CANSA promotes untested supplement

Posted 22 March 2013

In February CANSA endorsed a product called Omega Caro-E, recognising it as a CANSA Smart Choice. Quackdown! reports that Prof Roy Jobson evaluated the evidence to support the claim that this product will reduce the risk for cancer and “the evidence CANSA used was based mainly on “food” studies (not supplements). Some of these studies explicitly stated that food supplements should not used as there was insufficient evidence for them. Other studies indicated that dietary modifications would be the preferred intervention.”

Extracts from the Quackdown! article: 

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. Patients in remission can be desperate for advice to reduce the risk of their cancer returning.

But most people do not have the knowledge, time or motivation to research medical journals to decide whether or not to try this or that treatment, diet or lifestyle change. This is why people with cancer and their families

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Proof – Herbex Slimmers For Men is a fat lie

Posted 07 March 2013

Do Herbex products have ANY efficacy?

My colleagues and I say absolutely NO!

Hebex Slimmers for Men has been scamming South African consumers for over 8 years. In November 2005 the ASA was asked to accept arbitration on this product, claimed by Herbex’s “expert”, Dr Sandell (an unqualified homeopath) to have efficacy, versus facts that shows that the claims for the product are highly unlikely. Arbitration was not allowed to proceed based on a legal trick. 

We argued that the dosages of the ingredients of the product were infinitesimally small, that many of the ingredients that Dr Sandell and Herbex claimed reduced appetite, were actually used to stimulate appetite, and that many ingredients had zero efficacy in weight loss and at best were no more than laxatives, and so on. Has a single study ever been performed on this product? No. A major scam product.

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Slimbetti Active Xtreme – another scam

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA submitting that according to Slimbetti’s website, the two main ingredients are “Irvingia gabonensis” and green tea. There are limited studies for the ingredient Irvingia gabonensis on its own as quoted on the respondent’s website, but the complainant was unable to find a study where these two ingredients were combined, or combined in the same concentrations as is the case in this product.

Dr David Nye substantiated the product for SlimBetti. However the ASA Directorate was not satisfied that the weight loss claims made in the advertisement were appropriately and unequivocally verified as true and applicable to the product as a whole when consumed at the recommended dose and ruled against the claims for the product.

Readers will be aware that the same scam artists responsible for the other SlimBetti products, and previously SlenderMax, namely Jasmine and Chris GrindlayRead the rest

Kangmei Slimming Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA against the weight-loss claims being made by Kangmei claiming that there is no proof the product works – beyond a placebo response – and that the company needs to supply proof that this product can benefit consumers. 

The company was asked by the ASA to do so, and although gave a long convoluted argument, they were not able to supply any evidence that the product does in fact result in weight-loss in the average consumer using this product.

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Cavi Brands-Solal – ASA Ruling

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer complainant lodged a breach complaint against the CAVI Brands, arguing that it has not complied with the rulings of a previous ASA ruling. He complained of advertising for Solal present on the CAVI Brands website.

The ASA Directorate was satisfied that, while CAVI Brands did technically breach the original rulings by failing to completely remove the information it undertook to, there is no apparent need for sanctions as suggested by the complainant for these links were immediately removed upon being informed.

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Solal HIV/AIDS Protocol – ASA ruling

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA against this product: “. . . investigated the individual claims made for each individual component, taking issue with the validity of these claims.” 

However the ASA concluded that “the complaint at hand cannot currently be properly considered and ruled on” and  “. . . grounds on which the complaint is based are not currently ‘… clearly stated’ and it would be improper for the Directorate to expect a respondent to answer to a complaint when the complaint does not provide sufficient motivation”.

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Miracle Comfrey

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA against this product arguing that there is no evidence to support the claim that this product can heal all skin problems. A number of other complaints were also presented.

The ASA asked the company to supply evidence that the product works, but they could not.

Note: comfrey is a toxic product – do not ingest it!

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Herbalife research connections questioned.

Posted 04 March 2013

Herbalife research connections questioned

The Los Angeles Times has published a startling report about the financial relationships between Herbalife, prominent researchers who been promoting the company, and the University of California-Los Angeles Geffen School of Medicine. [Hiltzik M. Herbalife cozies up with UCLA Los Angeles Times, Feb 22, 2013] The report notes:

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ReShape Weight-loss Program

Posted 01 March 2013

My attention has been drawn to the Reshape “Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program. A consumer asked if the diet is safe?The diet is based on the ideas of Dr ATW Simeons. Dr Thys Heyns writes on the Reshape website: ” . . made me even more positive about this revolutionary weight loss protocol that was introduced to the world by Dr ATW Simeons”.  Reshape logo


There are a few things you need to know about this diet:

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