Study says hoodia has adverse side effects

Posted: 24 November 2011

Study says hoodia has adverse side effects
SARAH WILD  in Business Day
Published: 2011/11/15 08:35:30 AM

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says indigenous hoodia gordonii plant is ineffective as an appetite suppressant and has adverse side effects 

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CAM draft regulations comment deadline extended

Posted: 23 November 2011

The deadline for comment on the new Draft CAM regulations has been extended to 30 November 2011.

In addition, the Complementary Medicines Schedules is available:

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FDA launches new anti-fraud site.

Posted: 23 November 2011

FDA launches new anti-fraud site. 

FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) has launched a Health Fraud Scams Web site designed to educate the public and regulated industry about health-fraud scams. 

The site includes newly developed videos, a brochure in English and Spanish, information on compliance actions, press releases, and how to report a problem with an FDA regulated product.

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Whole-body vibration devices

Posted: 23 November 2011

AHRQ reviews whole-body vibration devices. 

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has published a sceptical report on the use of whole-body vibration devices for preventing and treating osteoporosis. The vibrations are generated by motors under the device’s platform and transmitted to the person standing on the platform. The FDA has not approved whole-body vibration platforms for medical purposes; therefore, no FDA standards regulate their manufacture and designs vary widely.

But the AHRQ report concluded:
(a) little research has been done,
(b) studies have not addressed potential harms, and
(c) beneficial claims should not be made without further research.

[Wysocki A and others. Whole body vibration therapy for osteoporosis. AHRQ Technical Brief Number 10, Nov 2011] 

Some proponents claim that using a whole-body vibration device for as little as three minutes a day will increase bone density and muscle strength and improve balance. The AHRQ Read the rest

Is Hoodia a hoodwink drug?

Posted: 21 November 2011

TYGERBURGER (Table View) 16 Nov 2011 Page 15
By Priya Seetal

There truly is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight. The next special ingredient that has fallen from grace is Hoodia. According to dietitian Priya Seetal, a new study has revealed that Hoodia has no impact on weight control (ref Blom WAM et al (2011) American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). Hoodia gordonii is a spiny succulent plant which grows naturally in South Africa and has been thought to help weight management. Now, a new study has tested this theory. Scientists gave 49 healthy, overweight women either two servings of H.gordonii daily or a placebo for 15 days. These were taken one hour before breakfast and dinner. After this, women were allowed to eat freely from a set menu. The H.gordonii extract was well tolerated apart from some nausea, sickness and tingling skin. However, … Read the rest

ASA ruling: “Exploitation of superstitions or beliefs”

Posted 18 November 2011

This is an interesting Advertising Standards ruling for the complainant invoked Clause 29 of Section III which relates to the "Exploitation of superstitions or beliefs":

"Advertisements for lucky charms or products with unproven supernatural properties including those for achieving health, wealth or happiness should not imply that these products can affect the users circumstances unless such statements are substantiated."

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Homemark Detox Tea – big scam

Posted: 17 November 2011

A consumer lodged a consumer complaint against the Homemark’s television commercial promoting its Detox Tea as a “Powerful, effective, cleansing herbal tea”, and a “full body detox in every cup”. 

Some of the claims emphasised in the commercial are:
• “STIMULATE Digestive System”;
• “FIGHT Free Radicals”;
• “ENHANCE Immune System”;
• “BOOST Energy Levels”.

The voice-over also exclaims “… Plus, lose weight, improve your complexion, all with the amazing Detox Tea …” In essence, the complainant submitted that these claims are ridiculous and have no substance. As such, it is irresponsible to place such commercials on television.

The ASA agreed: These claims are not substantiated.

NB: Dr Paul Abrahams who tried to substantiate this product, has substantiated a number of other scam Homemark products. A complaint against Dr Abrahams has been laid with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) – the regulatory authority Read the rest

A Vogel Neuroforce loses ASA appeal

Posted 11 November 2011

A Vogel Neuroforce makes the claims of being an excellent central nervous system tonic, for among other, when you are depressed, tearful, irritable, and so forth.A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA arguing that the claims are not substantiable. The ASA agreed and on 09 Feb 2011 ruled against the product's claims.

The company, SA Natural Products, appealed against the ruling arguing that the ASA were wrong to regard their "expert" as not adequate to substantiate the claims for the product. In this ruling, the ASA finds that even if they did accept  SA Natural Products' "expert" as acceptable, that his substantiation does not unequivocally support the claims for the product!

How is that for shooting yourself in the foot!

He stated: "In the absence of clinical trials on this specific combination of homeopathic medicines one can only hypothesize that a combination of such medicines Read the rest

Siberian Pine Nut Oil: ASA ruling

Posted 07 November 2011

Mr Charleston lodged a consumer complaint against a newspaper advertisement for Siberian Pine Nut Oil, which appeared in the Sunday Times, and claims on the product's website. The print advertisement is headed “HEAL YOUR STOMACH” and claims that the respondent’s “COLD PRESSED” Siberian Pine Nut Oil acts as a “DIGESTIVE REMEDY”, and has achieved “SUCCESSFUL RESULTS IN THE TREATMENT AND RELIEF OF Acid Reflux, Peptic Ulcers, H.Pylori Gastritis, IBS, Gas”. It describes the product as “A natural anti-inflammatory which repairs, protects and strengthens the digestive mucosal lining and assist with digestion of food to prevent fermentation which can lead to a build up of acid and gas”. It further states that “Research proves that SIBERIAN Pine Nuts contain the richest source of healing properties of ALL the pine nut species”.

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Glucoslim, Naturaslim, Thermoslim, Slimbetti

Posted 04 November 2011

An ASA ruling:
A consumer lodged consumer complaints against internet advertising for Glucoslim, Naturaslim and Thermoslim complaining about the claims made on The website explains that “Slender Max has three potent products …” and states, inter alia, as follows: “How does Thermoslim work? Thermoslim is a metabolic enhancer. With natural and clinically proven ingredients. Thermoslim is a proprietary blend of natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to optimise the body’s metabolism and assist with the natural burning of fat. How does Naturaslim work? Naturaslim is a capsule based blend of Green Tea Extract and Hoodia that is designed to reduce appetite and cravings, optimise the metabolism, increase fat burning and raise the level of antioxidant Polyphenols in the body to assist in overall wellness. How does Glucoslim work? Glucoslim is a capsule based blend of Glucomannan powder derived from the Konjak root and
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