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solaladvisoryDr Craige Golding is a medical director of Solal Technologies “Anti-Aging Specialists”. His face appears on adverts in order to promote the company, and his qualifications are used to enhance his credibility. On the image on the left, Dr Craige Golding is described as: Specialist Physician & Anti Aging Physician. MBChB (Cum Laude) Pretoria; FCP(SA) ABAARM -Board Certified Anti-aging Physician – American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine FAARM: Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.


From the Solal website, it states: “Dr Craige Golding, a specialist physician in anti-aging medicine and medical director of Solal. . . “Anti-aging medicine is really about the prevention, early detection and reversal of the chronic diseases that become more common with age ” . . . .  ” It truly is the medicine of the new millennium”.

Are “anti-aging qualifications recognised clinical speciality?

The anti-aging qualifications of Dr Craige Golding are not recognised by the American Board of Medical Specialties — even though the Solaltech advertising states that he has “two board certified courses” which is (deliberately?) meant to confuse the public into thinking that they are recognised by the American Board. And they’re certainly not recognised  by the HPCSA. It is misleading to imply that he is a specialist in anti-aging medicine. (He is a specialist physician though.) American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) mention: “The medical  establishment does not recognize aging as a disease to be cured.

And antiaging is not a medical specialty, according to the American Medical Association and the American Board of Medical Specialties (which puts the “board” in “board-certified”). But doctors are signing up with organizations such as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Age Management Medicine Group, attending their conventions, learning about the latest purported anti-aging techniques — and using their own offices and equipment to hawk treatments to patients.” – p24/69

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  • barbara agnew

    I am so glad you people are exposing this co. Five years ago a homeopath put me on to Solal estrogen it was absolutely hopeless…People are so gullible and naive its incredible. Stick with tried and proven orthodox remedies the rest is a money making scam.
    Dont be fooled

  • Mrs Botha

    This company knows what they are doing I am using many of their products including their natural HRT which saved me after chemical HRT made me very ill, following my hysterectomy and ovary removal, their products do work as bloodtests show estrogen and progresterone increased values, I have also used their Cholest go and cholest away with a 2.00 drop in cholesterol, as I refuse to use the Statins which makes so many people very ill, including people close to me, most of their products the results can be found in the blood tests. To say this company is not legit is absolutely false and from personal experience definately NOT TRUE. I have also used their bio identical HRT creams, their products are great

  • Harris

    I do not say that the company is not legit. I say that the Health Professions Council regulate whether you can call yourself an “anti-aging specialist” or not.

  • Iain

    Everyone is different and will respond to medication (natural or alopathic) differently. Some doctors are open to both formsof medicine and others are not.

    My wife had a Total Abdonminal Hysterectomy and suffered badly with many of the HRT products available, for over a year now she has been using a bio identical HRT compunded mix from Solal/IMC and it has given her, her life back!

    I really dont care about statistics and case studies, results that work for individuals are what count.

  • Joy

    For those who are willing to be intellectually honest about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs this is a must watch.
    Published on Apr 1, 2015

    Dr Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has written numerous reviews within the Cochrane collaboration.He was also a professor of internal medicine. He has more academic qualifications.
    Published on Apr 1, 2015
    For more informative videos and free information visit
    Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has written numerous reviews within the Cochrane collaboration.

    • Harris

      @Joy (and all)
      In this clip, Dr Gøtzsche is stating what all health professionals have known for some time, although he expresses this superbly and in an appropriate context. However: one has to appreciate that pro-CAM supporters may use this clip to argue that because Big Pharma is corrupt, and certain medicines’ ‘dangerous’, that CAMs are good alternatives. Illogical. It is like saying that because airlines suppress the dangers of flying that it is better to fly with magic carpets.

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