Homemark Slim Coffee ASA breach

Posted 07 August 2012

This matter involves a protracted dispute between a consumer in relation to the Homemark’s Slim Coffee product. The matter was heard at all levels of the ASA, and ultimately resulted in an arbitration report finding against the  Homemark’s efficacy and weight loss claims. What is more, the  Homemark has been found in breach of the relevant adverse rulings on more than one occasion, but no sanctions were ever imposed. The most recent breach ruling was issued on 16 April 2012, finding the respondent in breach of the previous rulings. The complainant submitted that at http://www.homemark.co.za/product/health–beauty/remedy-slim-coffee the product is still being promoted using “Before” and “After” imagery, under the name “Slim Coffee. The complainant noted that the product is now advertised as Remedy Slim Coffee, but the accompanying image of the packaging is identical to Slim Coffee previously ruled against. This appears to be a flagrant breach Read the rest

Magnesium Inflama Spray – ASA ruling

Posted 03 August 2012

A consumer complaint was laid against the respondent’s print advertisement appearing in the “My Tyd” magazine of the Rapport newspaper. The advertisement is headed “Spuit jou PYN weg!” (Spray your PAIN away!) and promotes the respondent’s “Magnesium Inflama SprayTM as a unique product containing magnesium from the Dead Sea, which is absorbed through the skin, and may help reduce “Suur” (Acid), “Verkalking” (Calcification), “Inflammasie” (Inflamation) and “Pyn” (Pain). It also lists, with a tick against each, the following conditions: • “Hoofpyn/Migraine (headache / migraine) • Geswelde Voete (swollen feet) • Sportbeserings (sports injuries) • Hoë bloeddruk (high blood pressure) • Osteoporose (osteoporosis) • Spatare (varicose veins) • Rugpyn (back ache) • Nekpyn (Neck pain) • Artritis (Artritis) • Sinusitis • Allergieë (Allergies) • Alle PYN (All PAIN) • Sooibrand (heartburn) • Cholesterol • Waterretensie (water retention) • Muskiet- of Insekbyte” (mosquito or insect bites)

The complainant Read the rest

Glomail iRenew Arm Bracelet

Posted 01 August 2011

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against the advertising for Glomail’s “iRenew” bracelet, which is claimed: “Feeling week and run down? iRenew is the proven, revolutionary bracelet infused with BioField technology, that helps increase your body’s energy, strength & wellness. • The Problem: Stress to our body’s personal energy system, commonly known as the biofield, is delivered ot [sic] in many ways. From daily stress to electromagnetic radiation, these factors are now believed by many scientists and doctors to disrupt our sensitive biofield. • The Solution: Bringing your biofield to a more balanced state is believed by many to increase mental and physical performance, reinforce natural immunity to stress and enhance a sense of well-being. • How iRenew Works: iRenew® Energy Balance SystemTM products with Biofield TechnologyTM harness the natural frequencies which are everpresent in our environment and use them to tune and rebalance your biofield Read the rest

USN Phedra-Cut Lipo XT – ASA ruling

Posted 01 August 2012

A consumer complaint against a USN advertisement which appeared on a website promoting the “USN 12 week challenge”. In essence, the complainant submitted that the contestants’ initial body fat percentages appear to be within normal ranges. However, the end body fat percentages are not comparable to the given appearance, is unhealthy (because it is below the levels of essential body fat percentages) and unrealistic and physiologically unattainable. The advertising is false with regards to the alleged body fat percentages attained at the end of the challenge, and is glamorising life threateningly low body fat percentages, and implies that the product can help an individual achieve physiologically impossible body fat percentages. 

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