Fish oil supplementation not supported in new meta-analysis

Posted 27 June 2018

A meta-analysis of 10 randomized controlled trials involving 77,917 individuals found no evidence that a mean of 4.4 years of supplementation with marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids was effective in preventing fatal or nonfatal coronary heart disease, strokes, or the need for procedures to restore circulation. The supplementation was also ineffective in preventing these cardiovascular outcomes in subgroups of individuals at elevated risk.

Reference: Aung T. Associations of omega-3 fatty acid supplement use with cardiovascular disease risks. JAMA Cardiology 3:225-234, 2018

The findings do not support the conclusion of a 2017 science advisory from the American Heart Association which suggested that fish oil supplementation is reasonable treatment for people with coronary heart disease but was based on only one trial of patients with heart failure. Both the 2017 science advisory and the new meta-analysis agreed that there is no evidence of benefit from fish oil supplementation Read the rest

Edible sunscreen – fraud?

Posted 20 June 2018

[quote]Sunsafe RX is a product that promises “to help protect you from both UVA and UVB rays”. On its website, there are glowing user testimonials and photos of young, attractive people enjoying the weather. It’s the kind of marketing you might expect from a sunscreen brand, except that Sunsafe RX isn’t a cream or a spray – it’s a pill. 

It’s one of a number of products to be taken orally that make claims about protection from the sun – potentially heralding a new era when, instead of slathering yourself in lotion, you could swallow a pill and head to the beach.

It sounds too good to be true. According to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), as well as Chuck Schumer, that’s because it probably is.[/quote]

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Quick Weight-Loss Fix? Fat Chance, As Yet Another Herbex Advert Gets Banned

Posted 13 June 2018

Quick Weight-Loss Fix? Fat Chance, As Yet Another Herbex Advert Gets Banned

No evidence to support claimed weight loss.

By Zongile Nhlapo  HuffPost South Africa 05/06/2018

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned advertising for yet another weight-loss product from “Herbex — Fat Burn Concentrate for Men”.

The original complainant in the matter, medical doctor and consumer activist Harris Steinman, argued that a commercial by the company implied that using the products could result in weight loss‚ which was unsubstantiated and misleading.

“The European Food Safety Authority has found that‚ even at greater doses than those used in Fat Burn‚ there is no causal relationship between these products and weight loss,” Steinman told Business Live.

“Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate for Men essentially claims that diluting between 7 percent to 50 percent of a green tea bag and half a cup of coffee in one litre

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Herbex Fat Burn – Bad press

Posted 7 June 2018

Following the recent ASA ruling against the claims being made in the Herbex – Fat Burn advert on MNET, a number of journalists have reported on this ruling.

These include the following:

  • Men’s ‘fat burn’ products claim ‘misleading’ – Nico Gous – 01 June 2018 Times Live
  • Burn your fat? Not a chance boet – Georgina Crouth – 4 June 2018 – Pretoria News
  • Your man isn’t likely to lose his umkhaba by using Herbex Fat Burn – ASA – Thandi Skade – 4 June 2018 –
  • Quick Weight-Loss Fix? Fat Chance, As Yet Another Herbex Advert Gets Banned: No evidence to support claimed weight loss. Zongile Nhlapo – 05 June 2018 – HuffPost South Africa
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Medicine Act: General Regulation 42 – 18 C Marketing of medicines

Posted 04 May 2018

Section 18C of the Medicines Act has been amended to read as follows:

“18C. Marketing of medicines, medical devices or IVDs.-The Minister shall, after consultation with the relevant industries and other stakeholders, make regulations relating to the marketing of medicines, medical devices or IVDs and such regulations shall also provide for Codes of Practice for relevant industries.”

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