A dozen facts about Solal and their “critics” – subsequent . .

A posting on Quackdown! (How Solal Technologies uses legal threats to stifle legitimate criticism) resulted in vitriolic comments from Solal's Brent Murphy and Colin Levin, directors of Solal.

Harris Steinman responded to these comments with a posting on the same blog (A dozen facts about Solal and their "critics"). Colin Levin, taking umbrage, commented on this posting making a number of significant points which Harris felt obligated to comment on.

Harris writes:

"I should thank Colin Levin for his multiple postings above for they expose how the true colours of Solal become apparent when fair critique is offered."

"It is hard to know how to make any sense of the "arguments" in Colin Levin’s numerous postings. In my view, his statements are rendered nonsensical when considered in the light of several well-reasoned deconstructions of Solal’s claims and arguments on this blog and on CamCheck."

Posted as comments in 4 parts, it follows the original posting. Significant in this response, is a comparison of how Colin Levin from Solal, assessed evidence in support of a claim for Co-enzyme Q10 ("Possibly effective for HIV/AIDS . . .”), with the same evidence being assessed by Harris.

Read these comments at "A dozen facts about Solal and their 'critics'".    

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