Anti-Doping Agency warns athletes about dietary supplements

Posted 11 August 2014

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) maintains a Web site that challenges myths about dietary supplements and discourages their use. Among other things, the site warns:

  • Navigating the supplement marketplace and supplement issues is difficult. No one person or organization can provide all the answers.
  • Many people have hastily jumped to the conclusion that supplements are safe, effective, and a necessary part of being an elite athlete.
  • It is very unlikely that healthy people will be unable to get the nutrients they need from diet alone. There is simply no substitution for eating a proper diet.
  • The majority of supplements have not been proven to improve performance.
  • Certain dietary supplements contain exorbitant amounts of nutrients that are unnecessary, unusable by the body, or even potentially harmful.
  • The best option may be to not take dietary supplements.

The site also contains the Supplement 411 High Risk List of products that have been found to contain substances that are banned in high-level athletic competition. The list is accessible free of charge but requires viewers to register.

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