Harsh, but deserved ASA-Solal ruling

Posted 19 October 2011

This is a devastating ruling against Solal / Solal Technologies. I think it speaks for itself. 

“A cursory glance over rulings issued in relation to the respondent’s advertising suggests that the respondent has deliberately adopted an adversarial approach, and intentionally attempts to frustrate the process by harping on technical, interpretive issues, often jumping to conclusions, accusing the ASA of colluding or having “secret communications” with certain entities, and oftentimes threatening to litigate against the ASA and complainants.”

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Doctor Tunde: No laughing matter

Posted 17 October 2011

Mr Ganesan lodged a consumer complaint against a pamphlet distributed by “Doctor Tunde” promoting his traditional healing business. The pamphlet contains, inter alia, the wording: • “PENIS PRO ENLARGER” • “Remove bad luck, witchcraft, tokoloshe & demons from homes.” • “Find out why you are not progressing in life and the solution” • “Guarantee you to win that troubling court case No matter what stage” The complainant submitted, in essence, that the claims made in the advertisement are not possible to achieve.

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Microslim – ASA ruling

Posted 13 October 2011

Sandy Brittz  and Johan Brittz  are two individuals who sell products (Be-Trim, Microslim, Organo Slim) with no evidence that they can result in weight loss. In fact, as suspected, the products may be the same rubbish but given different names ("if this one does not help you, try this other one"). The owner(s),  Sandy Brittz  and Johan Brittz who we have previously written about, live the high life in Lladudno, off the proceeds of these baloney products. You may be as curious as I was to know where they live: here

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Solal loses ASA appeal on Omega 3

Posted 11 October 2011

This ruling is a significant ruling. Solal has argued that the ASA has no jurisdiction over Appendix F of the ASA. First Judge Mervyn King of the ASA' Final Appeal Committee (FAC), and now the ASC, has thrown out the arguments stating unequivocally that they have full jurisdiction over this appendix.

"Clearly the main aim of the Appeal is to shoot down Appendix F. The Appellant advances 4 arguments in pursuit of its appeal . . . "

The ASA concludes:

"That matter was concluded by the Final Appeal Committee in April2011 and its views on Appendix F being part of the Code are clearly set out at paragraphs 7 and 8 of the ruling. There is no suggestion that the MCC has sought to have the Code or Appendix F amended. That would be the correct way for the MCC to approach the issue if

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Is an “anti-aging pill” possible? Unlikely!

Posted 10 October 2011

Solal is selling an “anti-aging pill” containing among other, resveratrol. In a deconstru ction on this blog, the invalidity of the anti-aging claims was embarrassingly highlighted, showing that the research was conducted on, among other, worms, and extrapolated to humans. 

This did not appear to embarrass Solal for they continue to market this product – although with alteration of some of the claims (but still continue to claim “Research in animals on a high-calorie diet shows that resveratrol can increase lifespan and improve other factors associated with a longer life”).

Now here is where it becomes more interesting: resveratrol works through a “chemical” called sirtuin.

In a new development, it appears that sirtuin/resveratrol may not even be working in animal/insect models either:

“Claims that boosting levels of sirtuin enzymes can combat age-related diseases have suffered a blow. David Gems at University College London discovered Read the rest

Reebok baloney

Posted 10 October 2011

We previously highlighted that Reebok's claims that Reebok Easy Tone Shoes can tone your legs and buttocks while walking around and wearing them were baloney and that consumers should ask for their  money back. 

Seems like we were not alone in recognising this rubbish: Reebok, has to shell out $25-million as a settlement.

However, this is where it is interesting . . . 

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Biomix ASA breach ruling

Posted 05 October 2011

"On 18 August 2011 the complainant lodged a breach allegation against the respondent’s banners and promotional material found at a health store at the Cape Town V & A Waterfront, Nu Pharmacy in Claremont Cavendish Centre and Royal Ascot Pharmacy at Paddocks Shopping Centre. It was submitted that to date the respondent has not removed any of its offending banners or promotional items containing claims that are unsubstantiated."

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