StemEnhance – still a scam

Posted 14 December 2013

StemEnhance came to South African consumers attention around the beginning of 2009. In fact, this product has been around 2007

We wrote:A second critical point: In medicine, and in particular in stem cell research, when a very clinically worthwhile finding is published, a flood of researchers from around the world try to reproduce that finding, or at least get involved in furthering work around that finding. Since Drapeau publication in 2007, absolute silence! Yes, NO other stem cell researchers have paid ANY attention to StemEnhance or the published paper!“, and, “In plain language, there is insufficient evidence to confirm that StemEnhance has ANY effect on the body. These are facts and not suppositions. Any claims are purely hypothetical“.

We also pointed out that the product contains high levels of arsenic and microcystins (not a guess but we analysed the product).Read the rest

Swainston’s / Simillimum take a hard knock

Posted 13 December 2013

Dr. Francesca L.N. Swainston is a homeopath based in Cape Town. She has for a number of years advertised a number of health products on her website as well in the print media (in particular, Simillimum-for weight loss). Despite numerous ASA rulings, she simply ignored the requirements to furnish proof for the claims being made, and continued to mislead consumers.

A consumer activist, Kevin Charleston, reported her conduct to the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA), the regulatory body of among other, homeopaths.

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Biofield Viewer: “Dr” Thornton Streeter – fraud!

Posted 02 December 2013

thorntonStreeter “Dr” Thornton Streeter is in South Africa giving workshops on the Biofield Viewer. I heard him promoting this product on SAFM on Saturday morning 30 November 2013. Streeter sounds very convincing and if one did not know that he was mixing pseudoscience and actual science to support the claims for the Biofield Viewer, it could convince individuals to believe this nonsense.ThorntonStreeterOlder

The Biofield Viewer claims to “. .  allow[s] the holistic practitioner to view the human aura (scientifically known as the biofield), the Chakras and energetic issues live. It is a state of the art software system based on the principle that photons of light interact with energy fields“. This is fruitloopery, or shall we say, baloney! In fact, the existence of such fields has not yet been scientifically proven.

However, here we focus on whether “Dr” Thornton Streeter simply a fraud? We think Read the rest