/or Sandi Britzz) are not the owners, please furnish me details of who is and I will remove this posting, and place an apology in its place.

  • Johan Brittz

    If you have problems with certain companies – take it up with the owner(s).  Once more, and for the last time: I'm stating quite clearly here that I'm not the owner of any of these companies and your accusations are false and are doing damage to my name. Please remove my name or I'll have to resort to other remedies
    Thank You
    Johan Brittz

  • Harris

    I have discussed this with a lawyer who points out that:

    1. The evidence points to you either being an owner or complicit in selling this product

    2. Your comment to this blog was sent from the [email protected] email address.

    3. You have been asked to supply the name of the true owner in order to dissociate yourself from this product but have declined, and have avoided responding to this fair request.

    Therefore the following applies:

    "We express honestly-held opinions, without malice, on matters of public interest and based on facts that are true. The facts and/or rationale for our assertions accompany our postings. In a recent Constitutional Court ruling, it was held that “criticism was protected even if extreme, unjust, unbalanced, exaggerated and prejudiced so long as it expresses an honestly-held opinion, without malice, on a matter of public interest on facts that were true.” See:"

    "Our opinions are without malice, not extreme, unjust, unbalanced, exaggerated nor prejudiced but based on supporting evidence for our assertions – alternatively, demonstrating a lack of evidence for claims being made."

  • Pat (Again)

    GOOD 4 U Dr. Harris!!!! I see he has not responded 2 this one yet!!  Wonder what "lawyer" is going 2 defend him with ALL the evidence against him??
    All I can say!! EISCH!!!!
    Keep well sir (will still leave a comment from time 2 time should I stumble across something).

  • Elsabe

    Very happy I came across this site. Was about to spend R1000 on these organo-slim products.  There add stated that you can loose 15kg in 1 month. Thank you for saving a lot of money!!!!

  • Marie Enslin

    Dr. Harris being a lqualified legal practitioner myself i commend you for your efforts in this matter.Can you please confirm if this company organo slim is the same as OrganaSlim? OrganaSlim conned me and hundreds of other honest people out of a lot of money and i had to phone the US to stop the d/o which i am still not sure whether it would happen!Regards Marie

  • Harris

    This company, OrganaSlim is different from OrganoSlim. It appears to be based in Australia which makes acting against this company very problematical.

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