Healing Mineral Spray – ASA Ruling

Posted 04 Februray 2015

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against a Source Herbal radio commercial she heard on Radio 702 promoting their Healing Miracle Spray which claimed, inter alia, “… Healing Minerals sprays expel toxins and heavy metals, relaxing muscles …”

The complainant objected on the basis that heavy metal poisoning is a serious medical condition and this commercial may mislead people who need help to use the product instead of seeking adequate medical attention. She added that the “toxins” referred to in the commercial are not specified, and are not even proven to exist.

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DNA Diet, bad news 4 years on

Posted 03 February 2015

Dna-MeyersfeldDna-YoffeIn 2010, CamCheck highlighted the claims for a diet based on genetic testing offered by Dnalysis, “the second company in the world to offer a DNA diet”, according to its CEO, Dr Daniel Meyersfeld, and Yael Joffe. We called it a scam for the science did not support the claims. The ASA ruled against the claims for the company, and subsequently, a breach ruling of the previous ASA ruling. Well that has not stopped these two from marketing the claims, as these are still evident on their website.

The reason for this post? In an article published in the highly reputable journal, Obesity, titled Genetic association studies of obesity in Africa: a systematic review, the authors conclude that “[A]ccording to this data, over 300 polymorphisms in 42 genes have been studied in various population groups within Africa . . “, “[O]f the 36 Read the rest

Green Coffee weight loss scam

Posted 02 January 2015

GreenCoffee800Another big weight-loss scam to hit South Africa is Green Coffee, sold under a range of guises. One heavily promoted at a Cape Town Waterfront Pharmacy is Green Coffee 800

We have previously highlighted this scam in May 2014 and January 2014.

Firstly, there is zip, zero evidence that green coffee can result in weight loss-loss.

Secondly, although there are various versions of this ingredient, Green Coffee 800 may contain the substance called sibutramine, not only banned but very risky to your health. In 2012 the Danish Health and Medicines Authority warned consumers of the presence of this ingredient in Green Coffee 800.

Now the USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stepped in: “Lindsey Duncan and the companies he controlled have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively touted the supposed weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract through a … Read the rest