Body Detox

Posted 30 March 2012

The website, Body Detox, sells a number of unsubstantiated products – many with absolute false claims. For example, the site states:

  • “Most people are severely Magnesium deficient and are blissfully unaware of the health complications associated with Magnesium deficiency”,  
  • “Most illnesses and disease including constant tiredness, headaches, bloatedness, allergies, sinusitis, eczema and poor concentration could all be due to toxins and parasites in the body”
  •  “Roll your sinusitis away” 

Frankly most of the claims on the site are not possible, complies lies or simply figment of the seller’s imagination. They are based at 20 Lynburn Road, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, cellphone 0861 263 933. Would you trust products coming from this address?

Read more at the Quackdown! website.

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Solal Stress Damage Control – no work?

Posted 22 March 2012

A consumer lodged a complaint against Solal's print advertisements which was headed “Stress at work increases the risk of heart attack by 300-600%”. It states “Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology shows that stress at work can increase the risk of heart attack by 300-600%. In addition, other research shows that the hormones released during times of stress can damage brain cells and hamper your work performance”. It then promotes “STRESS DAMAGE CONTROL”  under the auspices that it contains “… concentrated herbal extracts of Rhodiola and ashwagandha that help prevent the formation of excess stress hormones, which can damage the heart and brain cells …”  The complainant submitted that “It is quite clear that the advert suggests the product protects the heart and brain from stress damage”, something which requires product-specific substantiation as per previous ASA rulings. 

The ASA ruled against the claims for the Read the rest

Pharma Natura Jungle Vites – ASA ruling

Posted 23 March 2012

A consumer complaint against Pharma Natura’s claims for Jungle Vites was laid with the ASA. The advertisement claims, among other, “ . . . supports a healthy immune system …”, “Focussed Kidz Caps – enhances learning and behavioural ability …”, “Multi V Tabs – . . . support optimal growth and development . . .” and " . . . formulated for the nutritional needs of children from 1 – 3 years old”. 

However Pharma Natura could not offer proof to support these claims resulting in an ASA ruling against the company.

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Vitaforce Plus Range – ASA ruling

Posted 23 March 2012

A consumer complaint was laid against Pharma Natura’s promotion of its Omega Plus, Magnesium Plus, Spirulina Plus and Calcium Plus capsules that fall within its “Plus Range”. The advertisement, inter alia, contains a table setting out the following product-related information:

• “Magnesium Plus Tabs 30” “Supports the nervous system and keeps muscles relaxed”
• “Calcium Plus 650mg Tabs 60” “Optimal bone development and strength”
• “Omega Plus Caps 30” “Promotes cardiovascular health”
• “Spirulina Plus Tabs 90” “Helps promote energy and vitality”

But no proof that these claims are true was forthcoming.

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Pharma Nutir-B – ASA ruling

Posted 23 March 2012

Prof Jobson lodged a consumer complaint against Pharma Natura’s Internet advertisement promoting its Vitaforce Nutri-B tablets. The advertisement stated, among other, “Category leader in supplement stress management" and "Nutir-B [sic] is ideal for people who lead pressurised lifestlyes or who are recoving [sic] from stress related ill health." But the company could not prove these claims and the ASA ruled against the claims.

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Vitaforce Skin Care – ASA ruling

Posted 23 March 2012

Is there proof that the Vitaforce Skin Care range ( Aloe E Skin Gel, Vita-E 1000 Herbal Cream, Vita-E Skin Lotion, Vita-E Skin Oil) works? They certainly could not supply the ASA with any proof that the claims for the products are justified.

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Slimmintz – no proof that it slims

Posted 22 March 2012

Slimmintz placed an advert in the Rooi Rose claiming that the product will result in weight-loss. Unlikely. When confronted with a request for proof, the “respondent disputed the veracity of the complaint, but added that it sees no purpose in defending the complaint.”  Yep. 

” The respondent submitted that there is advertising that had already been booked prior to the objection which cannot be amended, however that all further advertising will not include the offending claims.”

In other words, “we cannot prove that this product works, but we will continue making this claim in advertising already booked, and then continue selling the product but just change our claims a little”.

This is the nonsense sprouted on their website:

“SlimMintZ contains natural ingredients which assist with weight loss by:
1. Increasing your adrenaline levels which promotes an increase in your metabolism.
Therefore helps burn fat without
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How to be open-minded

Posted 19 March 2012

YouTube user QualiaSoup made this insightful video on what it means to be open-minded. This video is a far more helpful and nuanced description on why being open minded doesn’t mean believing in everything and anything.

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The Kardashians and the diet pills

Posted 13 March 2012

Dr IV van Heerden, of DietDoc (Health24) has written a wonderful expose of the Kardashians and diet pills, and a lawsuit that been filed against Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney in connection with their endorsement of a slimming product – Quick Trim in South Africa.

Read this article at DietDoc

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Topline Innovations – Mervyn Daitz

Posted 13 March 2012

Who is Mervyn Daitz, and who is Topline Innovations? 

“Topline Innovations, a company founded by Mervyn Daitz 27 years ago. Mervyn, an expert in the health and beauty industry, is always on the lookout for high quality products to help improve people's health and beauty.”

Sounds marvellous, except this company is responsible for the marketing of a number of unsubstantiated products, including one ruled twice against in previous ASA ruling: the RAYMA Balance Bracelet.

Mervyn proudly writes: “The business started in 1984 when Mervyn was introduced to the TDK Bio-Magnetic necklace, a pain relief accessory. Many years later while on a visit to Spain he saw the enormous success and extraordinary results of the Rayma balance bracelet. After seeing the fantastic results for people suffering from pain, these two products became the foundations on which Topline Innovations was based. Both products are still available Read the rest