Memoregain For Your Brain

Posted 13 March 2012

In Memoregain For Your Brains (18 January 2010) the Directorate ruled, inter alia, that the claim “The ultimate brain nourisher. Improves memory and learning ability. Repairs and acclerates [sic] neuron growth and repair” was unsubstantiated and in breach of Clause 4.1 of Section II of the Code. The Directorate added that by virtue of this, the claim was also misleading and in contravention of Clause 4.2.1 of Section II. The respondent was instructed to withdraw the claim with immediate effect. On 19 February 2012, the complainant lodged a breach allegation against the respondent’s information available on its website, submitting, inter alia, that the respondent continues to make claims that Memoregain (The Ultimate Brain nourisher) is effective for repairing the brain, improving memory, and a host of unproven brains effect. 

The ASA agreed that the respondent was in breach of the previous ASA ruling. In other words, Read the rest

DNA Diet breach of ASA ruling

Posted 13 March 2012

In essence, a consumer complained that the DNA Diet was still making claims for efficacy in spite of no scientific proof to support the claims being made, and in spite of a previous ASA ruling against the product. The ASA agreed.

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A Vogel Alkaline Powder – ASA ruling

Posted 11 March 2012

Mr Charleston lodged a consumer complaint against a print advertisement that was featured in The Star newspaper during 2011. 

The advertisement asks the question, “Feeling acidic?” and states “A body with a constantly raised acidic level can become ill”. It then continues to state, “A. Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder contains calcium, magnesium and potassium and includes Vitamin C in its whole form as an antioxidant to help protect the body against the associated damaging effects of oxidative stress caused by a high dietary acid load…” 

The complainant submitted that the advertisement offers no evidence for the claims made. 

The ASA agreed and ruled against Bio-Strath.

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ImuPro breach ruling

Posted 11 March 2011

This ASA ruling against the complainant, is interesting for it relates to changing of website contents, integrity, proof and mainly, being careful to copy the contents of a website before laying a complaint!

In essence: I noticed that the ImuPro website was still making claims contrary to the ASA’s previous rulings. I laid a complaint. The ASA sent the complaint to Dr York, who claimed that the links I spoke about were no longer present and probably in the cache of my browser (unlikely for I viewed this page after having cleared my cache – done regularly). The ASA checked his claims that the links were not active and confirmed this to be true. Of course, I stand by my claim.

Considering that the ASA were not able to access the website page, the complaint was dismissed. I re-iterate, I feel so strongly about individuals being Read the rest

Fountainhead Detox Patches – ASA breach ruling

Posted 11 March 2012

A complaint was laid against the website of Fountainhead Detox Patches arguing that the same claims were still being made for this product. The argument was made that the product was the same but the name simply changed. The ASA ruled in favour of the respondent, i.e., Fountainhead.

However, this allows the complainant to lay a complaint with the ASA against the bizarre and nonsense claims being made for these two products,  Chi Detox Patches / Heat Detox Patches .  In  the event that Fountainhead change their website and claims, the original web page can be viewed here.

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Bio-Strath – ASA ruling

Posted 11 March 2012

Prof Jobson lodged a consumer complaint against the Bio-Strath's website advertising ( and which contained the following claims:

“Bio-Strath may be taken to: • Counteract exhaustion, fatigue and exam stress • Build resistance to colds and infections • Speed up recovery in convalescence • Improve general well-being and concentration • Provide stamina for intensive work, study and sport • Cope with stresses and strains of modern living • Regulate digestion • Assist in overcoming skin complaints • Strengthen the nervous system • Combat physical and mental tiredness and nervous tension • Restore health and vitality to adults and children • Restore body vitamins where deficiency has been caused by antibiotic therapy.”

On the page dealing with “Children” it refers to “The effects of a food supplement in the behaviour of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) (Pädiatrie, January 1/2006)” and briefly highlights the Read the rest