Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Posted: 30 December 2011

"The latest hair trend to land on our shores started in Brazil about 5 years ago. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT), Brazilian Keratin Blow out and similar products, took Hollywood and the world by storm, promising frizz-free silky straight hair."

Is it safe? Is it effective? Most contain formaldehyde which is a health risk. Can you believe those that claim to be formaldehyde-free, or allergen safe? I suspect not.

Here is an excellent editorial published in the South African Medical Journal by Dr Nonhlanhla P Khumalo, Division of Dermatology, Groote Schuur and the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospitals, University of Cape Town.

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Konjac Fat Blaster – Scam

Posted: 28 December 2011

There is simply no proof that this product has any efficacy at all.

A consumer laid a complaint with the UK ASA against the claims for this product. The complaint was upheld.

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Solal Technologies’ astonishing letter of demand

Posted: 19 December 2011

Company tries yet again to silence its critics

By Harris Steinman and Nathan Geffen
Cross-posted in Quackdown!

Last year Solal Technologies sent letters of demand threatening to sue Roy Jobson and one of us (Steinman) for defamation. They have not carried out that threat. Now the company is once again trying to intimidate those who criticise it.

Kevin Charleston has lodged several complaints with the ASA, including some against Solal Technologies. Most have been upheld; his complaints are not frivolous. For example, Charleston successfully pointed out that Solal’s claim that vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine was unsubstantiated. Charleston’s active citizenship, for which he receives no reimbursement, helps protect the public from false advertising. How has Solal reacted? Have the company’s directors expressed humility and decided to change their modus operandi? Have they sent Charleston a letter of thanks for helping them Read the rest

More Sad Facts . . .

Posted 17 December, 2011

A promise was made to publish a correction ('clarification') to a misleading and irresponsible article first published in Health Intelligence magazine Edition 10 on page 14. The article was about antidepressant medicines.  The promise was to publish the clarification in Edition 12.

An 'update' has been published in Health Intelligence magazine Edition 12 on page 11. Was it the promised clarification? Sadly not. Check out the updated blog at:

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The False Hope Industry

Posted: 14 December 2011

Marcus Low wrote this article for Quackdown. It's a valuable contribution to the discussion/debate on patients, providers, advertising and choice – from a patient's perspective.

In the event that readers are not able to access the article at Quackdown, it is reproduced below as well.

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HCG for weight loss – Not!

Posted 07 December 2011

Federal regulators order companies to stop selling homeopathic weight loss remedies

By Associated Press, Published: December 6

From the Washington Post 

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators are ordering several companies to stop selling an unproven weight loss remedy that uses protein from the human placenta.

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ASA ruling: Food Detective

Posted 07 December 2011

In Food Detective / H A Steinman / 15038 (26 March 2010), the Directorate ruled that claims on the respondent’s pamphlet distributed to healthcare professionals for its Food Detective kit were unsubstantiated. The respondent was instructed to withdraw the relevant claims and not use them again in future. In a subsequent ruling, dated 12 November 2010, a breach allegation lodged by the complainant was dismissed on the basis that the amended claims at issue were sufficiently different to those originally considered and ruled on to negate an argument of breach. In a letter dated 2 November 2011, the complainant lodged a new breach allegation against the respondent’s advertisement for Food Detective, as was seen in the programme of a recent Allergy Society of South Africa’s congress. The complainant submitted that the respondent continues to claim that the Food Detective is “an easy to use, rapid test Read the rest

HIVEX no treatment for HIV

Posted 02 December 2011

A report in Politics Web: HIVEX no treatment for HIV – SECTION27 – TAC

01 December 2011 

NGOs says it'll take legal action if company doesn't desist from making spurious claims 

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The VIOXX Settlement – Merck Pays a Pittance for Mass Deaths

Posted 02 December 2011

Although CAMCheck is focused primarily on contentious complementary and alternative medicine products, we continue to stress that this does not suggest the opposite, that we therefore support Big Pharma products: we in fact support products that have robust evidence of safety and efficacy. We have repeatedly pointed out that even Big Pharma / Orthodox medicine are prone to corrupt practices, products lacking evidence of efficacy or safety.

Here is an article addressing the the MSD settlement on Vioxx. 

This article, published in CounterPunch, needs to be read in the context of the politics of CounterPunch! 

Nonetheless, it raises a number of issues and illustrates very clearly of what happens when evidence for efficacy and/or safety is corrupted, inadequate, and not scrutinised. The consequences on ordinary consumers has been devastating.  

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