Ultima Fat Away

Posted 29 April 2012 

Does Ultima Fat Away result in weight loss?

Well there is certainly not a shred of evidence that it does. Here is an old ASA ruling, which followed an arbitration by Prof Tessa vd Merwe, where she ruled that “After considering all the documentation before her, Prof van der Merwe submitted that these claims could not “be substantiated based on scientific studies.””

And considering that the company is still selling this product years later, with the same unproven claims, suggests that one cannot trust ANYTHING that this company sells. Ultima products, owned by Tim Shead, sells their product in Dischem and other outlets, and online. I think that it is an affront to consumers, to the ASA and to Prof Tessa v.d. Merwe that this company continues to abuse the trust of consumers in this way.

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Oscillococcinum – ASA ruling

Posted 26 April 2012 

Consumer complaints were lodged against a Boiron laboratories television commercial as promoting the product Occilococcinum. The voice-over states, “When flu symptoms appear, take Oscillococcinum immediately”, “Take Oscillococcinum immediately for the relief of flu symptoms” and “Oscillococcinum, homeopathic medicine from Boiron laboratories”.

In essence the complainants submitted that the implied efficacy of the product is unsubstantiated and misleading. The complainants explained that this product is nothing more than duck liver and heart, which has been processed, and then diluted to a measure of one part liver/heart extract to 100200 parts water (100 to the power of 200). As such, there are literally no heart/liver molecules left in the final product solution. What’s more, there is no evidence to show that consuming duck liver/heart has any effect on the flu.

The ASA ruled in favour of the complainants.

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StemEnhance – promotes cancer?

Posted 25 April 2012

In a previous posting on StemEnhance, I pointed out how our research found high levels of arsenic and microcystins present in the product. 

This article highlighted in New Scientist, reports that “ARSENIC is a carcinogen that packs a double punch: cells that it has made cancerous send out signals that in turn make healthy stem cells become malignant.”

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Posts related to Slimbetti / Slender Gel / SlenderMax

Here are articles and ASA rulings against the Chris and Jasmine Grindlay

 CamCheck posts related to Slimbetti / Slender Gel / SlenderMax
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CamCheck posts related to Solal

[note note_color="#f6fdde" radius="4"]CamCheck posts related to Solal
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Chinese Medicine dangers

Posted 19 April 2012

"Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is enjoying increasing popularity all over the world. But two molecular genetics studies published this week show that the trendy treatments can be harmful, as well. The papers focus attention on the fact that not all of their ingredients are listed, or even legal, and that some can cause cancer."

Continue reading at  ScienceMag

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Company’s HIV treatment claim condemned

Posted 19 April 2012

Clinicians and AIDS workers have condemned Imuniti Holdings for claims it is making about its nutritional supplements.

Henry Stassen, from Edge to Edge Investments, which distributes for Imuniti, says the company manufactures a nutritional pack that eradicates HIV.

Continue reading this great article  by Mary-Jane Matsolo on Quackdown! (Originally published on GroundUp.) 

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Solal, guilty: another breach ruling

Posted 19 April 2012

Seems like Solal are simply unable to learn from their mistakes, nor from changing their vexatious attitude to the ASA, or those laying complaints with the ASA.. This attitude and approach clearly reflects directly on the personality, ethics and morals of the directors of Solal, and therefore, can one trust them at all? 

See also http://www.camcheck.co.za/tag/eyesight-protection/ for previous related rulings.

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DiaScan Scam

Posted 17 April 2011

At http://www.diascan-sa.com/ the product, DiaScan is being promoted claiming:

“DiaScan is a Body and Health Wellness and Information Center falling into the category of Alternative medicine and not a Medical Center. All centers being run by non medical practitioners will work closely with medical practitioners and cases requiring medical attention will be referred, with all necessary color pictures of affected or damaged organs, graphics and explanations to assist the medical practitioners in the treatment of a patient.”
“The DiaScan Process will

  • Scan all organs and body systems in patients with 98% accuracy
  • Give a patient complete information on the state of health of their bodies
  • List diseases that are at a developmental risk stage
  • List initial disorders that are present but no acute functional disorders as of yet
  • List diseases that will progress in time if no treatment is applied
  • List existing causative agents in all
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Homemark Slim Coffee in breach of ASA ruling

Posted 16 April 2012

Homemark continues to sell Slim Coffee in breach of the ASA ruling. Tells you something about the ethics of this company.

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