Antagolin – ASA breach ruling June 2015

Posted 22 July 2015

In the first ASA ruling against Antagolin, the claims “Antagolin combats insulin resistance and will help you to lose weight effectively” was ruled against and had to be withdrawn. It should be said that even Big Pharma, with millions at their disposal, have been unable to develop a great weight-loss product. Yet Dr Conrad Smith and the pharmacist, Mariaan Du Plessis, claim that they have.

A subsequent appeal was dismissed. It should be noted that no studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals, to date, supporting the claims for this product. Indeed, although the MNI website gives the spin that the evidence for the ingredients are sound, the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, finds little support for the claims for the individual ingredients.

This did not stop the company for repeating these claims on an advert flighted on MNET. Bizarrely  Willem de Klerk Attorneys, on behalf of … Read the rest

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