Be-Trim / Organo-Slim – Previous ASA rulings

Be-Trim and Organo-Slim, both products being sold by the same company, have not a shred of evidence in support of their website and advertising claims. In fact there is no evidence that the individual ingredients per se have any effect on weight-loss. Without evidence, one may conclude that the product is simply a scam. 

The ASA has previously ruled against these two products. These are listed below. A breach complaint has been laid with the ASA against both.

8 comments to Be-Trim / Organo-Slim – Previous ASA rulings

  • Peggy

    I faxed  a R289 cheque & delivery details to Organo Slim from FNB Howick on 16.2.11 having seen their full page advert in DSTV's "Dish" magazine. The cheque amount included R75 for overnight delivery!!
    Now, 15th March I have not received my order & had no satisfactory answer to inquiring emails.This a.m. I received an email saying my order was dispatched on 17.2.11 & included a tracking number for Speed Services. Having 'phoned Speed Services I was told the tracking number does not exist. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Organo Slim & advice on how to handle this situation?

  • sophie payumo

    i tried to ring 0018669559126 but call cannot be connected. i just want to cancel my order of bioslim. the [email protected] does not help at all. is this fake adverstisement?

  • sophie payumo

    btw, i received 2 bottles of this bioslim and have not tried them yet. they come every month. i just want to cancel them from coming as they are expensive and i just dont want to keep receiving them and they were authomatically debitted from my credit card. please does someone know how to contact the organaslim and let them know i am cancelling my order of this product for good??

  • Harris

    The company sells scam products

  • Heleen

    Thank you for the valuable information. It saved me a lot of money and heartache. Could you not advertise your findings on the facebook pages as well. There is a lot of scam products for sale that will scare buyers for future shopping on facebook which is not fare to the honest sellers out there.

  • Catharine

    Hi I am one of the fools who has felled for this scam. I saw the advert on Facebook about a month ago. It was a picture of Princess Catharine! Lose 15kg in 30 days. And there was a whole page of Woman’s health. With some famous model “advertising” this Organa Slim & Cleanse. It looked so authentic! So I ordered the “trial” package of the Organa Slim & Organa Cleanse. Which was around R50 per bottle for the trial. I never received anything. So I also forgot about it. And then last weekend I got a sms from my bank stating that an amount of R775.09 was reserved for purchase @ Rmkrafmsupportcom. I immediately phoned the bank to stop it from going through. Because I knew nothing about this. So they phoned me back with the shock that I ordered something over the internet. And I remembered with a bang about the stupid pills. And they cant reverse the transaction as I gave them my cc details(how stupid can one be) Now this week I received 2 separate packages through registered mail. The one Organa Slim the other Organa Cleanse – Trial package. And as I have already been credited for the next “shipment” (which off cause I haven’t received) I don’t know what to do? What are the chances of me getting my money back? And who do I contact? I feel like such a fool. And I am so furious that people can be so cruel as to con someone out of there hard earned money. And what do I do with my Expensive pills?!

  • tanya

    i also saw a full page add for be trim products and all the promises they make. Even on their website the reasure you that these products work and they have all these ppl with their sucess stories. I know the best way to lose weight is eat right and excercise but these option aren’t always “available”. So i am looking for something to help me reach my goal and loose some weight. But from what i am reading it seems that i am better of not even ordering a trail pack to try it out.

  • didi

    I have ordered 4 times already and each time it was delivered on time. The product does work because I have seen it with my own eyes how a collegue of mine lost 20kg in one and a half need to contact the branch in Cape Town

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