Miracle Mineral Solution – scam continues

Posted 26 June 2014

Ms LL Steele lodged a complaint against  Bio Sil MMS website, specifically the page on http://www.biosil.co.za/products/bio-sil-mms-miracle-mineral-solution, which promotes the Miracle Mineral Solution product. The complainant submitted that the advertisement is highly misleading and causes a potential danger to members of the public who might be seeking a cure for various health problems. People are consuming this product (which is effectively a bleach or disinfectant), and in instances giving it to their children without realising the severe health consequences this could have (which includes poisoning, kidney failure and harming red blood cells).

Initially, the  Bio Sil MMS submitted that she had done extensive research, and has not found any evidence of chlorine dioxide harming anybody. A request was made for the new complainant to provide proof of such harm. (Here is proof from the FDA) Following correspondence with the ASA,  Bio Sil MMS refused further communication.… Read the rest

Kwakke, kwinte en kwale

Posted 24 June 2014

George_ClaasenGeorge Claasen, a journalist and a Professor of Journalism at Stellenbosch University, has written a book on scams and pseudoscience. 

Titled, Kwakke, kwinte en kwale, the book has become a best seller. In this video, he is interviewed for the television program, Kwela on KykNet, by Coenie de Villiers, on the book.

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Medicines rules are insulting to consumers

Posted 19 June 2014

This article, written by Leon Louw,  the executive director of the Free Market Foundation, was published online on Business Day BDLive. Some commentators have stated that this is “simply an ill-informed rant“, “sheer nonsense and ill-informed“.

Leon Louw writes: “Antagonists, such as CAMcheck, should be as free to denounce Cams as Cams folk are free to denounce both CAMcheck and aspects of mainstream medicine.”

We were going to write a succinct response, only to find that Prof David Gorski, writing as Orac, could respond far better than we could.
Quote: “However, it’s depressing in that it tells me that the bovine excrement reasons people use to defend CAM, including free market fundamentalist “health freedom” religion, are the same the world over.

Jacques Rousseau also weighed in.
Quote: “Far from reducing customer choice, the regulations enhance those Read the rest

Are Diet Pills an Aggressively Marketed Scam?

Posted 19 June 2014

This article, from the The Huffington Post, written by Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D., examines the evidence for diet pills and asks whether they are only but scams?

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Blood analysis – Sevenpointfive – No proof

Posted 14 June 2014

SevenPointFive advertises that “live blood analysis” can be diagnostic of a range of conditions. We say that this is a scam and has no physiological basis. A complaint was laid with the ASA and SevenPointFive requested to prove their claims. They could not. The ASA ruled against their claims.

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