Miracle Magnesium oil scam/fraud – The evidence

Posted 30 October 2013

[quote]Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away – Philip K. Dick[/quote] [quote]

To treat your facts with imagination is one thing, but to imagine your facts is another – John Burroughs[/quote]

Overview Marcelle du Plessis / Body Detox makes the claim, among other, that “When Miracle Magnesium Oil™ is taken orally and Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray™ is sprayed daily over the entire body, it may be beneficial for . . . sinusitis.” (http://miraclemagnesiumoil.co.za)

We will briefly show the nonsense of this statement, and further below, show why the claims of Body Detox, and specifically for magnesium oil, are nonsense! Read the rest

Antagolin – does it work? Unlikely.

Posted 29 October 2013

antagolin We are being bombarded on television for an advert that claims, among other, that the product can combat insulin resistance and thereby result in effective weight loss.

On the Antagolin website, a product designed by the “Medical Nutritional Institute”, the following claims are made:

  • AntaGolin™ may help to alleviate insulin resistance and assist you gain better control over your weight.
  • AntaGolin™ consists of a compilation of natural agents that have been recognised for their ability to alleviate insulin resistance. Its mechanism of action comprises the simultaneous targeting of multiple metabolic and biochemical pathways involved in glucose and fat metabolism, as well as the optimal functioning of insulin.

Notice the word, “may help”. Well it either does, or it does not. Is it fair to sell you a product that “may” help if it only works for 10% of people.

What is the truth?

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Magnesium Inflama Spray – ASA breach ruling

Posted 25 October 2013

As mentioned in a previous post, Marcelle du Plessis does not pay attention to societal norms or regulations or ASA rulings. In this breach complaint, i.e., she continues to make unsubstantiated claims for her products, she did not ever bother to respond to the ASA’s correspondence.

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Magnesium Inflama Roll-On – ASA breach ruling

Posted 25 October 2013

As mentioned in a previous post, Marcelle du Plessis does not pay attention to societal norms or regulations or ASA rulings. In this breach complaint, i.e., she continues to make unsubstantiated claims for her products, she did not ever bother to respond to the ASA’s correspondence.

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HPA proposed CAMS Advertising Code

Posted 24 October 2013

The HPA (Health Products Association), an organisation responsible for looking out for the interests of its members, all complementary medicine (CAM) manufacturers, has been extremely unhappy with the ASA rulings that have gone against complementary medicine products. They argue that mainstream medicine health professionals, and scientists, do not understand the CAM paradigm, hence a different set of values and evidence need to be applied to their products. In other words, mainstream medicines, e.g., penicillin, can have high degree of evidence used to prove the product is safe and works, whereas something like Solal’s Anti-Aging Pill or Glomail’s Celltone do not need similar evidence to show that it works. (Really!) The HPA does not defend or act on the behalf of consumers – they look after their members. For example, Glomail is a member of the HPA and they are known to have sold a number of Read the rest

Body Detox Oxygen Drops

Posted 15 October 2013

Oxygen Drops H2O2 foodgrade 100mlMarcelle du Plessis, of Body Detox (and famous for her Miracle Magnesium scam), is advertising this product with the following nonsense: “Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites thrive in an oxygen depleted body. By adding oxygen to your diet, your health will improve dramatically.”

“Candida and cancer cells thrive in a body depleted from oxygen. Due to pollution and stress we become oxygen depleted. This oxygen can be taken internally to replenish depleted oxygen levels. Oxygen will help to kill harmful bacterial, and viral infections. Oxygen is very effective against Candida and Cancer.”

Dangerous scam!

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Vigro – Mr Knowlton’s substantiation

This is Mr Knowlton’s arguments why Vigro’s claims are justified.

It is essential for readers to appreciate that there are a number of important and valid constraints when evaluating evidence. For example, internal company studies are not given the same value as when published in peer-reviewed publications for obvious reasons: can one believe the company’s data? Was it correctly interpreted? And so on.

A very critical point that readers should consider is this: if one takes on ingredient (proven to work or not) and adds it to a another product which contains a number of ingredients, does the original ingredient still have the exact same efficacy. For example, taking hydrochloric acid (HCl) and adding it to sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and flour in a particular order and dose, may result either in the flour first being denatured by the hydrochloric acid – before the last item is added. However if one

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Vigro – ASA agrees, no evidence it works!

Posted 10 October 2013

Consumers have a right to expect reasonable proof that a product delivers on its claims.

Natura, the maker of “famous” homeopathic remedies, purchased the Vigro product from PSN Brands, and ignoring the previous ASA ruling which found that Vigro was only beneficial for a very specific form of hair loss, started advertising that it was effective for all hair loss (makes one wonder about their ethics). A request that we made to the ASA for arbitration against the initial ruling, arguing that Vigro was completely ineffective, could therefore not proceed. However, it did allow a new complaint to be laid with the ASA arguing again that Vigro is ineffective for all forms of hair loss.

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Glomail Celltone – product’s own study shows it does not work!

Posted 11 October 2013

We have to commend Glomail for at least putting some money into testing whether Celltone  “Regenerative gel”, that it would “… assist with the management of various skin afflictions” and that it “Helps diminish the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, spots and wrinkles” as claimed by Glomail.

However, here it gets interesting. The study done locally by Future Cosmetics appeared to Glomail to support the claims that the product works. And Mr John Knowlton of Cosmetic Solutions who has substantiated a number of other products complained to the ASA about, and previously regarded as an expert by the ASA, substantiated the product’s claims (mostly) based on this study.

However we carefully examined the findings and found that the evidence was actually against the claims! Yep, did not support the claims at all. In fact, it confirmed what we had been saying, it Read the rest

Vigro – Dr Nye’s substantiation

Below is the substantiation of Dr David Nye in support of the claims for Vigro. As mentioned before, Dr Nye has “substantiated” a number of dubious products previously. Readers are welcome to read Dr Nye’s substantiation and compare with ours. Dr Nye’s substantiation, in our opinion, is typical of a number of “experts” who substantiate products – cherry pick evidence and hide that which does not fit.

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