Patrick Holford’s Appetstop – ASA complaint

Posted: 23 June 2012 

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against an Internet advertisement promoting its Patrick Holford’s Appetstop product. The advertisement claims that this product “… provides a combination of herbal ingredients and nutrients that may help to assist in reducing appetite and sugar cravings”. The advertisement also positions the product as beneficial for “Appetite control and healthy weight loss”. Patrick Holford “undertook to remove the claims disputed due to, inter alia, the fact that the product branding and positioning is about to be aligned with the international strategy.” Yep, another way of saying, “drat, I have no proof!”

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Patrick Holford’s Mood Food – ASA Breach ruling

Posted: 23 June 2012

A consumer lodged a breach complaint against Patrick Holford’s website submitting, inter alia, that the Patrick Holford continued to make similar claims or convey similar sentiments by claiming  that “MOOD FOOD provides a combination of amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that help to support mood and mental well-being”, and that this was a breach of the previous ASA ruling. The ASA agreed.

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Siberian Pine Nut Oil – Sanctions?

Posted 12 June 2012

A complaint was laid with the ASA that Siberian Pine Nut Oil was still making misleading claims on their Website. The ASA investigated and found that this was not deliberate and the company amended their website as required by the initial ASA ruling and the subsequent breach ruling. 

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Live Blood Analysis – Ozone Health Studio

Posted 06 June 2012

Ozone Health Studio claims ” placing a drop of blood on a slide to look at under a darkfield microscope. From this, they may be able to detect evidence of poor assimilation of fats or proteins, low nutrients and immune response, increased clotting factors, imbalance in pH levels, inflammation, low oxygenation and much more. ” This is so contrary to physiological and haematological principles!!  Bizarre is a simple word to describe these claims.

This ASA ruling is interesting for it holds both the company marketing the product AND Groupon liable for the claims in the advertisement.

The ASA ruled against both.

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Kwik-Up Sexual Performance claims deflated

Posted 06 June 2012


A consumer laid a complaint against a product claiming that, among other, “Kwik-Up Pills one hour before action and get a bigger, harder, stronger erection – Fast” and “The chemist gave me Kwik-Up pills and now my erection is hard and strong and I can go all night. My wife will never leave me now.”

A consumer laid a complaint against a product claiming that, among other, “Kwik-Up Pills one hour before action and get a bigger, harder, stronger erection – Fast” and “The chemist gave me Kwik-Up pills and now my erection is hard and strong and I can go all night. My wife will never leave me now.”

The ASA agreed that there is no stiff evidence to support these claims.

In fact, at the website, a many more scam products are advertised, including MEDeENLARGE, Male Organ Enlargement capsules, “a vitamin and Read the rest

COMENSA – Slimbetti – Jasmine Grindlay

Posted 04 June 2012

What do Jasmine Grindlay, Slimbetti and Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) have in common?   

Answer: Comensa  has no problem in accepting scam artist Jasmine Grindlay of infamous Hoodia Slender Gel (now evolved into Slimbetti) as a member.  

Jasmine Grindlay is the owner, creator and head honcho of Slimbetti. Readers will be aware that Slimbetti started of as Hoodia Slender Gel, and following repeated rulings by the ASA against this product’s claims, kept on changing the product name but continuing with the claims, becoming Slender Gel, then Slender Max, and finally arriving at Slimbetti. The range of unsubstantiated products increased and Ms Jasmine simply started ignoring the ASA rulings. Local website hosting companies took down her websites but she simply started hosting them overseas. And she continues to ply her trade of scam products on innocent hard working South African consumers.

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Body2Tone Weight Loss Plan

04 June 2012

Again, another product making claims that just sound too good to be true, and including a fake doctor to boot!

At their website, Body2Tone make a number of claims which if true, would make this the first product in the world to really result in weight-loss, a miracle indeed. The website claims: “”One of the most powerful and effective weight loss systems ever created” Dr Jacques Lotz.

Yep, Jacques Lotz does not appear to be a medical doctor and the claims are false for their is absolutely not a shred of proof that either the individual ingredients, or the combination thereof, can result in weight-loss.

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA arguing that this product is no more than a scam, unless the company could supply proof that the product can work. Nil evidence worth anything, so the ASA ruled against the claims. But scams Read the rest

Kangmei Slimming Capsules – ASA ruling

Posted 01 June 2012

This ruling is interesting for it illustrates that if an ASA complaint is not constructed correctly, then the ASA cannot consider the merits of the complaint, and will reject it.

Note: I have evaluated the claims and the ingredients and there is no proof that this product can result in the extraordinary claims being made for it. Claiming that no dieting is required reeks of a scam product. A new (and correctly argued) complaint has been laid with the ASA.  

Update: 06 November 2012: Dangerous substance hidden in Kangmei

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Lifebuoy or Dettol?

Posted 01 June 2012

This is an interesting ASA ruling. Essentially it is a fight between Lifebuoy and Dettol, with Dettol arguing that “that bar soaps and antiseptic liquids are distinctly different products which fulfill different, albeit complementary, functions” and that “a bar soap’s primary use is to clean germs from the body and does not necessarily affect germs in the water, which means that germs can be transferred back onto the body. In contrast, an antiseptic liquid’s primary function is to kill germs, whether on the body or in the water.”

This ruling is interesting for it shows how well the ASA were able to show that the “expert”, Dr Jardine, did not point out that the concentrations between Dettol and Lifebuoy were not compared using the same ‘strengths’. It shows how competitors try to compete in the same market. Worse, it shows how competitors will attack each other Read the rest

Repcillin – ASA breach ruling

Posted 01 June 2012

A breach complaint was laid against the Repcillin’s website, arguing that through the testimonials on its website, the respondent continued to make claims that give the impression that the product is effective for a range of skin conditions, and some contrary to the ASA regulations governing testimonials.

 The breach allegation was upheld, with no additional sanctions imposed on the respondent other than the immediate withdrawal of the offending material.

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