8ight LLC Hologram Powerband

This company, 8ight LLC, advertises the 8ight LLC Hologram Powerband on the website, claiming that "we distribute to selected medical and health practitioners and other suppliers nationwide", that "products are substantiated by scientific evidence as provided directly to us by 8ight LLC, Atlanta", and that “[W]e make no claims unless we confirm results with machine testing including live blood, thermal imaging, bio-coherence, heart rate variability, body voltage, oxygen, and other testing."They go on to claim, among other, "Unfortunately little science or even explanation, and certainly no machine testing, is presented by the vast majority of companies to back up their claims. 8ight uses multiple evaluation devices, to show that their holographic technology creates a response in the body. No known company selling holograms or wristbands has a double blind, crossover, placebo controlled study from a major university in the USA."

Really! Frankly reading through the documentation on this site and the parent company, I can say that claims sounds like science, reads like science, but in fact is nonsense. Yes, is not true.

For example, on their website , they write: “Blood Studies and Hormone Testing are being conducted by Dr. Hugh Smith in his lab at HealthWalk.  For live blood cell analysis Dr. Smith uses a sophisticated microscope called an RTM (Richardson Technology Microscope). This microscope (the same one being used in places like the Scripps Center, The Pasteur Institute, and more) is being used for live blood cell analysis.  Dr. Smith has been involved in this technology and research for more than 25 years.” It is true that the Richardson Technology Microscope is a valid piece of equipment, but what the instrument is used for, is critically important – live blood cell analysis is nonsense and has been discredited. (see )

Furthermore, the company tries to infer that the product works because it is registered with the FDA as a Class I Medical Device. Well this means absolutely nothing, as explained here.

This is pseudoscience at its best – the use scientific terms and scientific arguments to give plausibility to the claims for this device: but the scientific arguments are wrong, nonsensical, and robust proper evidence is simply lacking. 

Mainly, the "science" is physiologically and scientifically implausible, that is, makes no sense at all!

Therefore, without robust evidence, consumers must consider this as a scam unless robust proof is presented.

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