Drug companies facing massive lawsuit over deceptive “low-testosterone” campaigns

Posted 20 March 2017

Six sets of defendants are being sued for inappropriate marketing of testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) with misleading claims. Separate cases have been consolidated into a master complaint that is proceeding in proceeding in Illinois Federal Court. The third amended master complaint summarizes the case this way:

“TRTs were approved for use in the treatment of a medical condition known as hypogonadism, but widely marketed by Defendants for off-label use for a condition invented by Defendants and referred to as “Low T.” . . . Defendants marketed TRTs as safe and effective for this off-label use, when in fact (a) TRTs confer little or no benefit for so-called “Low T” in the absence of”classical hypogonadism”; and (b) the drugs cause serious medical problems, including life-threatening cardiac, cerebrovascular, and thromboembolic events, for which Defendants failed to provide adequate warnings.”

The fact that testosterone levels normally decline as men get … Read the rest

Court strikes blow against quackery

Posted 17 March 2017

USN, Albe Geldenhuys and Antagolin have instituted High Court action against Dr Steinman alleging defamation for Dr Steinman having pointed out factual deficiencies in their claims for their products.

This parallels Dr Brathwaite’s action against the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.

This article published in GroundUp, reports on the court finding in favour of the latter, i.e., dismissing Dr Brathwaite’s action. “Defamatory statements are essentially statements that damage or harm the reputation of a person. However, even if the statements are defamatory, they can still be protected speech if they are true or fair comment and in the public benefit.”

Court strikes blow against quackery

Dr Hugh Brathwaite falsely claimed that his product could prevent HIV transmission

By Safura Abdool Karim

16 March 2017

On Wednesday, Judge M A Makume of the Johannesburg High Court dismissed an application by Dr Hugh Brathwaite, a medical … Read the rest

Medicine: Section 29: Offences

Posted 14 March 2017

  • Section 29: Offences
    • Violation of s14
  • Making false or misleading statement in connection with any medicine or Scheduled substance in registration application or in sale
  • Container has false or misleading statement
  • Selling is defined broadly
  • Distributing and promoting are included
    • Violation of s20
  • False or misleading advert or making additional unauthorised claims re.  efficacy or purpose
  • Section 30: Penalties
    • Fine; or
    • Imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years
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More Evidence That The 2 Human ‘Sex Pheromones’ Don’t Actually Exist

Posted 08 March 2017

For decades, debate has raged over whether humans might also release and be susceptible to our own unique pheromones. But a new study has just provided evidence that the two leading ‘human sex pheromone’ candidates aren’t actually pheromones at all.

Until now, researchers had narrowed down the hunt for human pheromones to two chemicals – androstadienone (AND), which is found in male sweat and semen, and estratetraenol (EST), found in women’s urine.

The jury has remained out on whether or not they’re true human pheromones, but that hasn’t stopped the media and perfume makers from running with the idea, leading many people to believe to some extent that, as a species, we’re responding to each other’s subtle pheromone cues.

But in a new double-blind study, researchers from the University of Western Australia tested the effect on 94 healthy humans, and found that these so-called pheromones had Read the rest

Cultivation of Cannabis and Manufacture of Cannabis-related Pharmaceutical Products for Medicinal and Research Purposes

Posted 07 March 2017

The MCC has published a draft guideline for comment entitled “Cultivation of Cannabis and Manufacture of Cannabis-related Pharmaceutical Products for Medicinal and Research Purposes”, accessible at http://www.mccza.com/Publications/DownloadDoc/5500.

The closing date for comment is 30 March 2017.

This is an extensive document, arranged as follows:

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Dubious claims abound on Canadian naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and homeopathy clinic Web sites

Posted 06 March 2017

A survey of 392 naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and homeopathy clinic Web sites has found that unsupportable claims for the management of asthma and allergy are widespread.
[Murdoch B and others. Selling falsehoods? A cross-sectional study of Canadian naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, and acupuncture clinic website claims relating to allergy and asthma]

The investigators concluded:

  • The majority of the clinics studied claim they can either diagnose or treat both allergy/sensitivity and asthma.
  • Naturopathic clinic websites have the highest rates of advertising at least one of diagnosis, treatment, or efficacy for allergy or sensitivity (85%) and asthma (64%), followed by acupuncturists (68% and 53%, respectively), homeopaths (60% and 54%) and chiropractors (33% and 38%).
  • The majority of the advertised interventions lack evidence of efficacy, and some are potentially harmful.
  • Food-specific IgG testing was commonly advertised, despite the fact that the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has
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Anti-aging claims:

Posted 03 March 2017

The Fountain of Youth is Still Only a Legend

by Harriet Hall, M.D.

The Spanish explorer Ponce de León wasn’t really looking for the Fountain of Youth when he trekked through Florida. That’s only a legend that wasn’t attached to his name until after his death. The idea of anti-aging remedies dates back to at least 3500 BCE, and the hope is alive and well today. Who wouldn’t like to turn back the clock and regain their lost youth? Who wouldn’t want to ward off death?

Longevity clinics have proliferated in recent years. They offer everything from “age optimization services” to “aesthetic facial rejuvenation,” from “youth maintenance” to “hormone optimization,” from supplements to stem cells. The claims they make are not grounded in science; they are misleading and sometimes even illegal. Jerry Mixon, M.D., of the Longevity Medical Clinic in Washington State, was disciplined for improperly … Read the rest