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Biogen Andrenal Boost nonsense

Posted 12th August 2011

There are a number of companies selling products that claim to treat “adrenal fatigue”. I have previously highlighted on CamCheck the nonsense claims of Solal for their product for “adrenal fatigue”, called “Burnout“. 

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA against a similar product being made by USN. USN simply withdrew their claims rather than try to defend them. Indeed, USN makes a number of products with claims which could only be described as baloney. Oxygen-enriched water is probably the worst culprit although many of their products come close to this one.

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ASA Ruling: Organo Slim / Betrim



Note: This product is a scam  Read this precautionary story!


“Given that the respondent not only repeats its offense of making unsubstantiated weight loss claims, but also that it appears to employ the same unfounded marketing strategy for at least two of its products, the Directorate is satisfied that an Ad Alert in terms of Clause 15.4 of the Procedural Guide is justified.”

If you see an advert for this product, is is likely contrary to the ASA ruling and we would appreciate it if you could comment at the end of this post as to where you saw the advert.

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Complaint: Pharmacy Council re: Dr Beverley Summers

Posted 1 June 2010

The following formal complaint was laid with the South African Pharmacy Council against the ongoing actions of the pharmacist, Dr Beverley Summers for her continuing substantiation of products with no valid scientific proof of benefit, and at least two having been banned in the USA (and regarded as scams)

[note note_color=”#f9fca8″]Update: The outcome of the complaint below, laid with the SAPC against Dr Beverley Summers, was that the SAPC did not find against her [read outcome]; because they did not consider the case at all, choosing instead to allow the ASA’s ruling to stand – along with her untruthful substantiations of these spurious weight-loss products, denounced as scams by the USA Federal Trade Commission.[/note]

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ASA ruling: Arcadia’s Citrax product

Posted 29 March 2010

Arcadia print advertisement for its Citrax weight loss capsules that appeared in the Sunday Times Magazine during November 2009, was headed with a statement by a Physiotherapist, Maja Šcepanovic, reading, “I lost 50 kilos in only six months – WITHOUT DIETING!” At the bottom of the advertisement the disclaimer reads, “Diet aids such as these are only effective when taken in conjunction with or as part of a kilojoule-controlled diet”.

How did the ASA rule? Read on . . .

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Authors post articles in a variety of media, including blogs, online magazines, etc., in which they dissect the ridiculousness of claims for a range of products, or ‘alternative’ medicine in general.

Below are those I found particularly interesting, funny or thought provoking

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UK ASA ruling: Ionic Bracelet

A magazine ad, for the Ionic Bracelet, was headed "Get rid of aches and pains by wearing this incredible bracelet".

Below, text stated "Try the Ionic Bracelet and see for yourself its incredible effects. The results are amazing. . You should wear it on the left wrist, with the little balls facing downwards if you suffer from menstrual pains, tachycardia, phlebitis, varicose veins, circulatory complaints, a tendency to obesity, digestive problems or constipation … After fifteen days, you will find that your well-being has been permanently restored … rediscover the pleasure of a pain-free life".

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