ALCAT – Dr John Pridgeon: An overview

Posted 10 March 2014

Dr John Pridgeon is a general medical practitioner in Gaborone, Botswana.

If you have arrived at this page, it may be for you were searching for more information regarding him, the ALCAT, or for his allegations on his website. Here he makes the following claims:

“The best allergy test on the market, in my opinion, is the ALCAT Test for food and chemical intolerances.”

This is his opinion but consider this: the ALCAT has been around more than 2 decades the the number of research articles published on the benefits of this test are almost absent bar a few abstracts submitted to congresses. Contrast this with the IgE test, which has had over 20,000 articles published showing its benefits (or lack of). Simply: the consensus of allergy and intolerance health professionals is that the test just does not work.

“While the ALCAT Test is not Read the rest

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