Solal’s Prostrate Protection Formula – Scam?

Posted 26 July 2013

Breast protectionSolal’s Prostrate Protection Formula claims:

Protects and improves symptoms of enlarged prostate. The only formulation that combines all natural extracts at the correct doses, proven to provide maximum protection for the prostate. I3C, DIM and curcumin extract protect against and may retard the growth of tumour prostate cell mutations“, and,

Beta-sitosterol improves urinary symptoms such as urinary output and bladder emptying. It also inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, thereby preventing the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a known risk factor for prostate cell mutation and growth. Pygeum africanum extract prevents prostate inflammation, cell proliferation and growth. Lycopene and selenium reduce the risk of prostate cell mutations.

Note the  statement “Lycopene and selenium reduce the risk of prostate cell mutations.

What is the evidence in support that lycopene and/or selenium will be beneficial for the prostrate? Nil actually.

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Is Solal’s resveratrol dangering your health?

Posted 26 July 2013

Readers are aware that Solal’s central meme is “anti-aging” (The Anti-Aging Pill (R)), and the primary ingredient is resveratrol. The head pharmacist of Solal, Brent Murphy, argues that anti-aging effects of resveratrol in earthworms and flies can be extrapolated to humans. I have pointed out that there is insufficient evidence to suggest or even allow humans to ingest this ingredient, and in particular, warned that little is know about the safety of resveratrol especially ssince preliminary studies in animals point to a hormetic effect. (

A study published this week, concludes that “[I]n older men, a natural antioxidant compound found in red grapes and other plants – called resveratrol – blocks many of the cardiovascular benefits of exercise. This is the surprising result from a research project from the University of Copenhagen published today in The Journal of Physiology. The research unusually suggests that Read the rest

Johan Brittz alias Be-Trim alias – Scam!

Posted 25 July 2013

SandiJohan and Sandi Brittz are the scam artists behind Be-Trim, selling the same product under a range of names and ignoring ASA rulings. This complaint to the ASA points out that Caxton publishers, 

the owners of Vrouekeuer, have again not complied with ASA rulings and have accepted an adverts for this product, and that the product is now being sold under the guise of And in case you are wondering, the loss of your hard-earned money is going to keeping their lavish lifestyle in LLundudno intact. More, they have claimed that two distinguished scientists support their product, a blatant lie.

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Fountainhead Cardio Flow Pomegrante

Posted 25 July 2013

Fountainhead continues to scam consumers with a number of products. Cardioflow Pomegranate Dietary Supplement is a product that makes a number of unsubstantiated claims, i.e., that it is good for the heart when in fact there is no evidence to support these claims. Here is the result of an ASA complaint.

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Solal Technologies actively promotes pseudoscience … and here’s how

Posted 24 July 2013

This article is posted on

Kevin Charleston explains why he stands by the comments a popular vitamin company is suing him for.  Solal Technologies instituted a legal complaint against him for defamation: Solal objected to him calling them “a company that actively promotes pseudoscience”. They also complained about images used in the article – an image which he had no hand in selecting to accompany the article published on the Quackdown website (and also published on CamCheck).

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Dr Auer’s Base Powder – Liar, liar, pants on ….

Posted 19 July 2013

What do Solal and Dr Auer’s Base Powder have in common? Two things: both flagrantly ignore ASA rulings, and, although the ASA ruled against the claims being made for this product in 5 September 2003, they are making the same claims in the July-August 2013 issue of Solal’s Health Intelligence Magazine (Edition 22). Then we know that Solal cannot be trusted – either their science or their ethics. Indeed, in the same issue is an advert for Solal’s Breast Protection Formula with the line “there are nutrients and plant extracts that can help protect your breasts…”, yet they could not prove their claims with the ASA ruling against the claims being made for this product.

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Glomail Celltone breach of ASA?

Posted 15 July 2013

An advert in a Game flyer, continued to claim that Celltone has a regenerative effect on the skin, a claim previously ruled against by the ASA. A breach complaint was laid against Glomail.

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Vigro – balderdash!

Posted 05 July 2013

The ASA has previously ruled against the claims for Vigro. We had argued that preventing or curing hair loss would be a “holy grail” and on face value, the claims are impossible. Vigro’s expert, Mr John Knowlton, argued that the science in support of Vigro’s claims are valid for individuals who are affected by a specific form of hair loss and not all forms of hairloss. The product Vigro has subsequently been sold to Natura, a manufacturer of homeopathic products, and they are now aggressively marketing this product as being effective for hair loss.

Here we examine the ingredients and the “proof” supplied by Mr Knowles and the manufacturer, and show that the evidence in favour of this product working in ANY form of hairloss, is in fact balderdash.  A new complaint has been laid with the ASA.

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Evox 100% Whey Protein – not what it seems

Posted 03 July 2013

Contrary to advertising, 100% whey powder does not build muscle, nor does one actually need so much extra protein for enough can be supplied by the diet. What if a company claims to contain less protein in the product than actually advertised? In our testing, we evaluated Evox and USN products and found both to be deficient. Below is the Evox ruling. The USN one is still pending.

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Magnesium Inflama Roll-on – Scam!

Posted 3 July 2013

Another scam from Platinum Lifestyle Products / Miracle Magnesium. 

We know from science that very, very few substances can be effectively absorbed through the skin. That is why so little orthodox medicines are sold this way. There is zip proof that magnesium is absorbed through the skin to have any effect on the range of conditions this product claims to be effective for. Big scam.

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