Posted 25 January 2016

We have previously posted an article on the BEMER (BEAMER) pointing out that the ‘science’ to be implausible, and the claims of efficacy to be highly unlikely.

In the article, we quote a number of sources including Tapio Ala-Nissila from Aalto University, Finland, who posed this question: “Question: Influence of (pulsed) electromagnetic fields on “microcirculation”?  I have recently come across to what looks like a classic homeopathic scam, namely the pulsed EM field miracle treatment as advertised by a German-based company called Bemer. As a soft-matter/biological physicist I am extremely sceptical about the influence of EM fields on blood circulation. In fact, on physical grounds I can only think of adverse effects, not miraculous healing as advertised by Bemer.”

Prof Tapio Ala-Nissila has now posted that his laboratory have conducted a study on the BEMER:
The Bemer device has now been measured in our laboratory. The Bemer signal induces an electric field that is less than one millionth of the natural electric field across the cell membrane in humans. Thus the signal can have no influence on biological tissue. Moreover, the Bemer mattress has only six coils where the EM is generated which means that if you lie on the mattress, only your arms and legs are on top of the coils. Bemer’s “publications” in alternative medicine (open access) journals have also been evaluated by several independent experts, who find them to be voodoo science. A comprehensive article on this has appeared in the Finnish media explaining the findings:

Unfortunately the article is in Finnish, and Google Translate does a very inadequate translation into English.


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