Sports nutrition growth spoiled by ‘wrong and immoral’ marketing

Posted 28 June 2017

Readers will be aware of the number of ASA rulings against USN and Biogen products making claims of being able to “boost testosterone”. Readers will also be aware of USN laying a charge of defamation against Dr Harris Steinman, who pointed out, among other, the falseness of these claims.

In this article titled “Sports nutrition growth spoiled by ‘wrong and immoral’ marketing” published in, the following points are made:

[quote]Speaking to Nutralngredients, Graeme Close, professor of sports nutrition, John Moores University, said: “There are some great companies out there who understand the rules and regulations and abide by them and do give some good information out.” But the said the industry was being undermined by “the smaller brands or the less reputable ones trying to bring something what they think is unique and new to market”.

He pointed to companies marketing “fat burners and … Read the rest

Skin bleach trade driven by quest for beauty

Posted 20 June 2017

An article by Cynthia Maseko, published in Health-e News, states that a desperation for lighter skin and a firm belief that paler skins are much more attractive than dark skins are driving factors behind the burgeoning trade in skin bleaching products in Mpumalanga.

The article continues:

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Are Anti-Aging Creams Legit?

Posted 18 June 2017

Want a younger, more perfect-looking you? Skin can stay firm and stretchy thanks to protein fibers called collagen and elastin in the tissue beneath the surface. But environmental factors like smoking or ultraviolet rays from the sun can produce free radicals that damage skin cells’ ability to make more of these supports. Anti-wrinkle treatments claim they keep the skin surface fresh and rejuvenate these cells, but do anti-aging creams work?

A short but concise overview from Reactions


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The ASA making moves – An Update

Posted 19 June 2017

From Afro-IP:

It has been six weeks or since you last heard from us on the predicament of the ASA in South Africa. Recently, their new acting CEO – Gail Schimmel – took time out to speak with Afro-IP on developments. Upbeat and positive, Gail is addressing the main issues raised in the Business Rescue

Report as follows:
Short Term Funding
The ASA is calling on every single player in this industry – every agency, every marketer, every advertiser, every media owner and the lawyers – to pre-pay ONE ASA filing fee (R24 396 including VAT).

The article states:

To address concerns over jurisdiction highlighted in the Herbex case (which the ASA currently appealing) Gail aims to address these in its memberships contracts which is consistent with the recommendation in the Business Rescue Report. This means that where mainstream associations are involved, it could Read the rest

The Fallacy Fork: Why It’s Time to Get Rid of Fallacy Theory

Posted 18 June 2017

[quote]Why do people believe weird things? Why is there so much irrationality in the world? Here’s a standard answer from the sceptic’s playbook: fallacies. Fallacies are certain types of arguments that are common, attractive, persistent, and dead wrong. Because people keep committing fallacies, so the story goes, they end up believing all sorts of weird things.[/quote]

An interesting point of view, arguing why fallacies should be considered more complex than at a superficial level, and often may not be fallacies.

Read the full article: The Fallacy Fork: Why It’s Time to Get Rid of Fallacy Theory

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Health-e News: Faith healers or charlatans – convincing sick congregants hopeful of a cure to stop treatment

Posted 14 June 2017

False prophets and pastors who have established churches across Mpumalanga have been encouraging their sick congregants to stop taking their medication and to trust that God will heal them. Their actions are expected to be exposed and discussed when the Cultural, Religious and Linguistics Commission presents its report on the commercialisation of religion to Parliament later this month. HEALTH-E NEWS’ Cynthia Maseko reports.

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Magnetic resonance therapy

Posted 01 June 2017

A UK website stated that StreamZ collars (magnetic resonance therapy) had achieved success “on horses and humans”; would support a range of medical conditions including “Mobility and fitness, injured and aching muscles, energy levels and vitality, digestion issues, general happiness and condition, overall wellbeing” and were as beneficial “as a balanced diet” for dogs of any age.

A consumer laid a complaint with the UK ASA arguing that there is no evidence to support these claims. The UK ASA ruled that “The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told StreamZ not to state or imply that their collars supported or assisted with any symptoms unless they had been clinically proven to do so.”

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